Perfumed water "Lakoste pur FAMM": reviews, description of the fragrance and composition

What is the modern feminine fragrance for you? Today, most girls want to smell that in the trend. In one year all perfumers, as if by arrangement, create floral and light aromas. Then comes the time of sexuality and the astringency of oriental spices. Then the notes of rubber, gasoline or leather break into vogue. But we admit that what is fashionable does not always smell pleasant or "sounds" naturally. Not all perfumers decide to go their own way and not follow fashion, but create fragrances that are independent of fashion trends. However, there are such exceptions. Firstly, it's a niche perfume that does not need advertising and certainly does not want to match fashion.

Secondly, and among the relatively inexpensive mass-market, from time to time there are fragrances designed to satisfy the principles of perfumery art, and not to volatile trends. One of such striking examples is the fragrance "Lacoste Pur Fam".

Reviews of this fragrance, how feminine, so feminine, mostly positive and laudatory. Pleasant, moderately bright, sensual and impossible playful, suitable for any season, the smell remains the favorite in the huge line of "Lacoste", despite the emerging novelties of this and other brands.

In this article, we will talk about the history of the brand, the creation of fragrance, the pyramid of toilet water "Lacoste Pur Fum". Customer feedback is not critical when choosing a fragrance, but it's interesting to read them anyway. We are sure that after reading this article, you will certainly want to make your acquaintance with "Pur Pham" from "Lacost".

Who founded the brand "Lacoste"?

"Lakoste", or "Lacost," as people say in different ways, is a well-known brand, both in the world and in our country. He associates us, first of all, with a green crocodile - a symbol chosen by the founder as a brand logo. Surely you were wondering why the crocodile was? And yet many confuse famous for the whole world of male polo and not less popular spirits coming out under one brand. Or is it all the work of one master?

Here you need to look at the history of creating a brand. Jean René Lacoste founded the brand "Lacoste" in the 30s of last century. It happened quite spontaneously. While playing tennis, he went to court in a polo of an unusual tailoring made from knitted fabric of his own making. As a good player, he attracted attention, and his T-shirt also did not go unnoticed by mods.

Jean Lacoste friends called "Alligator", and it was this symbol was soon the image of the created brand. Initially, the company specialized in making and selling men's polo shirts and shirts. Later, Lacoste decided to expand the range and produce also sports equipment and footwear, and in the late eighties the brand began to produce perfumes.

For today in a collection of the trade mark 43 aromas. The very first smell was created in 1987, and exactly after 30 years, forty-third appeared. Of course, the brand will please the customers with yet another tasty smell. The same will be about the fragrance of "Lacost Pur Pham" and its subsequent fresh re-release of "Lacoste Pur Fam Camp", reviews of which will force you to buy it even without a preliminary "acquaintance".

Aroma "Pur Pham"

Literally all the flavors of the brand are light and fresh, and therefore easily recognizable. Let us dwell in more detail on the fragrance "Lacoste Pur Pham". Reviews of this fragrance can make you believe that this is the best smell in the brand's perfume line. The name of the spirits is translated laconically - "Lacost for Women", and they appeared on the market as a couple to the fragrance "Lacoste for Men".

The female smell "Lakost" was created in 2003. His creator, Olivier Cresp, wanted to produce a subtle fragrance that gently emphasized the femininity inherent in every lady. What scents are the spirits of "Lacost Pur Pham"? Reviews, which leave those who use them, contain information that this fragrance is referred to as floral-spicy.

Appearance of Pur Pham

Despite the name, the women's perfume "Lacoste" was dressed in a rather "sporty" form. Absolutely simple and laconic form of a vial, without stones and gilding, ornate inscriptions. The only decoration is the image of a silver crocodile on a bottle - the Lacost sign. The "Pur Pham" bubble is crowned with a round-shaped cap made of silver metal with a thin pattern resembling a Polo fabric from Lacoste. Strict rectangular lines, transparent glass, readable inscription in plain type - that's the "appearance" of "Pur Pham", which has nothing to do with content. Perfume is enclosed in a cardboard box of light cream color with silver stamping. Strictly, stylishly, intriguingly - that's how you can describe the style of packaging of the aroma "Pur Pham".

Pyramid "Lacost Pur Pham"

In the upper notes of perfume you will feel white freesia, pepper and apple blossoms. "Top of the fragrance" is the smell that you will feel in the first 10-15 minutes. In the heart of "Lacost Pur Pham" notes of jasmine, rose, heliotrope and hibiscus. It is the absolutes of these ingredients that you will smell when wearing fragrance. The base consists of cedar, musk, sandalwood and vanilla. It is a trail and the basis of the fragrance.

Who is the flavor of Pur Pham?

If you want to feel cheerful during the day, then you will certainly like the toilet water "Lacoste Pur Fam". Reviews of this smell indicate the use of it as an everyday perfume at any time of the day. When this fragrance appeared, it was very popular among adult women and their schoolgirl daughters. Today these schoolgirls are adults and independent girls, and they again choose the perfume "Lacoste Pur Pham". Reviews on forums and blogs, however, compare this smell with the new version of "Pur Pham Leger", released in 2017.

Lacoste Pur Fam Leger

Reviews of this new smell indicate that the name was chosen very well. After all, legere is translated from French, as "fresh" and "clean". In its essence, Lacoste Pur Fam Leger is a flanker. This term in perfumery means "reprinting an existing fragrance with new notes". Producers from time to time re-issue especially good perfumes, adding new notes or easing the initial composition. What is the difference between "Lacost Pur Pham Ledger"?

Reviews say that the new "Pur Pham" received a more citrus and light sound. Olivier Cresp (who, if not him, improve his own creation?) Added black currant and grapefruit to the top of the pyramid and removed the rose from the core of the fragrance, replacing it with hibiscus.

Citrus "Ledger" from "Lacoste"

In the first moments after the application, "Leger" opens with citrus chords and sour red currant, but after ten minutes you will recognize "Lacost Pur Pham" just in a slightly light sound. Judging by the comments on the sites devoted to perfumery, "Leger" is also popular because Cresp removed the pepper from the top of the pyramid, which significantly softened the smell of the female "Lacost". If you think the classic is harsh, then you should definitely test "Pur Pham Leger". By the way, as the user says, despite the fineness and lightness, "Pur Pham Leger" is very persistent and is felt for at least 8 hours after application to the skin.

"Pur Pham Leger" visually resembles "Pur Pham" in 2003. The only difference is that the glass of the bubble became satin.

Will "Phur Fam" like men?

It is believed that girls use perfume to create a special mood, but, first of all, we experiment with fragrances in order to seem more attractive to the male. What do they say about "Lacost Pur Pham"?

Comments of men, by the way, are very supportive and laudatory about this fragrance. In contrast to thick and heavy niche smells, "Lacost Pur Pham" - light, soft, "cream" and emphasizes femininity. If you think that the representatives of the male love, when the girl smells "a mile", then you are mistaken. Most men will prefer a "natural" light smell of flowers or spices that does not interrupt their own body fragrance - that's what young and mature gentlemen consider attractive and sexy. And it is such weightless, but tangible gift will make for you the fragrance of "Lacoste Pur Fam".

What other aromas are similar to Pur Pham?

First of all, "Lacost Pur Pham" is often compared with the flavor of "Light Bloch" from "Dolce and Gabanna" (Light Blue from Dolce & Gabbana). The pyramid "Light blah" is different in composition, but similar in perception. Rose, apple, cedar and lemon - the creation of "Dolce and Gabanna" is very fresh, and it is similar to "Pur Pham". However, this impression is formed in the first minutes after application, while the top of the pyramid is felt. When the ambra, bamboo and cedar come into play, it seems that there is nothing in common between these two perfumes.

"Love Effeir" from "Eisenberg" (Love Affair) is also compared with "Pur Pham", first of all, because of a very similar pyramid. And here you can not argue, really, this perfume reminds a female "Lacoste". The same rose, sandalwood, jasmine and musk, acidity of black currant. The only bright difference is the presence of tobacco in the base of Love Affair Eisenberg, which gives the composition refinement and astringency.

The heavier in perception and sound Autenthic Maroussia from Slava Zaitsev is also compared to the female "Lacoste". Ambergris, cedar, coriander, oak moss - this is what is included in the composition of the fragrance created by Vyacheslav Zaitsev in 1996. But this is not a complete list of notes, and indeed, something these two smells are similar.

And one more flavor, similar to "Pur Pham" - Instincts from Rasasi. "Instincts" are similar, above all, the top notes - white pepper, freesia and jasmine. Cedar and amber make the sound of Instincts Rasasi heavier, if you compare it with "Lacost Pur Pham".

Reviews, the price of Per Fum perfume

Everyone loves delicious flavors, but how can it be difficult to lay out a tasty smell for a tasty smell! And here a dilemma arises: how to save money and how not to buy a fake. What is the official price of the aroma "Pur Pham" from "Lacost"? This is the price that is put up by large retail chain cosmetics stores, such as "Rive Gauche", "Il de Bote".

Of course, the cost depends on the volume of perfume. So, for today, perfumery water "Pur Pham" costs 3,900 rubles for a volume of 30 ml and 4,900 for 50 ml. Since large stores use discount cards for attraction and loyalty of customers, the price may be lower by 1000-1200 rubles. However, it is cheaper to purchase Lacost Pur Pham for the reason that you can buy a counterfeit, not resistant and not so "tasty".

How not to buy a fake?

Regarding perfumery and cosmetics, it is best to purchase such products in trusted stores. Spirits are counterfeited along with alcohol and tobacco, as they are a commodity. Having saved 500 rubles, you will get an unsuitable aroma, which even with a similar sound will quickly erode. When buying goods, pay attention to the place of manufacture. The label should indicate that "Lacost Pur Pham" is manufactured in the UK, where the production facilities are currently located.

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