Headphones Sennheiser HD 600: reviews, review. How to distinguish a fake? Sennheiser HD 600 or 650: which to choose?

The segment of expensive headphones is in demand mainly among music lovers, while practicality and universal purpose are appreciated by middle-level representatives. German company Sennheiser offers decent options from both classes, allowing to satisfy both the needs for ergonomic design, and the demands of lovers of subtle musical reproduction. Of course, all the most advanced technologies and design solutions are first embodied in high-end models, which cost an average of 12-15 thousand rubles. In this category, the Sennheiser HD 600 device is also presented. The review of this version will help to find its pros and cons, as well as technical and operational features.

Design and comfort of landing

External performance is unusual even for brand models from premium series. But it is important to note that every touch in the design and construction is closely related to the requirements of signal reproduction. The outer side of the cups is covered by a metal grid, which provides a clear and free sound. By the way, thanks to metal in the design, a clear and natural bass is achieved. The first fitting of the Sennheiser HD 600 can create a feeling of stiffness and excessive pressure, but adjusting the bow allows you to achieve the desired comfort. A small mass of the device is evenly distributed, seating on the soft base of the headband. Especially pleasantly fit the ear cushions with a delicate velvet finish. Thanks to the elliptical shape, they reliably and at the same time gently press their ears. Actually, just a minute after setting up and landing you can forget about the foreign body on the head and ears - the model is almost not felt in its dimensions and weight, so you can forget about the discomfort during the hours of listening.

Headphone Specifications

High class of this model emphasizes not only optimal ergonomics and original design, but also technical and operational indicators. Characteristics of the Sennheiser HD 600 can be represented as follows:

  • The type of fixation is through the headband.
  • Weight - 260 g.
  • Pressure on contact with the head - 2.5 N.
  • The cable connection is two-way.
  • The connector is a standard, mini jack with a 6.3 mm adapter.
  • The length of the cable is 300 cm.
  • The lower frequency level is 12 Hz.
  • The upper frequency limit is 39,000 Hz.
  • The resistance is 300 ohms.
  • The sensitivity of the model is 97 dB.
  • Features of the device - the use of oxygen-free copper in the wire and the presence of neodymium magnets.

Even in the face of the leaders of the segment, the headphones look good in terms of their characteristics. And this is not to say that, as a rule, the brand Sennheiser at the same rates with competitors still comes forward due to the quality of the "filling".

Sound Quality

The model provides good reproduction over the entire range of the sound series. But there are insulting shortcomings. This, for example, refers to a roaring bass at low frequencies, in any case, headphones with closed cups with this task cope much better. Unfortunately, the German developers failed to load the Sennheiser HD 600 users into the atmosphere of the beautiful sound of musical basses and strong acoustic effects. True, this gap is compensated by the excellent sounding in the rest of the audio spectrum. High and medium levels are easily amenable to headphones, which reproduce such parties effectively and naturally. In general, the amplitude-frequency processing of the model is fairly even and without significant failures and falls. The overall reproduction is different in detail, which provides an almost perfect timbral balance. Although there are some problems with bass and dynamics, a qualitative amplifier helps to fix the situation.

Positive reviews

If we talk about ergonomics and design, then they receive the most enthusiastic reviews. Although the company does not pay special attention to the creation of bright and stylish designs, in this case it was possible - the owners' reviews give high performances to external performance. Also worth noting is the rare quality - the combination of functionality and high ergonomics with practicality. The Sennheiser HD 600 can be easily dismantled for cleaning or minor repairs. By the way, the model is also not deprived of the opportunities for an independent upgrade. Users note that it may be required to increase the sound potential at the bottom. As for the overall quality of music playback, it is rather positive for the owners thanks to their clarity and balance.

Negative feedback

Maximize the capabilities of headphones obtained only on high-quality equipment, which significantly limits the user. In particular, it is not recommended to use the model for playback from portable players. There are also claims to the implementation of the Sennheiser HD 600 enclosure. The reviews note that in the model at the price of about 15 thousand rubles. Could be used and more solid materials than plastic. But there is another side to this issue. The fact is that it is plastic that makes a significant contribution to ergonomics and light weight of the model. A metal grid, for its part, provides a good resonant function.

Model HD 600 or 650 - what to prefer?

Headphones are very similar in terms of design performance, and in the nature of reproduction. But there are differences, as the version 650 was still created as a continuation of the line and acquired some individual features.

So, in terms of the external device, there is a slight difference in the methods for decorating the headband. Materials in the new model are also represented by a combination of plastic and metal. In general, the design and ergonomics in the models are similar. Only when assessing the sound quality can we approach the answer to the following question: Sennheiser HD 600 or 650 - which ones to choose? The first version of the headphones is more suitable for audiophiles who like quiet, soft and relaxing playback. In turn, the model 650 is characterized by a clear elaboration of the details. As a result, you get a dry, but accurate reflection of the sound picture, which is optimal for professional work.

How to distinguish a fake?

First of all, attention should be paid to the packaging. Despite belonging to the top class, it looks simple. Another thing is that all the documentation for the device is executed impeccably. This applies to both the instructions and the Sennheiser HD 600 warranty card.

How to distinguish a fake in appearance - this is the main issue in this context, since the original has a lot of branded elements. The most noticeable accent is the inscription with the name of the German manufacturer on the arc, which has a coating of transparent plastic. Also, the original must have the signatures of the sides of the cups corresponding letters. There is also a distinctive feature in the design itself. Headphones are usually fixed to the headband fairly rigidly and can take different positions relative to the mount.


The device represents one of the most famous families, not only in the manufacturer's model line, but in the entire segment. Since the introduction of the Sennheiser HD 600, headphones regularly rank among the best models for both sound quality and ease of use. In this case, there are some nuances. For example, owners are not advised to purchase this option if you plan to listen to music outside your home with a portable device. Although the model does not apply to professional versions, its best aspects are revealed in a chamber home environment with connection to equally high-quality equipment.

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