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Subbotin Nikolay: it is necessary to leave the matrix of imposed ideas

There are among us people - restless seekers of secrets. They stubbornly believe that someday riddles will be clarified and become the property of science. I am convinced of this and Subbotin Nikolai Valerevich. He has been studying non-known phenomena since his early youth. In his literary folder, more than three hundred publications on the mysterious realities of the planet Earth were collected, which saw the light not only in Russia, but also in Europe and America.

Passion for the unknown, Nikolai fell ill in his childhood. In his youth he enthusiastically went to ufological expeditions. To date, he made many discoveries that make a significant contribution to science and help to look at things from a new angle.

Stalker of the Unknown Subbotin

Nikolay was born in 1974, according to the calendar of the East - in the year of the Wooden Tiger. The people of such a sign are clearly distinguished by the purity of the mind and the firmness of character, and they do not take energy either. In the Perm State Pedagogical University, he chose the specialty "alternative pedagogy", because he did not want to put up with the rigidity of the traditional educational system. In 1990, Nikolai took up the post of head of the department for abnormal phenomena in the Komsomol newspaper, because it was the best way to make your ideas public. Today he writes books, shoots films, heads research societies, the main theme of which is that he is on the other side of reality. The so-called collection of documentary notes, published in 2013, is also called.

The author tells about exciting travels with diggers on underground passages and abandoned mines, in which incredible happen, comprehends together with scientists phenomena uncomfortable for traditional science, because they do not fit into the familiar picture of the world.

Perhaps, it's really time to strongly agree that a person is not the king of nature, and take care not to become a parasite on the body of the planet - a reasonable highly developed organism?

Portals to another reality

One of the amazing unsolved secrets of the Earth can be called the phenomenon of chronomirages, says Subbotin. He observed them in the area of the village of Molebka, where there is a zone of paranormal phenomena.

In the book "On the Other Side of Reality," the author gives a detailed account of chronomarays - sudden appearances of visual images from the past: events, people, cities. He expresses the assumption about portals in other dimensions, which can be located in places where chronomaris are recorded.

Station of riddles

For more than twenty years, there has been a Russian-language site on unidentified flying objects in the network, which took its place in the encyclopedia of A. Troitsky's network records. These are video reports about the activities of the Russian UFO research station, which Subbotin founded twenty years ago. Nikolai talks about the secrets of the past and the present, attracts eyewitnesses and scientific experts. Here you can peer into the fuzzy faces of aliens peeking out of your ship and ask together with the authors the question of why the aliens on our Earth have favorite places where they regularly visit.

The Russian Triangle

On the left bank of the Sylva, flowing through the village of Molebka on the border of the Perm Krai and the Sverdlovsk Region, there is a place about 70 sq. Km. Km, which is known since the late 80-ies all ufologists of the planet. Here Subbotin Nikolay dreamed of creating a research center for studying mysterious realities, actively developing scientific tourism. Since 2005, rallies, festivals and conferences have been held on the territory.

Nikolai Subbotin was one of the first Pathfinders whose foot stepped into the anomalous zone. In 2009, he published his book "The Russian Bermuda Triangle. Reportage from the most famous anomalous zone in Russia. "

According to the researcher's belief, UFOs have never visited Molebka's land, and inexplicable phenomena are associated with geomagnetic and gravitational fields in this zone. Deep fractures in the earth's crust cause strange effects, for example, when time slows down or stops. And the glowing balls, which are often mistaken for UFOs, are just a manifestation of geomagnetic energy.

According to Subbotin, in Molebka and in a number of areas located nearby saw a snowman and even managed to get a piece of his wool.

Today the Molebsky Triangle, in the opinion of Nikolai Subbotin, resembles an amusement park for tourists, which does not match the aspirations of the researcher. After the ufologist moved to Moscow, he does not cooperate with the project leaders.

Weekdays and plans

Now Nikolay Subbotin works in the TV company "Format TV", he shoots a documentary about the most shocking hypotheses of the present day. This project is done by order of REN-TV. In total, Subbotin created more than a hundred film sets for the study of anomalous objects. They were broadcast on ORT, NTV, TV3, news channels of the USA, Japan, Italy, France, Poland, Germany.

The Russian writer continues to work on essays. Soon the readers will get acquainted with two new books - "Underground Horizons" and "Chemiotracks".

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