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Samsung Galaxy Win: user reviews and phone features

At the moment, the mobile device market offers a huge choice, and here often there are difficulties. Flagship phone models - it's just superb, but there are people in the world that they can not afford. Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Win is designed specifically for these users. It was announced in the spring of 2013, immediately after the Galaxy S4, to which it is very similar in appearance, in size and in design. From a distance of several meters, not everyone can distinguish between them. Of course, the filling of the device is inferior to the flagship, and there are no funny excesses, for example, a barometer or thermometer. But its cost is much lower.

Briefly about the apparatus

So, Samsung Galaxy Win, reviews about which already appear, is a classic glossy device from this series. It is twice cheaper than the flagship, it is equipped with quite decent iron, and its battery is quite capacious. The screen resolution is quite good, the display of colors is excellent. But the camera in the Samsung Galaxy Win can be disappointing.

The phone of this model can be gray or white. The device looks very stylish and attractive. The case is collapsible. You can easily remove the back cover, it is very thin. The battery is removed. All connectors and buttons are standard. Buttons on the front panel are touchscreen, and one is mechanical, but the first ones without illumination are almost invisible. This is easy to fix by tuning their glow all the time that the screen is active. Phone Samsung Galaxy Win weighs only 144 grams, and its official size is 70.7 * 133.3 * 9.65 millimeters. The camera plays a little, but not too much. There is no LED that indicates missed calls.


Samsung Galaxy Win, reviews of which have already appeared, is equipped with a medium-to-date processor from Qualcomm. Four-core chipset Snapdragon 200 MSM8625Q with a frequency of each of 1.2 gigahertz in conjunction with the video accelerator Adreno 203. RAM is also quite sufficient - one gigabyte. In real life, such iron works quite normal, does not brake, performance only pleases. There are eight gigabytes of internal memory, of which most of the devices in this model have five available to store user files. Samsung Galaxy Win, reviews of which are quite eloquent, supports memory cards up to 32 gigabytes. In this model, you will not find a light sensor, as well as such pleasant excesses as a thermometer and a barometer, but there is a compass, an accelerometer, and a proximity sensor.


The specification specifies the mobile 3G Internet speed of 7.2 megabits per second for reception and 5.76 for transmission. This is considered not too high, but most operators do not support high speeds, so it will be enough to use. 3G is available only for the first SIM card and can not be redirected programmatically to the second one, you only need to physically change them in places. This can be considered one of the disadvantages of the Samsung Galaxy Win i8552, reviews about which will show the rest of its characteristics. The device was equipped with a single-band Wi-Fi with an average sensitivity, that is, there's nothing to complain about in this case. There is also Bluetooth 3.0. To the computer, the smartphone is connected via USB only in MTP mode.


Theoretically Samsung Galaxy Win, reviews about which are mostly positive, has the weakest point, as the screen. With a diagonal of as much as 4.7 inches, here is a very modest resolution of 800 * 480 pixels. The specification says that the matrix is used by TFT. However, usually on such screens the color inversion is visible, and also not very good viewing angles. There are enough good viewing angles, there is no fading of the picture from either side. The screen is juicy and very pleasant to look at. And the permission available here is quite enough. Of course, if the letters are very small, then their outlines seem slightly rude. However, most users do not feel particularly discomfort when using the device. The brightness of the screen is such that it is convenient to use both in the dark and in a brightly lit environment.

The five-point sensor is very decent, it reacts just fine. It is possible that the screen has a special coating, because it is very slippery, and fingerprints from it are easily erased. The manufacturer indicated that the surface is made of plastic, but it is so high-quality that it can compete with glass, and scratches on it almost do not remain.

Operating system Samsung Galaxy Win

Feedback from users indicates the convenience of using this device, because there is a fairly fresh for the fall of 2013, the Android 3.1.2 Jelly Bean axis with the addition of traditional elements from Samsung. Installation of applications is possible only in the main memory of the device, this can not be done on a memory card. There are not many pre-installed software, but there are several applications that can not be deleted.


The Samsung Galaxy Win, which may be of interest, is equipped with a 2000 mAh battery. According to the results of work, he is at the level of S4, although at some points even surpasses it.

Phone Features

There are no problems with communication, good audibility and video in Skype works at the level. Since the phone is dual-purpose, there are certain nuances of its operation, but in the settings there is an active mode, that is, it is able to receive calls to both cards even when talking.

Photo and video camera

Samsung Galaxy Win, reviews of which generally speak of its high quality, is equipped with a 5 megapixel photo and video camera. It is worth noting that at this price most users want to see something more significant. The autofocus camera does not shine with quality, even in very good weather and under ideal shooting conditions the footage turns out to be "soapy". And if you shoot in low light, everything looks very sad. In macro mode, the quality is much better, but this is provided that the smartphone will focus on exactly what you are interested in.

Video shooting is possible only at one resolution - 480 * 720 and 30 frames per second. The received videos can be called not too qualitative, thus autofocus is completely absent.

There is also a front camera VGA-resolution, its quality is better not to say anything.

Navigation features

Samsung Galaxy Win, reviews about which are quite interesting, does not support GLONASS. Satellites he catches with a fairly good speed.

Use as a video and audio player

Do not use a pre-installed video player, since it does not show everything you want to view, sometimes there may be no sound and so on. You can put a good program MX Player, with which everything works just fine. With its help, you can even watch high-definition video, but with the screen resolution provided, there's just no point in it.

If we talk about the capabilities of the audio player, then here is the normal sound quality.

Work with the Internet and games

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Win, reviews about which are very numerous, fairly well displays the contents of Internet pages. If you do not use too small fonts, then it will be difficult to notice some problematic moments. For reading "Twitter" and news the device is quite satisfactory.

On the one hand, this device is fast enough for the normal operation of almost all games. And on the other - it is difficult to establish some great game because the memory simply does not have enough room for it. However, for most games that exist at the moment, there are enough resources.


As a result of using Samsung Galaxy Win as the main smartphone, you can come to the conclusion that it is very convenient, and its functionality does not cause questions. Of course, you may want a more powerful camera, as well as the ability to install software on a memory card, since the resource can very quickly run out. Another point is the price, which may seem slightly overstated with this set of characteristics. However, it is important to note one thing: if you want to buy an A-brand with such a diagonal screen for ten thousand or less difficult, and perhaps it will be impossible to find the right option.

Samsung Galaxy Win is aimed at users looking for a smart phone larger, but not ready to buy Fly or similar, while agreeing to reconcile with a smaller screen resolution and the main camera. This device is aimed at cautious buyers who are not ready to spend too much money, but at the same time wanting to try out a large diagonal in the case, as well as appreciating Samsung products. This model is not intended to turn heads to millions, leaving its notable mark in the history of gadgets, but with dignity to participate in a segment where no devices of the first echelon are available will. The possibility of using two SIM cards simultaneously is a huge advantage of this smartphone, as you will always be in touch for all your contacts.

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