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Fail is a single failure

Disputes about whether borrowing from other languages are acceptable, last for many years. Most of all, "not good" words are used by young people, especially computer scientists and other specialists working with English. A lot of vocabulary comes in everyday speech thanks to gamers. For example, the word "feil" is their find. However, it is better to use this concept only for those who know the English language well.

Censorship speaking ...

Put yourself in the player's place in the computer club. What to say, if the desired could not be done? In the framework of censorship, of course, because in the computer club for three-story statements on the head will not be patted, but, most likely, put out.

Errors and failures in the situation of video games are many. Nobody says: "Well, failure, so bad luck ..." Gamers will say: "Fail." This means defeat in the translation from English - fail. Simple and elegant, although the meaning behind this word is quite unpleasant. But man does not seem like a bore and a whiner. We got a feil - they laughed - we play next.

Fail will not make a loser

There is another meaning, too, to lose, to lose. Hence the notion of "loser", or loser. But it is too strong for gamers to associate it with themselves. Therefore, guys-fans of Lineage do not say too often lose. Although the latter is more closely related to the actual game than fail.

Fail is a failure, but not a global one, but simply an inability to get the best result at the moment. While the word lose has a shade of finality and seriousness. Feil is just a statement of fact, it does not have a lot of bitterness and pessimism, that's why it came from foreign gamers to our guys.

Epos, lyrics and drama have nothing to do with it

But sometimes another expression is used - "epic feil." What it is? Epic in this case is not relevant to the epic. The word simply plays the role of an amplifying particle. What does "epic feil" mean? This is an impressive defeat. And often the additional meaning is that the defeat is unexpected, when everything seems simple and easy. For example, a gamer does not play the game for the first time and believes that everything will be easy and simple, but in fact it turns out that because of a stupid mistake his character was killed. In this case, it's legitimate to say that there was an epic fail.

In any situation

Gradually, the concept spread from the gamers' world to everyday life. "Epic feil" can mean and quarrel with the girl, and failed control, and breakdown of technology.

The concept became universal and lost the additional sense of surprise. The speaker wants to show the power of his emotions in connection with the defeat and says not just a "feil", but an "epic feil." And yet it is better not to use this word for those who do not know English at all. At least a little bit, but teach him to understand the context.

And a little bit about the victories

Gradually in the foreign part of the Internet began to appear whole sites with funny pictures about epic fail. This phenomenon is similar to demotivators, which help to look at the situation ironically and reduce the amount of pain, and also are a tool of satire. Feil is a shame for a person, but if he uses the word in relation to himself, it means that the speaker has a cheerful and strong character. Such people are not afraid of defeat, they live in full force. Well, there was a "feil" - tomorrow there will be "faults". Win is luck. And she, too, is an epic. Those who fear epic fail never get epic win.

"Fail" can not last long - it is a concept that means a temporary, one-time, single failure. In order that they do not recur, it is necessary to draw conclusions correctly, and not on surface signs. Do not be afraid of mistakes - and around the corner you will be insidiously awaited by epic win. Luck loves zealous and runs away with fear from whiners - so say: "Epic Fail!" - take a deep breath ... And forward - correct mistakes. All will turn out!

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