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Arkady Weiner: biography and the creative path

Arkady Vayner (13.01.1931-26.04.2005) is a famous Russian writer, master of the detective genre, whose name is inextricably linked with his brother George. It was in the duet that writers created works that to this day cause genuine interest of the readership. The books of the Weiner brothers, whose total circulation was about three hundred million copies, were published in many countries of the world.

Detective genre of the Weiner brothers

The success of the works, which the authors themselves called psychological prose with a criminal plot, can not be explained solely by the public's love for the spectacular chases, loud skirmishes, fascinating intrigues. There is something deeper here: human relations, which are much more important than the dashingly twisted plot. Indeed, the Weiner brothers managed to raise the detective genre to the height of real literature.

In numerous interviews Arkady Vayner, whose books are in demand among the readership, often stressed that he not only did not write according to the generally accepted writers' stencils, but did not even have a teacher who could be imitated. And to imitate it did not make sense: the huge experience in the criminal investigation gave the author a powerful ground for future novels.

Arkady Weiner: Biography

Arkady came from an ordinary Moscow family: my mother worked as a teacher, my father - a driver and a mechanic. He did not really know how to read, because he graduated from just one class, he was an excellent storyteller. Numerous father's stories the brothers Vainer used in their novels. Their parents instilled qualities that greatly helped them in their lives. The most important instruction of the father: in all situations, always remain a man.

In life, Arkady was persistent and purposeful: a school with a gold medal, then a law faculty of the capital's university, an investigator in a department of the Moscow police and a post of head of the investigative department of the MUR.

At the same time, Arkady did not consider his position significant, since the high status was not the main thing in his life. According to the writer, the main post on Earth is to remain a Man (Father's words, laid in the heart of Weiner from the very childhood).

Investigative work of Arkady Weiner

At work, Arkady Vainer was engaged in investigating a variety of cases: from petty thefts to violent murders, and each of them he brought to a fair decision. Bribes did not take, threats to him did not work, for his adherence to principle three times excluded from the party, that in the USSR it was considered death alike.

Arkady and his brother George began to write casually by writing. In 1967, their friend Norman Borodin, during a controversy over the topic "who is harder to work: as an investigator or journalist," suggested writing a small work, for which he promised an excellent fee. The brothers accepted the proposal and a month later presented the novel "The Watch for Mr. Kelly", which amounted to 600 pages. The work in a slightly abridged version was immediately published in two magazines: "The Soviet Militia" and "Our Contemporary."

Huge experience and a large amount of material during the interrogation work prompted Arkady and George, who worked as a journalist, to create further works: "Loop and stone in green grass," "Visit to the Minotaur", "Medicine for Nesmeyany," "Feel at noon, "Testament from Columbus", "Racing in the vertical". Also on the accounts of the brothers the scripts for such films as "I, the investigator", "The city has accepted", "The victims have no complaints", "Night visit", "Certificate of poverty", "Entrance to the labyrinth".

About the most famous work

"The era of mercy" - the most famous novel, which formed the basis for the feature film "A meeting place can not be changed." The prehistory of his adaptation is as follows: the Vainers brothers once gave a book to the famous poet and singer, "The era of mercy" when they met with Vladimir Semyonovich Vysotsky. The next morning a bell rang in Arkady's apartment. Volodya Vysotsky stood on the threshold. He said that he read the novel overnight and really wants to play Gleb Zheglov. Since then, Vysotsky and Vainer have become friends for life; Volodya devoted two of his songs to his fellow writers. Stanislav Govorukhin, who knew the novel by heart, became the director of the cult series with V. Vysotsky and V. Konkin in the lead roles.

In addition to searching for the gang "Black Cat", who kept in fear all post-war Moscow, the story of a complex relationship between two powerful personalities is passing through the work: Zheglov and Sharapov - this was exactly what Georgi Weiner and Arkady Vainer tried to bring to the reader. Quotations from the film quickly penetrated the people. The most famous of them, uttered in the hoarse voice of Volodya Vysotsky: "The thief should sit in prison."

The value of each individual is dignity

Arkady and George were true humanist writers: they constantly responded to letters from places of detention, helped the arrested as far as possible and even managed to secure the release of several illegally convicted people. Later Arkady began to deal with issues of prisoners in a more formal status, consisting of the Commission for Pardons.

Full of great plans for life, Arkady Vayner - a master who possessed a deep humanism and a real literary talent, did not have time to fully realize them: the long and serious illness prevented it. Weiner hid his weakened health from everyone. In April 2005, while on hospital treatment, he left the hospital walls to take part in the opening of the 7th Detective FEST Detective FEST. From the stage the famous author turned to a large audience with words about respect: to the Law, to others and to oneself, in a word - about dignity. The next day, April 24, 2005, Arkady Vainer was gone.

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