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Peat filler for peat toilets - a convenient solution to inconvenient problems

Hardly having waited the days off, the townspeople rush to their cherished six hundred. For many, this is not just a place for recreation: it arrived, shish kebabs, and home. Some families who have a house on the plot live in the country house almost all summer. Therefore, I want to have suburban life with maximum comfort.

Despite the fact that the hands are scratching to do interesting and pleasant things on their own piece of land, they will first have to solve a more prosaic problem: the installation of a toilet. Perhaps, it is not necessary to build a traditional "push" with a cesspool and a "birdhouse" above it. You understand, the smell, flies, sewage accumulate, and the special vehicle for cleaning will not get to you. There are more modern options, for example peat bio-toilet. Many summer residents consider it an optimal solution. As a filler it uses peat for peaty toilets - a mixture with the addition of sawdust, which does not contain chemical components, effectively eliminating odors and processing impurities in an environmentally friendly natural fertilizer - compost.

Outwardly, the toilet reminds the toilet that is made of shock-resistant, frost-resistant and chemically resistant plastic. On top of the tank is installed, peat for peat toilets is poured into it for 2/3 volumes. Inside the case there is a tank for compost mass. For effective removal of an unpleasant smell the ventilating pipe which should be attached to a special aperture on the case is provided and deduced outside the toilet room. If necessary, you can extend this exhaust system with a plumbing pipe, and the most resourceful users at the output still install a deflector to enhance the effect. To remove excess liquid to the union at the bottom of the case, a hose is connected, which is discharged into a special container or into the soil - this is decided by the owner himself, depending on the situation.

The tank filler - dry peat for peat toilets or an odor absorber based on it - is dosed by users independently, by turning the handle on the tank. The contents of the storage tank should be sent to the composting pit for processing as it is accumulated. A year from the strength of two, the garden plot will be provided with excellent fertilizer. So simple is the prosaic problem - the device of the toilet.

There remains only one, and then the rhetorical question: where to buy peat for the toilet? But in the end it's not black caviar. In each region there are specialized firms, shops or online stores where the filler for the bio-toilet will be sold not only with pleasure, but also with delivery. It is more important to have at least a general idea of what kind of material it is, to inquire about its characteristics.

For example, peat "Agrobalt" for peat toilets, the raw material for which are the upper layers of the substrate with a low degree of decomposition, is extracted by carved or milling. This is a natural material that was formed as a result of the decomposition of moss, grass and wood residues. Its main feature is sterility and purity, absence of pathogenic microorganisms, pathogenic microflora and technogenic pollution. Peat for peat toilets "Agrobalt" - a good antiseptic, which prevents the development of pathogens. Thanks to such a filler, you can not worry about the sanitary condition - no smell, no notorious flies.

Even skeptics are forced to agree that a peat toilet is a good solution for sanitation facilities in the country. Now, when the prosaic problem is solved, it is possible to deal with the interesting and pleasant affairs postponed on the "sweat" on your site.

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