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How to donate money: a few original ideas.

Money is a very convenient and universal gift, suitable for almost any solemn event, be it a wedding or an anniversary. The obvious advantage of such a presentation is getting rid of the need for a painful choice. But how to donate money in such a way that the gift will remain in the memory for a long time not only the recipient himself, but also those present at the guests' celebration? Our creative ideas will help make your present truly unforgettable.

Sweet of money

If you are pondering the question of how to give a cool money, try to make an original candy. To do this, take a candy stick, glue it with double-sided tape and wrap it in colored layers with colored paper - the purpose of these manipulations is to give the product the necessary volume. Next, you should wrap the bills over the paper and fix them with a thread or a rubber band for money. You can also put a small piece of paper in the candy with wishes. At the end, cut out a piece of the right size from wrapping paper, wrap the candy and fix the middle and the bottom of the product with double-sided tape. It will be nice to put on the present a corresponding inscription ("cash candy" or "sweet life").

Bank with money

How to donate money for a birthday or a wedding? Take a glass jar of the right volume and fill it up with ten-ruble coins. Tare decorate a variety of thematic drawings, inscriptions, stickers, ribbons or ribbons. To enhance the effect, tighten the can with a special device. To the recipient of the presentation, wish that the capital in the bank only multiplied.

Photo frame with bills

How to donate money, to be sure to impress with your ingenuity? Buy a pretty photo frame and paste in it bills of various denominations and currencies. Decorate the composition with sequins or chopped New Year's rain. Fix a beautiful bow on the frame. An unusual present is ready. If you or someone from your family owns the art of origami, you can put in the frame a few funny figures from the bills. Delight the culprit of the celebration is guaranteed.

Money Tree

Money tree will not only be a wonderful and unusual gift, but also a symbol of financial well-being. But how to donate money in this way? Everything is extremely simple. We take an ordinary ficus or branch from any tree, put it in a beautiful pot and wrap the plant with bills. As a kind of fruit can act coins. By wrapping a pot of banknotes and planting money birds on a tree, you will make the gift even more original.

Pot of money

Also worthy option can be a presentation of money in an ordinary clay or even a children's pot (this idea is perfect for a wedding celebration). Put the bills at the very bottom, and from the top abundantly sprinkle them with coins. This pot of money is sure to please and impress the recipients of the presentation.

Now you know how to donate money in the most effective and unusual way. We hope that our funny ideas inspire you to create unique presents.

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