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International day of the air traffic controller. Features of the profession and public significance

It is a mistake to believe that the safety of airplane passengers depends on the action of the pilots. The ship's captain controls the steel car in the air, but the trains are monitored by specially trained staff. The profession has become widespread worldwide so much that the International Day of the air traffic controller is celebrated annually. What are its features and should this day be considered a holiday?

First flight

The profession is interesting and in demand. But it requires proper knowledge and training. Not to mention what responsibility falls on the shoulders of the dispatchers. Such people should possess a number of inherent qualities, among which there is composure and the ability to respond quickly to extraordinary situations.

The international day of the air traffic controller goes back to the beginning of the 60s of the last century. With the development of air transport, the increase in passenger traffic, each new airport required a number of employees. All of them are members of the Federation of Associations, specially created in 1961. This is undoubtedly an indicator of the importance and prestige of the position.

Soldiers of the invisible front

Work dispatchers is different from most other professions. It would seem that the difficult thing is to sit in a warm office and watch the movement of aircraft on the monitor? Among the employees, the main principle is that we must work, regardless of any difficulties. One of the responsibilities of the controller is a constant presence in the workplace, which implies even that if an employee is away for a couple of minutes, it should not be left empty. The monitor screen must be constantly monitored!

The International Day of the Air Traffic Controller is a professional holiday, which speaks not only of a significant milestone in the development of air transport, but also of attracting the public to the work of specialists of this direction, which often remains invisible to the majority. On this day the dispatchers announce their achievements, sum up the results of the work, and the International Federation of Associations makes plans for the next year.

Growing and developing

What do you think, what is the number of employees in this profession? There are more than 50,000 specialists in the world, therefore it is not surprising that the international day of the air traffic controller is timed to coincide with a world-wide event. Despite the fact that the holiday is celebrated in almost every country, this day - October 20 - still remains a worker. Work dispatchers lasts for 12 hours, not stopping even for a minute.

Prestige and social status

The duties of an air traffic controller relate to one of the most complex human works. The life of passengers climbing into the sky depends on them, who are on the ground. These people fly the aircraft from the moment of takeoff to the landing at the destination. The employees have knowledge of aviation regulations, navigation, technical characteristics, meteorology, and also special psychological preparation. One of the conditions is the knowledge of the English language, where communication with the crew occurs.

Its status and special importance in the field of air communications helps to demonstrate the International Day of the air traffic controller. Congratulations on this holiday are always positive, emphasizing the image of this profession.

Director of the Air Navigation Service A.V. Neradko in his congratulatory speech called those who on the shoulders of holding modern aircraft, talented and incredibly courageous people who are able to solve difficulties. Truly, the sky is the bridge between the countries and continents, and how strong it will turn out depends on those who build it. According to statistics, every day about five million inhabitants of the globe use the services of airlines, entrusting their lives in the hands of dispatchers. The international day of the air traffic controller (photo of the "modest" celebration in the circle of colleagues is attached) is noted not only by its specialists, but by many others who are associated with aviation or are its admirer.

Best regards

What can you wish for those who preserve heavenly security? The dispatcher's profession is compared with the ground traffic police, directing endless streams of aircraft. Powerful, modern machines climb into the sky and, cutting clouds, make a successful landing, which is also called "soft". Only attention and concentration can serve as a guarantee for the safety of pilots and passengers.

International Day of Air Traffic Controller - 2014

Unfortunately, in the world there are tragedies in which wine is recognized for professionals of this profession. Last year's holiday was overshadowed by a terrible event - on the night of October 20-21, during the take-off and the subsequent take-off, a small Falcon ship collided with a snow-removing machine located on the lane. Such an incident forced the first persons of the aviation structure to review a number of rules concerning the operation of airports.

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