What is the Bentley car icon? History and model range of the brand

Already almost 100 years of the brand "Bentley" go on the roads of the whole world. And if in the 21st century this car is a symbol of luxury and wealth, at the beginning of the 20th century it was a participant and a repeated winner of races. The concept of the brand, like the owner, has changed over and over again in its history. But one was invariably in the cars "Bentley" - the icon with the letter "B" and wings. From the first day he spoke of the high class of these machines. After all, for the creator of the brand Walter Owen Bentley, every detail was important.

Early models of "Bentley"

For the first time about the machines "Bentley" the world heard in 1919, when the first model called Bentley 3L was introduced. It was distinguished from other cars of that time by a powerful engine with a volume of 3 liters (hence the name "3L"), reliability and high, albeit justified, price. However, the design and comfort of the driver and passengers, Walter Bentley paid little attention. Developers bet on completely different qualities. The car "Bentley" was, above all, racing, which could ride an English gentleman, without resorting to the services of a personal driver.

This concept was also reflected in the icon of the Bentley car. The letter "B" (on behalf of the creator), surrounded by wings, denotes speed, power and independence. On early models, it was located vertically, and not the way it is now. It is also located on the last independent model "Bentley 8L". Unfortunately, the failure at the races and the economic crisis did not allow Walter Bentley to stay afloat. In 1931, he was on the verge of ruin, and another English company, Rolls-Royce, completely redeemed the brand. So "Bentley" forever ceased to be independent.

Brand Logo

However, despite the fact that "Bentley" is still a subsidiary company, the brand's logo remained practically unchanged. The winged letter "B" from the very beginning has been thought through to trifles. Its creator was the famous artist of the magazine Autocar Gordon Crosby. As Walter Bentley himself claimed, the car's icon is just as important as a motor or an exterior design. It is this concern for the little things that made the brand special in the eyes of both the first and modern buyers.

The modern logo on different models has a different background: red, green or black. So different are different classes of cars. For racing and high-speed models selected green, for the most powerful and prestigious - black, for luxury and refined - red. All three icons are united by the letter "B", enclosed in a circle and surrounded by 2 wide wings. Such a simple concept was invented back in the 30s of the last century.

Similar logos

The idea of the winged symbol was so successful that it was copied. And you can see the badge, similar to the "Bentley", just in 2 other car brands - Aston Martin and Crysler. The owners of popular sports cars and the authors of the machine 007 were the first to do it. Unlike the "Bentley" badge, here on the open wings there is the full name of the brand Aston Martin. Such a symbol on these cars has flaunted since 1937, and its final design was purchased only in 1987.

Another "winged" brand is Crysler. True, modern, like the "Bentley" icon, it acquired only in 1998. This happened after the company was bought out by the automobile concern Daimler AG. Although the symbol "Chrysler" is only remotely reminiscent of open wings, there is some similarity in the icons. However, in 2007, the management decided to return the original symbol with a five-pointed star.

Modern models

Today, "Bentley" is experiencing a second birth. Becoming part of the Volkswagen Group, the brand regained its fame of racing cars. The most famous and sold models today are Continental GT and Continental GTC. Although their value (over 10 million) remains inaccessible to most people, it is highly justified. Luxury is felt in every detail of the Bentley cars. The icon is one of them.

Technical characteristics are not inferior to the design of these machines. So, in just 5 seconds Bentley Continental GT can accelerate to 100 km / h. A powerful twelve-cylinder engine, four-wheel drive, ABS, an automatic stability control system and a 6-speed gearbox are not all the pleasant moments for the owner of this car. Interior decoration also corresponds to the "luxury" class. Spacious salon, in which can easily fit 4 people, decorated with natural leather, wood and metal inserts. Its design does not use even the highest-quality plastic.

Special orders

Of course, the high status and popularity are provided not only by what icon Bentley has and technical characteristics, but also by the fulfillment of individual orders. So, to the 50th anniversary of the rule of the Queen of England, a special Bentley limousine was specially designed for her. And earlier, back in 1994, on the special order of the Sultan of Brunei, 6 crossovers of Bentley Dominator were produced. The cost of each was 3 million pounds.

But the most famous exclusive Bentley car was the S2, made for John Lennon in 1969. He bought it specifically for the presentation of the band's new album The Beatles. However, because of the bright coloring and drawings on it, it looks very ridiculous. It is unlikely that this is a luxury car. However, its estimated value for today is about $ 6 million.

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