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The most expensive yachts in the world: top-5

Wishing to emphasize their own status, the richest people of the planet surround themselves with comfort not only on land, creating breathtaking houses, but also on the water expanses of the seas and oceans, buying or ordering the construction of ultramodern yachts that by their characteristics exceed the best airliners. We present you the rating "The most expensive yachts in the world".

1. Baia 100.

In the first place is a unique 30-meter yacht Baia 100, made to order by British designer Stuart Hughes. This is the most expensive yacht in the world worth $ 4.85 billion. It is not known who its owner is, but it is assumed that this is Robert Kuok (one of the wealthiest people in Malaysia). Her beautiful contours and chic interior were created for three years. At the same time, 100,000 kg of precious metals were involved. Platinum and pure gold are not only decorated interiors, but also the base of the ship, the railing and even the anchor. The main bedroom is decorated with a meteorite stone and genuine dinosaur bones. All the furniture is made of the finest wood.

2. Eclipse.

The second place in the rating "The Most Expensive Yachts in the World" belongs to the ship of Roman Abramovich called Eclipse. According to various estimates, its cost varies from $ 470 to $ 500 million. If the rating was not called "The Most Expensive Yachts of the World", but the "Longest", it would certainly be in the first place. The length of the Eclipse is 170 meters. The yacht has 2 helipads, 2 kitchens, a cinema, a spa, a wine cellar, a gym, a swimming pool and a greenhouse. In addition, the yacht is equipped with a submarine, four boats and 20 scooters. We can not fail to mention its safety. The upper deck is equipped with bullet-proof glasses. Also on Eclipse installed a laser system against the shooting of photo and video cameras, special radars signaling a potential threat, and a system of anti-missile attacks.

3. Dubai.

The third place in the rating "The most expensive yachts in the world" goes to the luxurious Dubai (owner - Sheikh Al Maktoum) worth $ 350 million. It is only 8 meters shorter than Eclipse. For almost 10 years, the yacht was built by two companies: first by Blohm & Voss, and at the end by Lürssen. Its breathtaking interior Dubai is due to the French designer Philippe Starck. In the cabin of the yacht, accommodating 115 passengers, there are magnificent columns made in the form of palm trees, and the ceiling is made in a mosaic style. The main deck is equipped with a huge swimming pool with a waterfall draining to the lower levels. In Dubai 5 apartments and 6 conventional cabins. The yacht is equipped with a gym, spa and helipad.

4. Lady Moura.

This ship was built by the order of Prince Al-Rashid in 1991. At that time it was she who was the most expensive yacht. Its dimensions are so great that Lady Moura hardly enters the harbor of the city of Monte Carlo. According to information from anonymous sources, it is served by 60 crew members. The yacht has a helipad, a swimming pool and a boat. Currently, the price of this 105-meter vessel reaches $ 210 million.

5. Rising Sun.

And closes the rating "The most expensive yachts in the world" 135-meter vessel owned by David Geffen - head of Oracle. On the Rising Sun 82 cabins, equipped with home theaters and Jacuzzi. There is also a swimming pool, a wine cellar, a gym and a basketball court, which can become a helicopter if necessary. The cost of Rising Sun is about $ 200 million.

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