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What products contain iron?

Do you have brittle nails and hair? Are you cold and can not keep warm when others are warm? Quickly tired and always want to sleep? Perhaps you have iron deficiency anemia. Make a list of what products contain iron, include them in the diet, and your condition will improve.

Risk groups for iron deficiency anemia:

• pregnant women;

• fast growing children under 5;

• vegetarians;

• people who lose a lot of blood relative to their composition for some reason (for example, with certain diseases of the stomach and / or intestines, with heavy menstruation in women, etc.);

• adolescents.

Not everyone knows that the products contain iron, heme and non-heme. For the well-being and excellent condition of nails and hair, a person needs both versions of an important element. Vegetable products contain iron non-heme, animal origin - heme.

Note that some products containing iron in sufficient quantities, nevertheless, do little good. And all because they along with iron simultaneously include phytates or calcium - compounds or elements that prevent the body from sucking in much needed substances. For example, spinach, eggs, milk are just such products. Therefore, it is important not only to include in the diet foods containing iron, but also be able to properly use them.

Assimilation of iron is facilitated by:

• systematic intake of vitamin C;

• eating meat and fish.

Reasons for suppressing iron absorption:

• preparation and consumption of dishes from cereals and legumes without preliminary long soaking;

• ingestion of foods containing soy protein;

• Consumption of coffee, tea (especially with mint or chamomile), faults due to polyphenols, which are contained in them (their negative effect is neutralized by vitamin C when it is systematically taken).

Short list. Which foods contain a lot of iron:

• beans;

• green leafy vegetables;

• red meat;

• enriched with iron grain (by the way, breakfast cereals are also included);

• nuts;

• bread of bran and black varieties;

• Tomatoes;

• the bird;

• a fish;

• fresh sunflower seeds;

• Pork;

• pumpkin seeds;

• plums and their juice;

• dried fruits;

• seafood.

Please note that animal products contain iron that is digested most fully. To be precise - about 20%. Whereas from products of vegetable origin, not more than 5% of non-heme iron will enter the body.

The optimal option for a person who adheres to the usual method of nutrition, observe the ratio of products 3: 1. A greater number indicates products of animal origin. It is this optimal balance of the products used that will lead to stabilization of the work of internal organs, the influx of human strength and energy.

If, in the course of time after correction of nutrition, no positive changes have occurred, this is a serious reason to seek help from specialists. The therapist will determine the possible diseases, and the nutritionist will select an individual variant of a rational diet.

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