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The scenario of the girl's birthday is 8 years old with competitions

Mums and dads should first think over the scenario of the girl's birthday 8 years. It is not difficult to do this, because parents perfectly know the interests and interests of their beloved child. The most important thing is to come up with such contests and merry competitions in which all the guests of the culprit of the celebration will be involved.

What should the girl's birthday scenario be 8 years old

Of course, it should be borne in mind that 8-year-olds are still babies. Nevertheless, they can quite take part in quite complex competitions. It is necessary to make an unforgettable children's birthday (8 years). Scenario a girl can make together with her parents, or the mother and father have the opportunity to arrange a surprise and think it over for themselves. Children's holiday should be:

  • Cheerful.
  • Emotional.
  • Gambling.
  • Filled with the mood of celebration.
  • With healthy competition.

And of course, the holiday should be in the first place for the culprit of the celebration.

Cheerful script of the birthday girl 8 years at home

If you have the opportunity to celebrate your name-day at home, do not let things go by themselves. It is worthwhile to think over the scenario of the girl's birthday (8 years), so that the children do not have to miss a minute. For example, we can take the following idea.

The presenter (mom or dad) offers all the young guests to start having fun, while saying: "Everybody remembers what holiday is today? Are you ready to start an unforgettable and iridescent adventure? I hope you will be happy to participate in all competitions and relay races that we prepared for you ".

1st competition

All the children are strapped to the waist with a lace on the bottom of which is a pencil. Children are divided into two teams. On the opposite side of the participants are placed two half-filled bottles. The task is to run to the bottle in turn and get into it with a pencil hanging from the string. The team won, in which all the players were the first to complete the task.

2nd competition

Again, the children are divided into two equal by the number of team members. Each of the children wears hoops with a word written on it. In turn, players go out and stand in front of the competitor's team. Those should explain what is written on the hoop, without naming the word itself. A team wins in which all players correctly guessed.

3rd competition

Each of the children on the back is attached a leaf with the name of the animated hero. Everyone behind him should explain what is written on paper. Winners are those who first passed the test.

4th competition

On the table in a row are six disposable cups. In each of them, water is almost completely filled up. The first three cups are in front, the other three - immediately after them. In those glasses that are closer to the participants, you need to put tennis balls light. Guests in turn should move the balls into the glasses behind them. You can only use your own breathing, not including the hands and other parts of the body. Such competition will appeal to adults.

The 5th competition

The same tennis balls are put in a spoon. The handle of the device should be in the teeth of the participants, and the round part is free. The ball must be transferred from the spoon to the spoon from the first player to the last.

6th competition

Congratulations, which must be on certain letters. The presenter announces the letter, and the guests speak by the word of the wish in turn for the given sound. Drop out one who could not come up with a congratulatory buzzword when he got the turn. Very interesting competition, especially if you record it on a video camera and then after years look through it.

7th competition

Children themselves should make a postcard to the birthday girl. To do this, you can use any improvised means (Whatman, glue, colored paper, cardboard, shiny ribbons, beads). Children sit down in a circle, together come up with a congratulatory composition. Then everyone wants something to blame the celebration.

It is quite suitable for such a birthday scenario for a girl of 8 years. Competitions are quite diverse and will take guests for a while.

Active scenario for a celebration in nature

If you are lucky with the weather and the birthday is celebrated in nature, that is, the scope for imagination. In nature, you can arrange a quest for children. The culprit of the celebration will certainly like this scenario. Birthday of the child (8 years old girl is not performed every day) will be unforgettable. To organize the competition you will need:

  • Multicolored ribbons.
  • Talismans that need to be sought.
  • Small presents for participants.

All guests should wear themed accessories. Depending on the subject of the quest, it can be either pirate hats, glasses, or wigs of princesses and butterflies for boys. In general, the scenario of the 8-year-old girl's birthday depends entirely on the imagination of the parents.

The host (mom or dad) voices: "Today you will have an incredible adventure, each of you will play your own role.The main task is to find the treasure that was hidden in this park.You need to find ribbons on trees, under these trees you can see Tasks that you want to perform. "

Children go in search. In their hands - a map, on which you need to move. Under the first tree, the children find a leaf with a crossword puzzle, which must be unraveled. Questions should be thematic.

Under the second tree is pre-arranged sports equipment. The assignment says what needs to be done. One of the participants must jump on the rope several times, the second - to twist the hoop on the waist, the third - to gallop on one leg. Contests should be so many that were involved, without exception, the guests of the birthday girl.

To the scenario of the girl's cool birthday is 8 years remembered for a long time, at the next point of the tasks the children are met by an adult dressed in a thematic dress and amuses them. There is also a competition with riddles, and competition for running speed.

Under the next tree there should be two basins with water, on the bottom of which lie apples. Children themselves should choose two guests who without the help of their hands will be able to pull the fruits from the basins.

The next item is the final one. Here the children are met by the presenter and asks each guest to say pleasant words for the hero of the celebration. After that, the quest is completed. Children are given a huge ball with a surprise, inside of which are many small balls. And in a big bowl - sweets and small toys. Necessarily everyone will like such a children's birthday (8 years). The script will remember the girl for a long time, because this is a real adventure that will enthrall all the guests in an exciting game.

Contests for children's birthday

Do not immediately put the young girl's guests at the table. After all, children primarily want to have fun, frolic and get a charge of positive emotions. Contests should be rich, active, fun and diverse, then the guests and the birthday girl herself will be delighted with what is happening.

Scenario for a child's birthday in a cafe

As a rule, if the parents plan to celebrate the birthday of the girl in a cafe, they hire an animator who will entertain the public. But if there is no such opportunity for some reason, then it is necessary to take the organization issue into our own hands.

Cafes usually organize quiet competitions. You can invite guests in turn to say for what qualities they love the birthday girl. Then let everyone write a wish on a piece of paper. In the cafe you can declare a contest of dance and song (if you sing in karaoke). And also in a public entertainment institution, you should complete the celebration by blowing out candles on the cake.

Relay race for kids by the girl's birthday

If there is enough space for games, then it's possible to include sports events in the girl's birthday scenario. They can be as follows.

1st Relay

Children are divided into two teams. Each team is given a ball. Clamped between the legs of the ball, all in turn should run around the bowls, which is located at some distance. The team that will compete first will win.

2nd Relay

Children are divided into teams. They are given a pincer. It is necessary to escape, bypassing the obstacles standing in the way, while the size of the pin must be kept between the neck and the chin. Each next player is awarded without hands.

3rd Relay

On the way, various barriers are exposed. Boxes, skittles, balls. Players on socks must pass everything and pass the baton to the next guest.

Such vigorous contests will come to the liking of active and restless guests and the very culprit of the celebration.

How to entice guests to participate in the competition

The best motivation for children is, of course, surprises at the end of the event. Mom and Dad must first be stocked with small souvenirs, balloons and sweet presents for each of the guests.

What entertainment to think up for adults on a children's birthday

Of course, in addition to children on a children's birthday are usually present and adults. In fact, entertainment for those who are not eight years old, can be the same as for children. And also adults can issue cards, in which everyone will write a wish. In 10 years, when the girl is 18, you can read the wishes, it will be very interesting.

Whatever the scenario for the birthday of the girl nor come up with parents, if it is done from the heart, the holiday will certainly like the baby.

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