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LCD "Olympus", Yekaterinburg - reviews, features, and description of the new building

Do you think only modern residential complexes are being built in the capital? You are deeply mistaken: people want to live in prestigious areas, have access to all infrastructure facilities in any city of the country.

Ekaterinburg is the capital of the Urals, the largest city in the region. Its residents need peace and tranquility, they dream of living in an ecologically clean area. Currently, a sufficient number of projects are implemented in the city, both unsuccessful and worthy. How not to get confused in the proposed variety and choose an apartment from a reliable builder? We would like to present to your attention LCD "Olympus" (Ekaterinburg). Reviews about it are positive, but within the framework of this material we want to give the most objective review.

about the project

So, the complex of apartments "Olympus" is a project that meets all the requirements of modern tenants. Laconic architecture, combined with the tinted windows of the facades, reflecting sunlight - what the builder offered all buyers. There is nothing like this in Yekaterinburg today. The developer focused on the use of modern construction technologies, which allow creating a comfortable housing for the residents of the city.


The builder of the project is the construction company "Olympus". She managed to implement several successful projects in the city that did not cause any complaints. Houses are rented on time, tenants are happy. Is not this the main indicator of trust?

During construction, the company refers to the help of qualified specialists, real professionals, uses modern technologies and innovations, as well as environmentally friendly, durable and reliable materials. Buyers note the attentiveness and high qualification of managers for the sale of apartments: they are ready to answer all questions and conduct a tour of the construction site at any time convenient for the buyer.

Features of construction

Trying to provide comfort to every resident, the developer resorted to the help of modern technologies and high-quality materials. First of all, he glazed all apartments in houses with energy-saving double-glazed windows with European fittings. These are the windows that will serve residents for more than a decade, hide the noise from the street and provide maximum comfort.

Entrances are equipped with high-speed, silent bodices, spacious halls with designer finishes are provided.


The proximity to the infrastructure facilities, transport accessibility, picturesqueness of the chosen place - all this is in LCD "Olympus" (Yekaterinburg). The comments of the holders and those who visited the construction site confirm that the complex is perfectly located. It is located near the roadway, but the noise from the road does not disturb the peace and quiet of a measured life. If you need to get to anywhere in the city, you can use your personal car or public transport.


Excellent location - that's what experts say about the project LCD "Olympus" (Yekaterinburg). Reviews of residents also confirm the favorable location. The place is simply excellent, ideal for families with small children. Some people are intimidated by the neighborhood with the plant of concrete, but in fact it is located so far from the complex that no harm to its inhabitants is brought. Moreover, the exhaust pipe of the plant is directed in the opposite direction, so the smoke from it never reaches residential buildings.

The developer really tried and chose an ecologically clean area for the construction of LCD "Olympus" (Yekaterinburg). Customer reviews emphasize that even proximity to the roadway can not spoil the freshness and cleanliness of the air. Here they even breathe differently, the buyers share their enthusiasm. For the inhabitants of modern megacities, the issue of ecology increasingly comes to the fore. They are ready to put up with tight apartments, lack of infrastructure, but live surrounded by vegetation and breathe fresh air.

Type of apartments

LCD "Olympus" in Yekaterinburg has already become a kind of landmark city. Almost all buyers focus on the apartment. In our understanding, apartments are defined as premises that are not intended for long-term residence, which do not allow for permanent registration. Owners of apartments pay utility bills as non-residential, that is - more expensive.

What do the reviews tell us? LCD "Olympus" in Yekaterinburg is a modern construction company, the managers of which refer to standard apartments as apartments. In fact, there is no difference between the two.

Buyers say that this is an excellent investment for those who look to the future and keep pace with the times. Some co-investors, once they learned about the beginning of sales of apartments in the houses of the first stage, immediately formalized the contract - so much profitable offer has not been in Yekaterinburg for a long time. Residents of the city do not fearfully invest in the housing of the future, and managers simplify the procedure for documenting.


In the modern world, the issue of security is important for everyone. Parents complain that they can not let their children go for a walk, leave cars in the parking lot. This is the way the developer of the LCD "Olympus" (Yekaterinburg) found it. The feedback of the shareholders shows that the territory of the complex is fenced. Moreover, the entrance to it is strictly by pass. Thus, there will be no strangers on the territory, and therefore cause for concern. The territory and entrances of houses will be equipped with a video surveillance system, which will increase the level of security.


Buying apartments in LCD "Olympus", you get access to all necessary infrastructure facilities:

  • Kindergartens, general education schools, sports sections and development circles;
  • Educational institutions of the highest level (just a few stops from the complex);
  • The largest shopping and entertainment facilities of the city;
  • Sports centers;
  • Cinema, exhibition centers and other attractions.

Residents of the complex will never experience a lack of parking spaces. Especially for car owners, the developer has provided for the construction of two parking lots: ground and heated.


The complex of apartments "Olympus" - an excellent solution for those who expect to acquire their own housing at a bargain price. The main focus is on young people and young families who are just beginning to live an independent life. Huge popularity is enjoyed by apartments with an area of 30 m 2 : they can accommodate kitchen and living areas, organize a small hallway, wardrobe and equip a bathroom. The variety of planning solutions allows everyone to find the best option for themselves and keep within the planned budget.

Price policy

Description of the new building LCD "Olympus" will not be complete and reliable without specifying the price policy of the developer. Apartments in the new building can be purchased for only 1.5 million rubles. For such money - this is an excellent option. If you are looking for an opportunity to save money - pay attention to the residential complex "Olympus". Prices for apartments fluctuate around 1.5-3.0 million rubles.

Summing up

Is it worth buying an apartment in LCD "Olympus" (Ekaterinburg)? The feedback of the interest holders focuses specifically on the uniqueness of its location. On the one hand - a picturesque and eco-friendly corner of the city overlooking the pine forest and the cleanest lake, and on the other - an industrial area, where apartments are much cheaper than in other parts of the city. At the same time, you can get to any point in Yekaterinburg in just 10-15 minutes.

Many have been bribed by the democratic cost of the apartments. Today, you can buy your own apartment, a way and a small one, for only 1.5 million rubles. You could only dream of such a luxurious offer. If you want to acquire your own nest, but are limited in means or are looking for a way to invest money profitably, take a closer look at Olympus LCD. Moreover, the feedback about the project is positive - many had time to be convinced of its advantages personally. Today there are still vacant apartments, you can buy them with a substantial discount.

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