Master class, how to make origami on March 8 with your own hands

What can you do in the origami technique on March 8 with your own hands? That's right, a flower. Namely: several types of flowers.

Simple scheme

Master class, how to make a simple origami on March 8 with your own hands:

  1. Take a square piece of paper and make two folding lines in a diagonal sequence (as in picture 1).
  2. Now turn over the sheet and make two more fold lines (Figure 2).
  3. Now you need to fold the sheet in such a way that pockets form on both sides (see picture 3).
  4. Flip the page right and spread it (pictures 4 and 4a).
  5. Now you need to bend the "wings" behind (picture 5). You should get a figure, as in Figure 5a.
  6. Turn the part over and turn the lower triangle to the top (Figures 6, 6a and 7).
  7. The second triangle also wrap, but under the bottom (picture 8).
  8. Should be such a triangle, as in image 8a.
  9. Fold the figure in half vertically (Figures 9 and 9a).
  10. Now the upper triangle bend slightly at an angle (Figures 10 and 11).
  11. It remains to neatly spread out the resulting figure, as shown in Figures 12, 12a and 13.
  12. As a result, you will get such a sweet flower.


Interesting will get the composition-origami "March 8" with their own hands in the form of a bouquet of paper tulips:

  1. Take the square sheets of paper in red, yellow or pink.
  2. Fold the sheet in half to make a triangle (image 2).
  3. Now we need to make one more fold (picture 3).
  4. Straighten the sheet and bend it again in half, only now so that the rectangle turns out (Figure 4).
  5. On the resulting lines, you can collapse the sheet and get a new shape (see picture 5).
  6. Turn the left and right sides of the top triangle upward (picture 6).
  7. The same thing needs to be done on the reverse side (picture 7).
  8. Should get a new rhombus (image 8).
  9. Now wrap the left side a little farther than the middle line (see picture 9).
  10. The right part needs to be put on the upper left (image 10).
  11. Gently tilt the bottom and spread out the resulting shape (see pictures 11, 12 and 13).

You have a bud. Now make a thin leaf from the green leaf and glue it to the ready bud. Collect a few such tulips, and you will get an interesting hand-made article on March 8 with your own hands.

Very simple origami for a postcard

And the following origami-flower made of paper by March 8 can be used to create three-dimensional postcards:

  1. Place a square sheet of paper in front of you like a diamond and fold it in half (picture 1).
  2. Right and left side wrap to the fold line (picture 2).
  3. Bend slightly the top edges (image 3).
  4. Turn over the figure and fold it in half (pictures 4 and 5).
  5. Now you need to make a bud, as shown in Schemes 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.
  6. Flip the part with the front side and add green leaves underneath.

You put the ready-made hand-made article on the cardboard - the card is ready. It remains to sign it and you can give it to a loved one.

Modular origami

Modular flower origami by March 8 is done quite simply, but it looks very impressive:

  1. Fold the square sheet in half and get a triangle (Figure 1).
  2. Now wrap the right and left sides to form a rhombus (images 3 and 4).
  3. Now fold the triangles formed from above in half, first - right, and then - left (Figures 5 and 6).
  4. Gently unfold the "petals" formed during the last actions (picture 8).
  5. Wrap the protruding triangles to the right and left (Figures 9 and 10).
  6. Now add the right and left sides in half along the previously formed fold lines (Figures 11 and 12).
  7. Now it remains only to fold the part into the shape of the cone in such a way that all the elements in the form of an accordion are inside. Glue the center with PVA glue. This is one petal ready. To build a flower, you need five parts. They are glued together in the middle (see the picture above).

To complete the origami craft on March 8, you need to make several such blanks with your own hands. Then glue them together to make a ball.

Modular origami-flower made of paper by March 8 is ready!

Tip: for beauty, you can add green leaves between the flowers or glaze the glints with glitter. You can also decorate with beads, which are attached with a glue gun.

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