Sanatoriums of Pitsunda, Abkhazia. Photos and reviews of tourists

Pitsunda is a recognized health and beach resort. The air here is saturated with phytoncides, which emit numerous coniferous plants and marine minerals. Sanatoriums and boarding houses Pitsunda (Abkhazia) attract many tourists and people who need sanatorium treatment.

Advantages of recreation in Pitsunda

This resort is famous for the best beaches in Abkhazia. They are not only pebble, as in other coastal cities of the country, but also sandy. Almost the whole territory of Pitsunda is covered by an ancient relic pine grove, which is fragrant with needles. Excellent Pitsunda for families with children. The cleanest water, magnificent nature, a good location for visiting excursions will leave very pleasant impressions.

Prices in the city (depending on the season) can differ significantly for holidays in Pitsunda. Sanatoriums and boarding houses of the city work not all year, but only from April to November, when the resort climate is optimal, and the water in the sea warms up to comfortable temperatures.

Health resorts Pitsunda

Pitsunda health resorts specialize in general health and climatotherapy. Sunbathing, sea bathing and air, saturated with bromine, iodine, phytoncides and other useful microelements, will significantly improve your well-being. Thanks to the natural impact, people visiting Pitsunda sanatoriums (reviews confirm this), get rid of stress, strengthen and restore mental strength.

Especially holidays in Pitsunda (sanatoriums) are recommended for people with disorders of the nervous system, respiratory diseases and circulatory problems. There are not so many sanatoriums in Pitsunda, but they provide specialized treatment for ailments. Among them there are those who are proud of Abkhazia, Pitsunda. Sanatoria with treatment have well proven themselves far beyond the city limits. Thousands of tourists from all over the country are treated here.

"Boxwood Grove" is the most popular sanatorium. Pitsunda (Abkhazia) today has a rich and modern medical base for the treatment of circulatory diseases, nervous, musculoskeletal system. Not all sanatoriums of Pitsunda, unlike the "Boxwood Grove", have their own hydropathic institution. Therefore, people who have problems with the heart and blood vessels relax here and are treated. Beneficial effect of treatment in the health resort on the condition of the skin with certain diseases. In this sanatorium are widely used non-drug methods - inhalation, balneotherapy, massage.

Similar services are rendered in sanatorium "Sana", in which there is also a hydropathic institution.

Pitsunda: sanatoriums and boarding houses

The boarding house with the general health profile "Litfond" offers guests a course of hydro and physiotherapy. This unique complex is located on the territory of the Pitsunda reserve. It is well located between the park area, Lake Inkit and the sea coast. Here grow magnolia and boxwood, dogwood, noble laurel and laurel, oleander and azalea, eucalyptus, garnets and acacia.

All boarding houses and sanatoriums of Pitsunda pay for preventive and curative services separately, if desired, in boarding houses you can stay for rest, as in ordinary hotels.

Health resort "Pitsunda"

Located in the center of the city, the complex is located on the beach. It is surrounded by a pine grove, creating a curative microclimate and giving a pleasant coolness even in the summer heat. The coast of the resort is located in a picturesque bay, so the sea here is clean and calm. This place is like created for lovers and connoisseurs of natural beauty and ecology.

"Pitsunda" is designed for 2,800 seats in seventeen high-rise buildings. Guests are offered double rooms with private facilities and without, TV in the lobby of the buildings. On the territory of the complex there are three dining rooms (one works on the fixed menu system, two - on the "buffet" system). On the beach there is a restaurant by the sea, offering dishes of national cuisine, billiards, sauna, massage, tennis courts, shopping center, hairdresser, concert hall. The beach is sand and gravel. There are free umbrellas, sunbeds, fun on the water. Those who wish can visit the boat tours along the coast of Abkhazia

Pension Amra

It is located 22 km from Adler. Nearby there are a water park, bars, cafes, discos, restaurants. Here you can take a course of treatment of heart and vascular diseases, pulmonary, skin, urological, gynecological ailments, spine diseases, musculoskeletal system, nervous system.

In the main building there are rooms of different price categories. Double rooms (one and two-room) - with a view to the sea.


This holiday house has recently been completely renovated. It is located almost in the center of Pitsunda and is great for a relaxing holiday with the family. The residential building is surrounded by a park with luxurious cypress alleys, one of them leads to the beach.

"Riviera" offers guests three meals a day (buffet). The basis of the diet is made up of natural dairy products, fruits, homemade cakes. At the boarding house there is a parking place.


The territory of the Pitsunda-Muisser Nature Reserve is closed. On it there is a boarding house "Mussera". This is a huge resort complex, occupying 180 hectares. Subtropical forests and gardens surround the residential building, from its windows a magnificent view of the Caucasus Mountains, which peaks against the clouds. Vacationers can spend time on the huge sandy beach.


A new tourist object, built according to a modern design, belongs to a new generation of boarding houses in Abkhazia. The complex consists of two buildings, which are located on its own territory, surrounded by fruit trees. The boarding house is 200 meters from the sand and pebble beach.

All rooms are equipped with stylish furniture and quality sanitary equipment, from the windows of all rooms the views are amazingly picturesque. Meals - a two-time (Swedish table).


It is located on the territory of the Pitsunda reserve. Sanatoriums Pitsunda, as, indeed, many boarding houses, work only in the holiday season, and "Apsny" awaits guests throughout the year. Holidaymakers can do their favorite sports - tennis, billiards. You can visit the gym, restaurant, nightclub, bowling alley, sauna, beauty salon, souvenir shops. For tourists it is possible to visit excursions, horse riding. Meals three meals a day. There is an outdoor pool, a wide and well maintained private beach. First comes a strip of sand, which is replaced by pebbles closer to the sea. On the beach, tourists are available: water skiing, gliders, catamarans, diving and sea hunting, banana, helicopter rides.

"Pine Grove"

Perhaps, this is the most popular boarding house of Abkhazia. It consists of two buildings and detached luxury cottages and a standard. It is located on the beach. The territory of the boarding house occupies a rather large territory (1.5 hectares), which covers part of the relict grove of Pitsunda.

Boarding house "Ldaa"

The institution is in the same township. The main building is surrounded by a relic pine grove. The own territory of "Ldaa" is protected. "Ldaa" complex is a five-storey building with an elevator, as well as comfortable detached cottages.

Reviews of tourists

Sanatoriums Pitsunda receive a lot of kind words, addressed primarily to attentive and experienced staff. Especially it concerns the sanitation "Boxwood Grove". Many note that their health after the course of treatment has improved. And in the sanatorium "Litfond" visitors are unhappy with the monotonous food.

As for boarding houses, the impressions of staying in them are different. For example, in the boarding house "Irene" - full correspondence of price and quality against the background of good service and goodwill of the staff. And in the boarding house "Riviera" very attractive landscape design, but the condition of the rooms, according to reviews, leaves much to be desired. At the same time, the overwhelming majority of tourists remained quite a holiday in the sanatoriums and boarding houses of Pitsunda.

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