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Pork in sweetly sour sauce - a favorite dish of millions

If you ever had to eat in a Chinese restaurant, then, of course, you appreciated the very unusual taste of the original meat dish of China's cuisine - pork in sweet and sour sauce. Many people remember the fine appearance and exotic delicate taste of this meat. Some have since dreamed of making this dish at home to treat friends and family.

There are many simple recipes that are quite available for home cooking, so you can easily get a lovely pork in sweet and sour sauce.

Pork in sweet and sour sauce in Chinese

It is important to remember that in the Chinese cuisine, you should cut all the ingredients immediately, because traditionally the heat treatment of the products takes a little time and you may not be able to cut the extra minute.

The most important rule for this dish is to strictly observe the combination of sweet and sour tastes.

1. Prepare a sweet red and yellow pepper each in kilogram. The more flowers in the vegetables, the more elegant the pork in the sweetly sour sauce. Well wash the pods, and each cut, removing the seeds before it, the bases of the peduncles and septa.

2. Cut one onion into rings.

3. Tomato paste or ketchup (two tablespoons) combine with soy sauce (about 4 tablespoons). Better, of course, to use ketchup of a good manufacturer. Add a couple of spoonfuls of concentrated meat broth, half a cup of water, a teaspoonful of salt, a couple of tablespoons of sugar and as many spoons of wine vinegar (some gourmets advise using rice vinegar, the taste of which is considered more acceptable for exotic Chinese cuisine). Mix everything.

4. Cut a small piece of ginger into strips and quickly fry over a heavily heated oil.

5. Peppers should not be fried for long, until they cease to hiss.

6. Fry the onions.

7. Add the diced pineapples (about 250 grams). You can use canned pineapple, and they should also be fried a little.

8. Pour the cooked sauce and mix it in a frying pan with the already fried vegetables.

9. Add the cornstarch (enough two teaspoons), which you previously diluted in water to make the sauce thicken.

10. In the meantime, mix the two beaten eggs with cornstarch (about 50 grams), soy sauce and add salt a little. Salt is important to ensure that as a result of pork was not lusciously sweet.

11. Cut half a kilogram of pork into slices, as if for beef stroganoff or small square blocks.

12. Put marinated pork in the sauce for about half an hour.

13. Heat in a deep frying pan about half a liter of vegetable oil.

14. Dip the meat in cornstarch, shake off excess and fry for a short while at high temperature (about 6 minutes) over a large fire. Stir the meat so that the pieces do not stick together.

15. As soon as the meat is barely golden, take it out and put it on a napkin or on a grate.

16. When excess fat is removed, reheat the frying pan and quickly fry the meat again. Thanks to this double roast meat will be with a crispy ruddy crust. Put meat again on a napkin or on a grate.

17. Mix the fried meat with stewed vegetables, and gently mix.

18. To have a specific gloss of the sauce, add a little oil from the deep-fried frying pork, literally at the very end.

Pork in sweet and sour sauce is ready - you can serve meat with rice or as an independent dish.

As you can see, pork in batter in sweet and sour sauce is not difficult to prepare, but the effect of your efforts can surprise friends and remember them for a long time. This meat dish is very suitable for a romantic evening and, perhaps, you will become one of the millions of his devoted devotees.

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