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Defenders of human rights. Martin Luther King

One of the most famous human rights advocates of the twentieth century is Martin Luther King. He advocated social change and non-violent methods of conducting them. Not only with words, but also with active actions, called for the eradication of injustice, inspired by his own example.

For the first time the world heard about an unusual speaker and a brave man in 1955. Then he, with a small number of comrades-in-arms, went to jail for the boycott they had organized. Martin Luther opposed the Alabama transport company Montgomery, which required people with colored leather to give way to white and only be in the back of the bus. After this incident, King devoted himself to the struggle for human rights throughout the world. He tirelessly organized mass demonstrations and non-violent protests, he wrote notes and delivered lectures. All these measures had one goal: to attract public attention to racial discrimination, to force the government to pass laws that would protect African Americans from such humiliation.

Luther Martin in 1963 in Alabama Birmingham was the leader of peaceful mass demonstrations. He fearlessly stood at the head of the protesters, to meet them came white policemen with fire hoses and dogs. This event was covered in the media around the globe. Its apogee was the active human rights movement in many countries. A demonstration in Washington gathered a quarter million people. It was on that day that Martin Luther delivered a speech that will be remembered for all without exception for many decades. It was called "I have a dream," in which the speaker shared a vision of a world in which there will be no division of people on racial grounds for the first and second grade.

The movement, which began with the enthusiasm of one person, has turned into a powerful force. It was growing every day, and the government made concessions. Already in 1964 Congress passed the Human Rights Act, and King himself received the Nobel Peace Prize. He was already posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which recognized his contribution to the development of the United States.

Martin Luther was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on January 15, 1929. The father of the future idol of the human rights movement was a Baptist priest. There was a family in the poor quarter of Atlanta. In 1954, a new doctor of theology led the church and became an active participant and organizer of demonstrations that advocated for the rights of the black population. During one such action, Martin Luther was mortally wounded. The man who fired the fatal bullet, was sentenced to 99 years imprisonment.

The life of this individual shows how you can change the world if you believe in your idea. He could utter words that resonated in the hearts of others, fell deep into the soul. By non-violent means, he achieved equality and the end of racial discrimination. King not only fulfilled his own dream, but also embodied the dream of millions of people around the world, wiped tears on the faces of the rejected. It was he who made America, and behind it the entire planet, democratic and free from prejudice.

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