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How to cook a sauce for cauliflower?

Very many housewives and cooks prefer to cook different foods in batter. It allows you to preserve the juiciness and useful properties of products, and also gives them a special taste. For example, a sauce for cauliflower is very common . It is about him that will be discussed in this article.
But first, we'll figure out what the hell is. In itself, it represents a batter prepared from different ingredients. However, the basis will always be eggs, flour and liquid component - water, beer, milk, sour cream and so on. Depending on the destination, the claret can be sweet (for example, for frying fruits), salted (meat, cheese, fish, seafood and vegetables) or fresh. The latter is universal and can be used for the preparation of any products. If you want to cook a sauce for cauliflower, the following helpful recommendations will help you with this.

  1. In order not to fall off the batter, first the product is dipped in flour or starch, and then in the dough.
  2. To make it easier to pull out the fried cheese, cut it into cubes, roll in flour and put on skewers or toothpicks. Then throw in boiling oil.
  3. If the dough is made more liquid consistency, then after frying it will turn crispy and light, but will absorb more fat. And if thick - the product will resemble pies.
  4. You can make a cabbage sausage or other products in advance and put it in the fridge for a while, and add whipped proteins before cooking .

So, how to make a sauce for cauliflower? We take one large spoon of sifted flour, one the same spoon of clean water, two eggs larger and a little spices. Beat eggs by adding salt, pour in water, mix thoroughly and add flour. Further, we again interfere and leave in the refrigerator for thirty minutes. Done!

Another way to prepare a sauce for cauliflower is to use a mixture of flour and milk. We take three large chicken eggs, six spoons of flour, one teaspoon of vegetable oil, a little sugar, spices to taste. We mix yolks with flour, milk and butter, add salt, seasonings and sugar. Separately beat whites until the condition of strong foam proteins and carefully injected into the already prepared mass of yolks. Gently stir and place for half an hour in a cold place.

For a change, you can try to cook the sauce for cauliflower on beer. We take one glass of chilled live light beer, one egg, some spices (curry), one glass of sifted flour, one tablespoon of vegetable oil. Pour the flour into the bowl, add beer, yolks and butter. Mix everything with a mixer. As in the previous recipe, we whisk the proteins separately to the foam state, combine it with the mass and beat it again.

If desired, you can prepare a simple, but very tasty dish, which is good to serve as a side dish to meat or fish. It will become a full breakfast or dinner in combination with a salad. We will need eggs, cauliflower, soy sauce, sweet and hot chili sauce, flour, sour cream, spices for your taste and a little vegetable oil. Rinse cabbage under running water, divide into separate small inflorescences. In salted boiling water boil for ten to fifteen minutes on medium heat. In the meantime, we'll prepare the batter. We beat eggs, add a little soy sauce and chili, two tablespoons of sour cream, a few spoons of flour. We squeeze cabbage in a colander and crumble in batter from all sides. On the heated frying pan fry until the appearance of a golden crust. Spread on a paper towel, so that excess fat is gone, and you can eat. Bon Appetit!

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