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How to buy real estate and not become a victim of scammers?

The real estate market is one of the most conflicting and risky spheres. Lack of legal education, sufficient experience, as well as knowledge can serve as the reasons for the complete loss of funds. Scammers, unscrupulous sellers, incompetent specialists of registration services - all this, alas, the realities of modern Russia. Specialists of the largest suburban real estate agency CACN prepared some recommendations to citizens.

How to avoid fraud?

The citizen can face the criminals still at the stage of the choice of residential real estate. This is why lawyers do not recommend:

    • buy apartments, houses or other objects by announcements in the press;

    • go to a place alone (it is better to invite one or two adults, capable witnesses);

    • conclude any transactions, sign the papers on the first day of acquaintance with the seller.

It is especially dangerous to transfer on the first day a deposit or an advance. The fact is that most fraudulent schemes are aimed specifically at getting money from the victim. After that criminals hide. Avoid deception, according to lawyers CACN , the buyer can, following some rules.

We require a passport of the owner

Demonstrate the sold object of real estate should be the owner, or a person authorized by a notarized power of attorney. The buyer can verify this by checking the data of the passport and the information specified in the title deeds. In cooperation with the representative of the owner it is important to establish the authority in the text to sell a particular object.

We study the title documents

Only the owner is entitled to sell real estate. The buyer should not enter into any transactions with users of the premises or other persons. The document confirming the powers of the owner is:

    • a contract of gift, purchase, exchange with a stamp of the registration service;

    • certificate of registration of law;

    • a contract of transfer of rights with the mark of the BTI or notary, concluded before 1999;

    • certificate of inheritance;

    • The court decision to recognize the owner.

Documents that do not have seals, handwritten and other papers that raise doubts about the authenticity, should become the basis for refusing the transaction. The buyer should be mindful of the joint alienation of buildings and land on which they are located.

We are vigilant

Very often citizens are faced with attempts to sell one room as another. Before concluding a transaction, it is necessary to verify the compliance of the cadastral number and address with the data specified in the documents. In addition, the inspection of the premises should be formalized in the form of an act, and all deficiencies should be detailed. Such an approach will make it possible to make a claim if there are hidden hidden defects in the future. In some cases, a construction and environmental review is recommended.

How to avoid conflicts?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely exclude the risk of disputes arising during the execution of a transaction. However, if certain rules are observed, most of the conflicts can be avoided.

We find encumbrances

Even before the transfer of funds, the buyer must require the seller to provide a statement of EGRP. This document specifies all existing arrests, liens and other recorded encumbrances. If they are available, the registration of the transaction and the transfer of rights to the new owner will be difficult.

Solve the issue with tenants

Lawyers do not recommend buying residential premises, the right of use is reserved for individual citizens. Promises of an early withdrawal from registration are not a guarantee of fulfillment of obligations. That is why the rights of all tenants must be terminated before the signing of the contract and the transfer of funds.

We issue the documents

The list of securities required to complete the transaction is determined in each case individually. When selling premises in shared ownership, notifications will be required to confirm compliance with the pre-emptive right to purchase. A deal with the real estate of minors or incapacitated persons, will require the permission of the guardianship authorities. When alienating an apartment or a spouse's home, a notarized consent is required.

Thus, mindfulness and caution will allow citizens to avoid major risks. However, it is impossible to fully protect the interests of the buyer without the participation of a professional lawyer. Relationships are multilateral, and deception schemes are constantly changing.

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