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The left side of the head hurts: effective methods of treatment

Complaints of patients on what hurts the left side of the head, in any season do not lose their relevance. With this statement, people go not only to neuropathologists, but also to therapists. The pain in the left side of the head can occur for various reasons, which means that they are treated differently. Although there are general techniques that significantly improve well-being.

Why does the left side of the head hurt?

Headache does not arise by itself. It is a symptom of a common disease. But what is specific - only a doctor can determine. Nevertheless, there are ailments that can be identified independently, based on the nature of unpleasant sensations.

Because of what in general there can be pains in the left part of a head? Below are just some possible reasons.

  1. Stress. What takes you out of your comfort zone causes a stressful reaction for the body, which, in turn, affects the condition of the head. Since it is the left hemisphere of the brain that is responsible for analytical abilities, it is the left side that is more vulnerable to pain.
  2. An inconvenient position. It often happens that the left side of the head hurts because of the fact that they sat in an unusual position. Nerve endings grow dumb not only in the limbs, but also in the neck. It is necessary to change the pose, as the pain immediately passes.
  3. Problems with the cervical spine and neck muscles. This is perhaps the most common reason why headaches occur. Their nature depends largely on the specific disease.
  4. High blood pressure. Hypertension, regardless of the age of a person, is the same frequent cause of pain in the head, as well as problems with the spine.

Imprint of profession

People who engage in certain activities often have their own "professional" diseases. Headache is a companion of those who are in a long pose for a long time. Most often it is prone to:

  • Drivers;
  • Office staff;
  • Freelancers who spend all working hours at the computer;
  • Sitters.

Each of the representatives of these specialties must necessarily perform gymnastics once every 1.5 hours. Headache, as well as swelling of the extremities, after this does not threaten.

Teeth and head

Those who have an impaired bite, are in the risk zone. In time, not corrected bite leads to the following consequences:

  • Pain in the head (left or right side, in rare cases - on both sides);
  • Pain in the ears;
  • Occipital pain.

The pain is usually aching, intensifying towards evening. In addition, if the bite is not corrected, there is a risk to significantly reduce the immunity of a person, since the body is struggling with inconveniences, throwing all the resources on it.

Problems in the part of the vascular system

When the left side of the head hurts, it can not be written off and vascular disease. Arteries located in the body are prone to spasms. If they happen in the brain, then this leads to severe pain. Most often they spread from the nape to the forehead or temples. Character - from dull aching to acute and severe pain. When a person is at rest (lying or sitting in a comfortable position), nothing disturbs him, but it is necessary to change his position or start moving, as unpleasant sensations come back.

Massage as a method of treatment

This option is suitable for those who suffer from pain for the following reasons:

  • Costs of the profession;
  • Cervical osteochondrosis;
  • stress;
  • Neuralgia of the occipital nerve.

To therapeutic massage can be resorted only when recommended by a doctor. Self-same massing of pain points can slightly ease symptoms, reducing pain. Keep your hands warm. Massage the ear lobes first , then completely the shells. In circular motions, lightly pressing. After passing to the zone of the neck and shoulders, gradually rising to the occipital region. Do not press or squeeze the head - this can increase pain.

Folk ways

If the left occipital part of the head hurts, then the following simple manipulations, which are successfully used by millions of people, can help.

  1. Close in the room where the patient is, windows with dark curtains or blinds. To refresh the room. Ventilate it well and moisturize. You can spray water, and you can hang wet cloths on heaters. Remove all sources of loud sounds, disconnect all nearby electrical appliances. Try to fall asleep, turning on the sore side and placing a pillow of medium hardness under your head. Well, if it is stuffed with buckwheat or bamboo.
  2. Put on your eyes a dark bandage, do not tighten strongly. Perform light gymnastics: rub the ears and the back of the head, lightly massage the frontal part of the head. Breathe smoothly and calmly.
  3. To calm the nervous system and remove the first symptoms of a headache, it will be superfluous to drink hot tea from herbs. Here the collection of mint with lime, melissa with sage is ideal. Try to avoid adding sugar. After tea, it is recommended to lie down for a while.

Regardless of why the left side of the neck of the head hurts, there are general recommendations, the following which helps to reduce pain.

  1. Refuse from smoking. The tar contained in cigarettes adversely affects the vascular system, which, in turn, negatively affects the well-being. Middle and severe headaches are frequent companions of smokers.
  2. Be tempered with alcohol. Alcoholic drinks have a bad effect on the state of the vessels. Arthritis spasms are often provoked by alcohol. The recommended and safe dose is a glass of weak, non-wiry wine.
  3. Spend more time in the fresh air. An oxygenated body can tolerate stress and other unpleasant factors more easily.
  4. Do not disregard the advice of medical therapists, if you are a representative of a certain "odnopoznoy" profession.
  5. Minimize the amount of caffeine consumed. It also has the property of destroying blood vessels.

If the left side of the head hurts, and there is no strength to endure, then it will be advisable to use anesthetics to go to the specialist's office later. It can be both a district therapist and a neurologist, a cardiologist.

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