Tomato "Bonsai": description, characteristics, reviews. Growing tomatoes on the balcony

Nowadays, growing tomatoes on the balcony and in flower pots on the windowsills of apartment buildings has become an extremely fashionable activity. These undersized beautiful plants will give comfort to any interior, and their miniature bright fruits will taste even gourmets.

General information

Tomato "bonsai" received this name, most likely because of its main trunk, whose height does not exceed 25-30 cm. Apparently the breeder he planted reminded of dwarf trees, so revered in Japan and China. These tomatoes differ from most of the so-called indoor varieties in that besides the attractive appearance they also have delicious fruits with a considerable content of sugars. And this is very important, especially in the cold season.

Tomatoes "bonsai" have several varieties, characterized as super-compact and simply compact. Tomatoes of the "bonsai-micro F-1" variety grow only up to 15-20 cm. They are very rich in fruit bearing. Small round tomatoes ripen almost simultaneously and have a weight of not more than 30 grams.

How to sow tomatoes

Sowing of tomatoes is best done either in February or in March. The first step is to properly prepare the soil. In specialized stores you can buy ready-made soil for tomatoes, but this mixture is easy to make and yourself. For this, soil turf, peat and manure are mixed in equal proportions. Then the prepared soil is laid out in the available small containers. Every experienced gardener knows how to sow tomatoes so that they can ascend quickly. To do this, take the seed material and pre-soak it in warm water. But, experience shows, it is not necessary to conduct such a procedure. Seeds and in a dry condition will perfectly germinate, but only with delay in some days.

For planting tomatoes, disposable paper or plastic cups are suitable. The soil is placed no more than two grains to a depth of about 1 centimeter. When there are shoots, you need to carefully inspect them and leave that plant, which, in your opinion, develops better. After that, all the shoots are plucked.

How to care for seedlings

To do this, it is enough to know a few simple rules. Do not water the plant too often. You can moisten the soil only once a week. Cold water for these purposes can not be used in any case. She is recruited in advance in order to have time to settle. The water used to irrigate the shoots should be at room temperature. In addition, in a room containing tomato "bonsai", you must always adhere to a special temperature regime. In the daytime, the air must be warmed up to 20⁰ C, and at night - be not lower than 16⁰ C. If the room temperature is higher, it is necessary to ventilate it from time to time. This should be done very carefully, because cold air flows can significantly damage seedlings.

Before the young plant will find its permanent place, produce its top dressing. Such actions will need to be repeated three times. For this purpose, fertilizers specially designed for tomatoes are most often used. It is only necessary to carefully read the instructions, where the exact dosage is written. The first time the plant is fed 12 days after the appearance of sprouts. The next procedure is carried out after 10 days. The last time it is done exactly one week before the scheduled landing on a permanent place. In order for the bonsai tomato to acquire a beautiful shape, you need to periodically turn the cups with the seedlings, and then the sun's rays will illuminate the plant evenly and from different sides.

Planting and care

Specialists recommend planting each shrub of tomatoes in a separate container. For this, flower pots are usually used. But many plant seedlings in long narrow boxes. First it must be poured, and then gently removed from the cups and placed in pots. As you know, tomato "bonsai" loves good lighting, so it should be placed in those parts of the house, which penetrates the sunlight.

It is necessary to keep an eye on the condition of the soil, so that it is not too dry or too wet. If the street is hot, the plant should be watered every other day. In order to maximally stimulate the development of tomatoes and the rapid maturation of fruits, there is one small trick - tearing roots. It is done this way: take the plant by the stem and slightly pull it upwards, as a result of which the thin roots are torn off. After such manipulations immediately produce watering, and then and hilling. Do not forget about fertilizing tomatoes. It is enough only to periodically pour two spoons of wood ash under the bush.


With the normal development of plants after a short period of time they blossom, becoming covered with pale small flowers that have both female and male sex cells. That is why this kind of tomato does not need artificial pollination or shaking of pollen.

After the formation of brushes with the ovary, it is necessary to cut the lateral branches, which never blossomed. This will greatly accelerate the appearance of fruits. However, such a procedure can spoil the beautiful shape of the bushes. Maturation of tomatoes occurs as usual: first the fruit is green, then acquires an orange shade and, finally, becomes bright red.

Planting on garden beds

First of all, it is necessary to grow seedlings, for which seeds are sown in small cups. Do this in early March, to 55-60 days, ie, somewhere in late May, plant the plants on garden beds. If you want to get an early crop of tomatoes, then the transplants are transplanted at the beginning of the month. In this case, it must be covered with a film, thus protecting against possible frost. Plant tomatoes at a rate of three shrubs per 1 sq. Km. M. It is not recommended to do this if earlier on this plot of land grew aubergines, potatoes or peppers. As is known, the bonsai variety is not afraid of shaded areas, but it is recommended to plant it in a warm, sunny place where there are no drafts.

Tomato "bonsai": reviews

Almost all the housewives, who have already tried to grow this type of tomato, were satisfied with the result. They say that this miniature plant performs two functions at once: it serves as a decoration and gives a good harvest even in the winter months, because it is absolutely not afraid of the cold on the windowsill. Collected fruits can be used for salad preparation and for preservation. For a season from one bush it is possible to collect up to 2 kg of miniature fruits. This plant does not need a garter. After its landing and before the ripening of the first fruits, no more than 90 days pass. Leaves and fruits are almost never affected by phytophthora, because the soil in the pots is not contaminated, in contrast to the suburban areas.

Almost all of the yielding varieties of tomatoes for the central Russia of the Cherry group are medium to tall and tall. For their normal development requires a lot of space, as they grow only in greenhouses or on the open ground. Most urban dwellers do not have homesteads and dachas, so the best option for them is to grow tomatoes on the balcony or on the windowsill in their apartment.

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