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Georgia is located in the southeast of the United States. Officially it is called "Imperial" and "Peach" staff. The capital of the state of Georgia and its largest city is Atlanta. The population here is 9.8 million people.


On the territory of Georgia before the Spanish colonization, there was an Indian culture, which had completely disappeared by 1560. For a while the Spaniards reigned here, who at the end of the 17th century began wars with the English for possession of this region.

The English in 1724 over the region established their domination, declaring the creation of a colony here. The state of Georgia in the War of Independence was one of the main centers of loyalists, and in the Civil War - the Confederates. The first settlements here were founded in 1733 by General James Oglethorpe for religiously persecuted and poor Englishmen.

Oglethorpe was able to defeat the Spanish forces that invaded from Florida in 1742. During the War of Independence, the inhabitants of the colony in 1775 seized the arsenal in Savannah, sending then the arms of the US Army. They led the guerrillas against the British troops, releasing Augusta twice, and as a result, in 1782, the British forced the evacuation from Savannah.

Geography of the state

Georgia borders on 5 states, while its eastern part is washed by the Atlantic Ocean. In the north is the spur of the Appalachians, called the Blue Ridge. Newton is one of the largest counties in the state. Its administrative center is the city of Covington (Georgia). Its population is just over 18,000 people.


The main part of the territory, including the center of the state of Georgia, is in the zone of the ocean's subtropical climate. In the mountainous regions a typical rainy and hot summer.

The climate of certain areas depends on their latitude and proximity to the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean. In Georgia, there are often tornadoes, but they rarely exceed the level of F1.

State Economics

It should be noted that if Georgia (the US state) was an independent state, then its economy would be on the 28th place among the largest in the world. The main agricultural products of this state are: eggs and poultry, peanuts, pecans, rye, peaches, pork, tobacco and vegetables.

The industry includes the manufacture of electrical equipment, transport equipment, clothing and textiles, tobacco, chemical and food industries. Due to convenient geographical location, Atlanta (the capital of the state of Georgia) is considered a major industrial and transport center, as well as a communications center.

A huge number of companies here have their own headquarters. In this state there are two nuclear power plants.

Government of Georgia

The State Legislature is the General Assembly, which consists of the House of Representatives and the State Senate. The State Senate includes 56 members. There are 180 members in the House of Representatives. The executive power is exercised here by the Lieutenant-Governor and the Governor of Georgia.

The highest judicial body is the Supreme Court, consisting of seven judges. They are elected by the population. There is also an Appeals Court, which consists of judges, of whom one is the principal. Local self-government is carried out through the Chamber of Commissioners.

Composition of the state population

The state of Georgia has more than 9.5 million permanent residents, among which:

  • African American;
  • White Americans;
  • People of Asian descent.

About half the population of the state was made up of African Americans who were slaves before the Civil War. Further migration of this situation has not changed much. At the present moment, African Americans, as before, are prevalent in various rural districts in the southwestern and central parts of the state.

State of Georgia: attractions

A traveler to the South of the USA should certainly get acquainted with the main sights of Georgia. Next, consider the largest of them.

The Islands

Along the Atlantic coast of the state stretches a whole chain of islands, the largest of which - St. Simon's Island and Cumberland Island. Due to the mild climate, the islands of this chain became known as the "Golden Islands of Georgia" - Sea Island, St. Simon's Island, Little St. Simons Island and Jekyll Island.


At 1.5 hours. Drive by car from Atlanta is the city of Athens, named after the Greek city. It was built for students. The local university has about 35,000 students and 2,800 teachers. He is one of the state universities in the country.

Canyon Providence

When you arrive in Georgia, you should definitely see the canyon Conduct. He is on the border with Alabama. This is a system of ravines, whose depth reaches 30 meters (100 feet), formed from the impact of sewage.

From the very beginning, forests were located on this territory. Here lived the Indians of the Creek. Pale-faced, who came here, the Indians were evicted to the west, they themselves began to cultivate the land. This resulted in the appearance of ravines and soil erosion. At the beginning of the XIX century, the first mention of these ravines.

Today there is a park here, which is part of the entire state park system. Observation platforms are organized, hiking trails, toilets, grills and canopies for comfortable rest of people walking here are equipped.

Safari park Wild Animal Safari

Georgia - the state of the USA, in the south-west of which is the safari park Wild Animal Safari. It represents a significant territory with the content of animals without cells, fenced with a very strong, albeit unnoticeable wire fence. Here, a road is laid along which cars slowly drive, and their passengers look at the animals. Among them there are buffaloes, zebras, deer, giraffes, wild boar, roe deer, goat. There are predators - rhinoceroses, crocodiles, bears, lions and tigers, which are kept in reliable cages.

To go on a safari, there are 3 options - a bus with a guide, which is designed for 30 passengers, a minivan for 7 people, as well as in the park you can drive your car. The best option is a minivan, because in this case you do not depend on the guide, stop where you want, and your car will not be damaged by hungry animals.

Tablets of Georgia

If you head north-east from Atlanta on the I85 motorway, then you can almost see South Carolina, you can see a rather interesting monument, called the Tablets of Georgia. The huge granite slabs, established in 1980, carry a message to humanity, keeping the secret of their origin.

What is it? These are 6 granite slabs, of which four are directed to the sides of the world, in the middle is the fifth, and the sixth is on top. This stone structure is sometimes called the American Stonehenge.

Interestingly, all the plates are carved with one text in different languages, of which 8 are modern - Spanish, English, Hindi, Swahili, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian and Chinese, and 4 ancient - classical Greek, Akkadian, Ancient Egyptian and Sanskrit.

Blue Ridge

The town called Blue Ridge, which is located in the northern part of Georgia, is an excellent place for a relaxing holiday. Especially in the summer heat. In case you are beckoned with mountains, forests and fogs, and not large cities and the coast, then go there boldly. A trip here by car from Atlanta will take about 30 minutes on a traffic-free, calm road.

So, what to do here? To begin with it is necessary to look Amikalola - in the state of Georgia it is the highest waterfall in the mountains. Blue Ridge attracts the attention of tourists primarily to them, and the park with guest houses and a variety of hiking trails, located around it, the Blue Ridge make one of the most popular tourist destinations in this state.

Six Flags Park

Six Flags Entertainment, which is actively involved in the development and construction of amusement parks in the United States, opened in 1967 in Atlanta a huge amusement park. At this oasis of entertainment and joy, the total area is almost 120 hectares.

Of course, its highlight is the roller coaster. In addition, special attractions are such attractions as "Daredevil" and "Goliath", where lovers of adrenaline can enjoy the full sense of a sharp vertical descent from a height of 95 meters.

Of course, there are enough other entertainments in this place, among which there is a Ferris wheel, a railway, a huge number of roundabouts, and also the famous Monster Mansion, which can scare respectable citizens no less than a bearded gentleman who forgot a heavy suitcase in the subway. The cable car above the park "Six flags" is also interesting. It passes over the whole territory and allows you to enjoy its stunning views down.

Swamp Okyfinoki

In the southeastern part of the state, on the border with Florida, is the swamp of Okikfinoki, which is one of the most deaf and beautiful regions of the whole country. Peatlands, which are covered with black shallow water, form a very rare ecosystem. Since 1937, a natural reserve has been organized, and since 1974 these marshes have become the National Monument of Nature.

Its main attraction is the crocodiles. Namely the kind of American alligator. On the marsh Okikfinoki they live in the eastern part of the US coast - from Texas to North Carolina. The main number of American alligators lives in the states of Louisiana and Florida. But since Okikfinoki's marsh is on the border between Florida and Georgia, the abundance of crocodiles is quite understandable here.

In addition, the town of Dahlonega gold miners, the "Little White House" in Warm Springs, the Marine Science Center, Pulaski Fort and about a thousand historic buildings, plus the Calloway Gardens, deserve attention.

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