Chrysler 300M - machine for individualists

What cars do most modern men ride? People richer choose either huge jeeps of Toyota brand, or trendy Infiniti. Those who can not afford such frills, move on ordinary "Ford" or "Peugeot". Each of the following brands In its own way good, but none of them will give the man a unique individuality. Only selected brands will help stand out, and one of them is the Chrysler 300M.

Even in Moscow, such machines - a few units, what can we say about other Russian cities. Virtually all other cars have many similar features, so "Chrysler" stands out favorably against their background. Chic this car is not just outside. The interior of the car series Chrysler 300 is also impeccable. Even the 1998 model line is equipped with climate control. The car interior is finished with a skin of a dark gray shade and panels with veneer "under a tree". The multifunction steering wheel of the Chrysler, mounted on an adjustable steering column, is also covered with leather and looks very exquisite. All the seats in the car are equipped with heating and "smart" electric drives, able to memorize two positions. The manufacturer has provided everything. Even a tall man in the Chrysler 300M will be very comfortable. Very beautiful and finish the dashboard. All devices located on it Surrounded by thin chrome frames, and their scales are drawn by black paint, which stands out clearly on a snow-white background. The dashboard is especially good in the evening, when the bluish-green illumination turns on.

The equipment of the Chrysler 300M is not inferior to its beauty. Climate control creates a coolness in the cabin of the Chrysler, and windows and mirrors are equipped with convenient electric drives. An on-board computer with cruise control will help the driver in difficult traffic situations. Transmission in the three-hundred "Chrysler" automatic, but it is possible and manual switching. Add to this anti-lock and anti-slip system, fog lights, factory alarm, alloy wheels - and you get the perfect car.

Power Chrysler 300M is also impressive. Under his hood is hiding a gasoline engine for 3.5 liters and 258 horsepower. In terms of security, too, everything is thought out. The driver and the passenger next to him protect from injury two airbags. The same rear cushions are equipped with both rear doors. Having such a car, a man can not worry - his family will be protected.

Chrysler 300M, reviews about Which is always positive, convenient in any climate. Sunshine in summer will be useful sun visors, the area of which can be increased by means of special sliding inserts. Powerful climate control, even in severe frosts, will warm the car in five minutes, and any heat with it is not terrible. The onboard computer shows not only the "outboard" temperature, but also the fuel consumption, as well as the path passed after refueling. "Native" radio cassette "Infiniti" on one CD will please passengers with a wonderful sound.

The only drawback of the Chrysler three-hundredth series - the "blind zone" in the review. The left area is not fully visible, and the rear of the car is almost invisible. However, such minor disadvantages do not detract from all the advantages of this truly male machine.

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