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Batman: Arkham Origins - System Requirements and Overview

Batman: Arkham Origins was the first game of the famous tetralogy, in the development of which did not participate in the studio Rocksteady. It will not be a mistake to think that the Arkham series is the best story about superheroes in the gaming industry. Millions of copies sold, huge budgets and flattering reviews of fans - all this speaks for the impeccable quality of the titles released from the wing of Warner Bros.. In this article we will tell you what are the system requirements of Batman: Arkham Origins, and also tell a lot of interesting about the essence of the project.

Brief description of the game

This part was the third story about the "Dark Knight", continuing the plot series "Arkham." The development was carried out by the Montreal division of the Warner Bros. studio, and Warner Bros. appeared as the publisher. Interactive Entertainment. The game was released on all major platforms, including the PC, PS3, X360 and Wii U. The release took place on October 25, 2013. The title was not as warmly received as his predecessors, however, he collected his handful of admirers.


Before we lead to Batman: Arkham Origins system requirements, let's talk a little about the game itself. The writers decided to delve into the story of the young Bruce Wayne when he was not so cold-blooded and ruthless towards the enemies. As a result, we were very happy with the prequel to the entire series. Gotham, perhaps, has always been a troubled place, which we are shown at the very beginning of the narrative. As the villains, there are 8 characters at once, among which the Joker is perhaps the most prominent - perhaps the most colorful person in the "Batman" universe. Here he is just beginning his journey of a notorious villain, however, listening to his dialogues and following the insane actions is very fun and interesting. In general, with the enemies of the developers tried to glory because each of them has individual features and style, which makes the passage much more interesting.

What pleases the project is the presence of an open world. The only problem is that the plot canvas, unfortunately, is somewhat bordered by various activities in a gloomy city. Yes, it is painted well, and the landscapes delight with its magnificence, however, there is not enough saturation with interesting missions. Besides the passage of the main story, Arkham Origins simply has nothing to do, except that it is a boring gathering and clues to light puzzles.

The combat system has not changed much since the second part. Bruce still spreads the enemies to the right and left, and the presence of gadgets allows you to pass missions in Stealth, without raising the alarm among dozens of thugs. Enough and the bosses, whose battles with them look very contrast against the background of the standard Batman brawls.

The technical component is good: Gotham looks beautiful and atmospheric, and the falling snow does involve in the process, forcing the proper mood. The quality of the textures is at an excellent level, which is why Batman: Arkham Origins has very high system requirements. But about this a little later.

The last thing I would like to focus on is a multi-user mode, which is not to say that it is very interesting or innovative. The essence of online battles is the resistance of two teams, consisting of 3 players. In addition, under the care of gamers can get caught colorful characters: Bane, Joker, Batman and many others. At the disposal of players a whole arsenal of guns: assault rifles, carbines, shotguns and stuff. There are several regimes, however, many of them get bored after 2-3 races.

Batman: Arkham Origins - minimum system requirements

We already mentioned that the quality of graphics in Origins is quite good. For the local beauty answers the older engine Unreal Engine 3.5, however, in the hands of talented artists landscapes have turned out sound, and the detailing of various objects is also pleasing. So, the system requirements are as follows:

OS: Windows Vista
CPU: Dual-Core CPU 2.4 GHz
Graphic arts: GeForce 8800 GTS / Radeon HD 3850
HDD: 15 GB

The filling of a similar PC will allow you to play comfortably at medium-low settings, however, you can see all the beauties of Gotham in the presence of a more powerful machine, the components of which we list below.

Batman: Arkham Origins - system requirements (recommended)

So, in order to see the game as it was originally conceived by the developers will need a PC with the following characteristics:

OS: Windows 7 x64
CPU: 4-core 2.4 GHz
Graphic arts: GeForce GTX 560 / Radeon HD 6950
HDD: 15 GB

As you can see, for modern PC requirements are extremely adequate, so you do not have to fork out for an upgrade. For 2013, such a system was considered quite powerful. Moreover, in Batman: Arkham Origins system requirements on PC are indicated with an eye to the fact that the developers have prepared a whole package of settings, among which Nvidia PhysX deserves special attention.


You can not call the third part of the "Dark Knight" a step forward, because from all sides there is a secondary character of ideas, which can be traced both in the plot and in the gameplay. Nevertheless, impeccable optimization, skillful imitation of older projects, delicate script and good graphics have done their job - the game involves a gamer for 10-15 hours of real time, giving him a unique adventure. In the article, we resulted in Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate system requirements, and now there is no mess that was after the release of the last part of the Arkham series, which caused a storm of negative emotions in PC players.

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