Lessons of needlework: How to start knitting with knitting needles? For beginners, there is nothing complicated

For this kind of needlework you will need knitting needles and threads. In principle, it is possible To pick up both that and another is absolutely arbitrary. But if you want the first masterpiece to inspire you to further creativity, then follow the simple rule: one to three. That is, the thread should be thinner than the spoke three times. Now about how to start knitting with knitting needles. For beginners, it is not recommended to choose a complex product. The best training thing can be an ordinary scarf or cap of simple cut. If everything works out, you can try your hand at the plaid, and then go on to more complex options - jackets, sweaters, ponchos, etc.

Such a simple scarf: how to start knitting

For beginner needlewomen the simplest pattern is garter stitching (all rows are tied with facial loops) or an elastic band. Let us dwell in more detail on the second version. So, we knit an elastic band 2x2. Type an even number of loops. Do not forget that the first and last - edge. Now we knit the first row: two face, two purl. We alternate them to the end of the series. We turn the product over and knit on the pattern, that is, we sew the wrong loop with the wrong side, the front one with the front one. This simple sequence is performed until we get a beautiful product. Believe me, if you all do carefully, then, in spite of the simplicity and uncomplicated nature of the pattern, you will get a beautiful scarf. Yes, there is one more point to consider when deciding where and how to start knitting with knitting needles. For beginners, it is best to choose products in which you have to repeat the same action many times. This is a kind of training for the fingers. By tying a few scarves or simple vests, you will fill your hand. Rows will become even: a loop to the eyelet.

Choose a product more difficult

Variants of all kinds of beautiful sweaters and blouses - a lot in the magazines. They are accompanied by recommendations and schemes. At first glance, it seems that it is easy to perform them. In fact, this is not entirely true. Knitting patterns for beginners should not be excessively complex. What does it mean? Take the chart, consider it well. Nearby necessarily indicate the decoding of icons. Do you understand all the notation? If the answer is positive, then you can start knitting the product. If there are doubts, then it is better to choose a different model. With experience you will be able to knit everything that you want, without thinking specifically about what's there and how. To start knitting with knitting needles (for beginners it is most difficult to take the first step - to study signs and learn how to correctly tie loops) - this means opening the door to an amazing, exciting handicraft world. Having dealt with the basics and gradually comprehending the wisdom of the technique in question, you can effortlessly clothe yourself and your household. Just do not rush to understand everything at once. Gradual mastering of knitting techniques is much more effective. That is, its skill is recommended to train step by step, from the product to the product. Then in a year you will be able to take up a masterpiece without worrying about the quality of the loops and the evenness of the rows.

How to read the description

Recommendations for the implementation of a certain product abound in incomprehensible first icons and abbreviations. This language needs to be mastered. For example, the item is a loop, n. - Cape and so on. Often the word "report" appears in the text. This is a special concept, denoting a piece of a picture that is repeated. Carefully consider the scheme, read the text thoughtfully. Everything will fall into place. At first it is better to stop the choice on the products from the section "Knitting with knitting needles for beginners". The description there is more detailed, detailed.

If you consistently follow all the recommendations, then the myth that knitting with knitting needles is a delicate matter will quickly disappear from your head. It turns out that everything is much simpler.

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