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Mushroom obobok. Its kinds and where it grows

Mushroom obobok (poderezozovik) is edible and belongs to the family Bolletovye. Depending on the habitat, it is conditionally divided into three types: marsh, gray, ordinary. From this article you will learn more about the cheesecake, its useful properties, and about where and at what time it grows.

Description of mushroom

A podberezovik (obobok, obobabok, birch-bark) is an ordinary edible mushroom of medium size, which belongs to the Bollet family. His soft hat is dark brown in color and has a diameter of 5-15 cm. Its outer surface is always dry, and during the rain, the old mushrooms become sticky. The long leg (thickness 2-4 cm) is white or gray with black spots. This mushroom can be found in mixed forests, in which there are birches. It grows from their root system. Harvesting can be done between July and October.

Types of poderezozikov and where they grow

Marsh mushroom obobok grows in a more humid soil in the swampy terrain, where there is moss, but not far from the birches. It grows one by one. His hat can reach a diameter of 10 cm. The color of the cap may be gray, white, gray-brown, and the legs - white. They differ in that they become pink at the site of the incision. The taste properties of marsh poderezozovik much lower than that of the ordinary. In food, it is better to eat young mushrooms, because the old ones decay too much during cooking. This type is better to put out or fry, because the salting from it will turn out bad.

Gray mushroom obobok (Grabovik) can be found in the southern regions of Russia. It grows in deciduous forests near the oak, hornbeam, birches. The hat can be painted in a yellowish-brown tint or black-brown. Its surface is wrinkled and very cracky during the drought period. On the cut, the flesh turns black or becomes dirty-purple.

If you want to see what can be a poderezozovik (obobok mushroom) photo below is all clearly demonstrates.

On the left in the picture there is an ordinary obabok. In the middle there is a marsh poderezozovik. To the right is a gray mushroom.

How useful are the sub- drivers?

Edible mushroom obobok not only very tasty, but also contains the optimal amount of fats, carbohydrates, proteins. It contains food fibers, water, ashes, monosaccharides, minerals, disaccharides and fatty acids. Still in its structure there is a lot of vitamins of group B, E, ascorbic acid, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, manganese, potassium, calcium. Despite such a rich complex of elements, the podberezovik is a low-calorie product. It contains easily digestible proteins and useful amino acids (tyrosine, glutamine, leucine, arginine). Dietary fibers absorb toxic substances and remove them from the human body.

The use of mushroom obabok in cooking

Young bunnies are famous for their magnificent taste, which is not inferior to white mushrooms. To ensure that they do not darken during heat treatment, fry or boil only the hats, and use the legs to make sauces or soups. Mushroom obobok will turn out amazing in fried or cooked. Any soup, marinade or simply fried potatoes will become a favorite dish of your loved ones or guests!

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