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How to make a plan for self-education of the pre-school teacher

What is self-education and what is it for? This process is understood as a specially organized, systematic and amateur cognitive activity of the teacher, which is aimed at achieving certain socially and personally significant goals. What is it for and what is the purpose of the self-education plan for the preschool teacher? Self-education is closely related to the specifics of pedagogical activity, its role in the society, as well as the current continuous education, which is associated with the constantly changing working conditions of teachers. The whole point of this process is the satisfaction of cognitive activity, and its essence is in mastering the culture of thinking, the ability to work on our own, without any help, to improve ourselves, to overcome problems, including professional ones.

The approximate plan for self-education of the preschool teacher

Themes for self-education are chosen by the teacher himself. They can also be recommended by a senior educator. The term within which the topic is studied, can be from one year to three years. The following stages stand out:

  1. Diagnostic. The content of the work: the analysis of possible difficulties, the formulation of problems and the study of literature.
  2. Prognostic. Its essence: the definition of goals, objectives, the development of an optimal system and possible measures to solve the problem, predicting possible outcomes.
  3. Practical. Work: introduction and dissemination of advanced pedagogical experience, as well as a system of measures aimed at solving the problem, a clear formulation of the method of the complex, tracking the entire work process, its current and intermediate results, adjusting the work.
  4. Generalizing. Work: summing up, formalizing the results of your own research on the chosen topic, providing materials.
  5. Implementing. The essence of the stage: the use of the acquired new experience by the teacher in the course of his further work, the dissemination of the experience gained.

Forms of presentation of results

At the end of each stage of the work the teacher prepares and presents his results. The forms in which he can do this are also included in the plan for the self-education of the preschool teacher. They can be:

- an interview with the head of a methodical association or with a senior educator;

- Speech at a meeting of a methodical association or at a pedagogical council ;

- Open classes;

- abstract, presentation or individual creative project.

It should be noted that at the beginning of the school year, after the educators have decided on the topics, a general plan for the self-education of the senior educator of the DOW should be drawn up.

Plan design

Any work should have a clear structure, we offer you one of the options for design, as the plan for self-education of the preschool teacher may look like. First, the name of the work is indicated, for example: "Individual self-study plan for 2014-2015". Then the position is indicated. It is worth noting that in the design of the self-education plan for the younger group's educator, middle or senior, fundamentally one from another will not differ. Then the name is indicated. Teacher, his education, as well as refresher courses. Then you should specify the topic of self-education, the problems to be worked on, the timeframe, as well as the tasks and objectives.

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