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Adjacent territory - what does it include?

The house territory is a certain area of the earth, attached to any building. Moreover, such a territory can be not only in private home ownership, but also in a multi-apartment building. In particular, the house territory attached to the building of a multi-apartment building does not belong to a separate apartment, floor or porch, but to the whole house and even several houses.

The requirements imposed on such a territory are many: town-planning, sanitary, social, hygienic and others. Fire safety requirements are also important, according to which the territory is organized in the strictest order. Areas that are located on the local area are children's playgrounds, paths and driveways, car parks, sidewalks, plantations and much more.

The sizes of adjacent areas are determined by the determining provisions of town planning, that is, the adjacent territory can not be determined independently. The main role in determining the area is played by the actual size of the neighborhood or quarter, the amount of space occupied by residential areas, as well as the presence of apartments in them and other (minor) factors (sidewalks, car parks, farm buildings, etc.).

The adjoining territory, the norms of which were determined by the relevant documents, is accessible to all. If it refers to house number eight, it does not mean that tenants of neighboring houses do not have the right to bring their children to the playground available here. Naturally, you can not build a garage or other structure here.

The house adjoining the house assumes presence of additional charges for tenants of the basic building. This is stated in the Federal Law "On the Enactment of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation". The share that is yours, that is, for which you are responsible and obliged to pay the costs of its maintenance, is determined in accordance with the area of the living quarters that you occupy. There are pluses in this possession - an opportunity to rent out, and it is better to do a useful job and equip a playground or a parking lot.

The adjacent territory of a private house is determined in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation as a land plot that is attached to the building. Of course, the charms of their own, rather than comradely possession of much more. It is possible with a clear conscience to use the attached site at your discretion - to break a beautiful lawn, to equip a flower garden, to increase the area of the main building due to the addition of a spacious veranda, and also to put different buildings at your discretion. There is no need to worry that some kind of dishonest tenant will throw garbage near the house or spoil all plantings. And another important fact is that this is an unimpaired type of investment that does not deteriorate over the years, but adds to the cost. Naturally, this is absolutely inapplicable to the adjacent territory of the apartment building, where tenants are constantly changing, and sometimes you have to deal with dishonesty and unscrupulousness of neighbors.

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