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"Battle Sheet": how to issue a holiday issue

Victory Day is a holiday to which people of the senior and middle age in the greater part of the post-Soviet space treat with a special thrill. Yes, and the youth shows to him a sufficiently high interest and respect. In the matter of the spiritual and moral education of the younger generations, the inculcation of patriotic feelings is important in every way to propagandize the feat of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War and the role of Soviet troops in the Second World War. For this purpose, open class hours and courage lessons, military song competitions, matinees and solemn lines are held in schools.

The role of the printed word

Particular enthusiasm among the children is caused by the military-patriotic game "Zarnitsa" and the issue of the wall newspaper "Battle Sheet". As for the competition, everything is clear - rare boys and girls do not like mobile sports, if they also require dexterity, endurance, creative savvy and are filled with healthy excitement. But the issue of handwritten publications is also quite complicated and interesting. Selecting materials for placement in the "Battle Sheet", students learn statistical summaries, learn a lot about large and small battles, face examples of everyday courage, imbued with respect for the feat. This helps the children not only realize the greatness of what their grandfathers and great-grandfathers did, but also fills with a sense of legitimate pride for the past of the Motherland, the desire to protect it. The power of the printed word is great, therefore, "Battle Sheet", if done with a soul, will attract the attention of all schoolchildren and will be very useful.

Contents of the newspaper

What exactly can you advise young journalists who "make up" the number? Almost everyone in the apartment now has computers and other office equipment. Therefore, if the editorial board does not possess the picturesque talents, you can find on the Internet and print posters of the war, photos of its participants, fights, by making explanatory signatures to them by hand. Be sure to include in your "Battle Sheet" lyrical "page": lines of poems and songs of those years. They are deeply penetrating, sincere, touching and infect with a special patriotic pathos. If there are children in the class who have grandfathers and grandmothers-veterans still alive, they can take small interviews from them and place them in a special rubric. Or ask permission from adults to use family archives. This idea is especially fruitful if it is timed to coincide with the May 9 Battle Sheet. Schoolchildren will see not poster heroes, but concrete people living next to them, whose hands were won Victory.

How does it look like?

Begin registration with the title. It can look like this: "The Battle Sheet" congratulates ... "or" Dedicated to the Victory Day! "Use bright colors to create the appropriate mood for the readers. And do not forget about the ribbons of St. George! Next, distribute the poster sheet on the column-heading. For each pick up speaking headings, place the illustrations. Spend a place for personal congratulations of fellow practitioners who wished to say a few kind words to the veterans.

The issue of the newspaper during the "Zarnitsa"

Military-sports game, as already mentioned, originated in the distant Soviet times and was necessarily held in schools on May holidays. In addition, it was included in the list of mandatory activities in the summer pioneer camps. "Zarnitsa" was a sports match between the detachments and contained elements of initial military training. Each organizer had his own experience of scenarios, a set of tasks with different levels of difficulties, etc. Team-participants invented emblems, slogans, secret passwords, identification marks, even their own form. Was released during the game "Zarnitsa" "Battle Sheet" with summaries of the successes or defeats of teams, lists of distinguished, describing curious or other cases. The newspaper not only informed about what was happening, but also motivated the participants of the game to new achievements, raised the fighting spirit of the children.

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