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September 4 - Day of Specialist for Nuclear Security of Russia

September 4 - Day of the specialist in nuclear security in our country. The Soviet Union paid special attention to the development of a nuclear bomb, the implementation of nuclear testing programs. Every year, scientists have made more and more discoveries in this area. The main attention was paid to scientific tests on creation of nuclear charges with their transformation.

The victories of the nuclear program

The main achievement in the development of the nuclear industry is the creation of the Semipalatinsk test site (Altai Territory). In 1949, the first, and in 1990 - the last nuclear tests in the USSR. Thanks to nuclear scientists, it became possible to implement them under unfavorable conditions. It is these heroes dedicated to the day of the specialist in nuclear security.

The photo above is the place of the first bomb exploding, a kind of "landmark" of the Semipalatinsk test site. All domestic specialists of the nuclear and military industry worked on the creation of nuclear weapons. After the first test, nuclear scientists carried out another 715 such works.

About profession

Atomic physics is a branch of science that studies the structure and properties of an atom. After the discovery of radioactivity (1896), it was divided into several areas. In the 1940s and 1950s, nuclear fission was studied, as a result, nuclear power, weapons and reactors were created. Soon the activity on thermonuclear fusion began.

On a solemn day, the nuclear security specialist congratulates nuclear physicists across the country. What is their work. Nuclear physicists are engaged in servicing nuclear reactors, they monitor their condition with the help of special devices. Also, the knowledge of these specialists is applicable to nuclear power plants, research institutions, laboratories and specialized educational institutions.

The problems that arose after nuclear tests

Scientific progress has entailed a number of serious issues. The negative consequences of nuclear discoveries were experienced by residents of the Altai Territory, where the radioactive background skyrocketed. There was a need to utilize nuclear waste. Also the question arose about the effect of radiation on people. All these tasks were necessary for someone to decide. So a new profession arose - a nuclear physicist. In 2006, the Russian government set up a separate holiday for such employees, which is called the Day of Nuclear Safety Specialist.

The postwar country had high hopes for the creation of nuclear weapons. The world-famous physicist Andrei Sakharov made a significant contribution to the development of Soviet science and the creation of a hydrogen bomb. In his scientific works he spoke about the enormous destructive power of a nuclear bomb capable of destroying all mankind. Studies brought their author world fame.

What are the nuclear physicists doing?

The day of the nuclear specialist in Russia is intended to remind those who play an important role in the security of the country. Nuclear tests have not been conducted for a long time, but the issues of protection from nuclear weapons are still relevant today. Research institutes of Russia investigate each striking factor of nuclear explosions, sorting it into separate elements. With the help of special devices, electromagnetic pulses are generated that are released during the explosion.

The MiG-29 is a model for experiments that are initially tested without load, and then increased to the maximum values. In such conditions, the missiles of the failed aircraft will start to fly off spontaneously. The task of the nuclear scientists is to foresee possible variants of the development of events.

There is another known installation - it's a giant tube. This is a closed space where a shock wave is created. Through this device passed all the military armored vehicles of Russia. If the tanks did not stand such a test, they were sent for revision. That is, any model of technology should be approved by scientists before it goes into operation.

Required professional skills of a specialist

Being a nuclear physicist is a big responsibility. On the significant day of the nuclear security specialist, congratulations and warm words sound for people who are required to possess the following merits:

  1. Have good analytical skills.
  2. To be able to think logically and rationally.
  3. Have a mathematical mindset.
  4. Have a good memory.
  5. Be able to concentrate well.
  6. Be responsible, independent and organized.
  7. Possess emotional stability and have developed intuition.
  8. To be able to keep a secret.

In addition, they, of course, must love their work.

Nuclear potential of the Russian Federation

The day of the nuclear security specialist is a celebration for those who have a huge responsibility for the security of the whole country. They contribute daily to the improvement of Russia's nuclear arsenal. In 1947, the first structural subdivision was created - the special department of the General Staff of the USSR Armed Forces, which became the prototype of the 12th Main Directorate of the Ministry of Defense. The explosion that took place in Chernobyl at the nuclear power plant made adjustments to the concept of state security. After this tragedy, a new organization was created - the Nuclear Weapons Safety Inspectorate. There was a need for the existence of a professional emergency service.

At the moment, special state armament programs have been developed, which provide for a whole range of measures to ensure the potential of Rosatom. National security is provided by the presence of nuclear weapons in Russia. Scientists have the opportunity to create a means of destruction and know how to defend themselves from it. Research institutes began to develop laser weapons.

Celebrations for the day of nuclear physics

September 4 is the Day of the Nuclear Security Specialist, the one who holds ammunition and controls all nuclear tests. A number of festive events are held in the country, timed to this event. The celebration is considered by all specialists in nuclear development. Special honors are awarded with diplomas, veterans are honored, they remember the deceased.

The date of the event is dedicated to the creation of the Special Department at the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Soviet Union (1947), which was engaged in the implementation of all nuclear tests. Military nuclear scientists devoted their lives to science and the state. They are the backbone of the country, it is to such people that Russians are indebted to the presence in the state of the most perfect of all known weapons in the world.

September 4 The Day of the Specialist on Nuclear Security of Russia is the professional celebration of nuclear physicists. Congratulating the representatives of this profession, you do not need poems or long phrases. Suffice it to say simply and with all your heart that their work is very important and will not go unnoticed both in the military and in peacetime.

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