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"Cars": passing game

Today, almost all popular films and cartoons are displayed in computer games. The same with the "Cars" - this animation project has become one of the most popular with Disney in recent years. This is really so. And, of course, in the field of computer games came a project that allows you to take on the role of Lightning McQueen. The game is not only for children - gamers of all age categories can enjoy it. Considering the fact that the storyline is exclusively symbolic, and the whole game is a set of various races on different routes, problems with passing can only arise when unlocking all achievements and bonus content. Therefore, you should take a closer look at the game "Cars" - the passage of the storyline will take you very little time, but much more you spend on it to go through the game one hundred percent.

Heroes of the game

Naturally, the most important thing is to begin considering this project, these are the characters that you can control in the game "Cars". The passage of the story line will be available to you exclusively for Lightning McQueen, but do not think that this is the only hero that will be available to you. You also get the chance to drive the Tractor Meter, Sally, Doc Hudson and even Chico Hids. However, these cars will be available only in other modes - the storyline campaign you will need to pass for the Lightning McQueen, the protagonist of the entire franchise "Cars". The passage will be exciting and exciting, so have fun.

Passage of the mode "Adventures"

So, the main game mode, which will suggest you to go through the main moments of the cartoon, is "Adventures." It is within the framework of the Big Piston Cup, which you will have to win - just like in the cartoon "Cars". Passage does not shine with variety, since you will only need to pass the tracks, but the roads themselves will impress you. They are long and short, and wide, and narrow, and winding - in general, you will not be bored. Especially in view of the fact that your character will constantly learn new tricks and abilities that he can apply for his benefit on the track. Each stage has a certain maximum number of points that you can earn. If you earn less, it will affect the selection screen of missions, and you will have a chance at any time to re-run this task to get the maximum number of points, then to spend them on opening the game content, which can be either new machines or Art to the series "Cars". The passage of the basic regime is over - what should we do next?

Passage of the mode "Racing"

This mode opens when you go through the tracks in "Adventures." Each completed track is opened in this mode for re-passing - so the game "Racing" is arranged. Passage in this case can now be carried out not only by Lightning McQueen, but also by other characters, which we have already discussed. You can choose any car and ride it on the track, setting records and, accordingly, earning even more points. In the same mode will be located mini-games, which you also open during the passage of the "Adventure" mode. Naturally, you can be satisfied with only the story line, but the re-passage can bring you no less pleasure. Therefore, you should think about whether you want to open all the bonus content and complete the game one hundred percent. Passage of the game "Cars", however, can be even more diverse.

Passage of the mode "Fights"

Here there is another mode, which, however, does not affect the passage of the game "Cars". This is more likely a bonus entertainment, as here you have a unique opportunity to go through some of the tracks open in the main mode, along with your friends or other people on the network. It will not bring you any bonus points that you could use to open content, but such races can bring you a lot of fun, and it's for this that computer games are created and so enthralls them. "Cars 2" will become even more diverse, but for now you can enjoy those modes that are already available.

Are there any bonuses in the game?

So, we are again interested in the passage. "Cars 1" give you the opportunity to earn bonus points, which you then spend directly on the bonuses themselves. What are they? What are they needed for? The most important bonuses are new cars, because initially you have only Lightning McQueen, for which you are going through the storyline. But then you get the opportunity to open new characters, which you can choose for the modes "Races" and "Fights". But this is not all the content that will be available to you, as well as you will be able to open various artworks, video clips and other useful and interesting bonuses that will bring you a lot of fun. As you can see, a lot of you can get one hundred percent passage. "Cars 2" will not become for you any incredible sensation - this is just the continuation of this project. Therefore, it is recommended to try everything in order - first to watch cartoons, then to play first, and then already and in the second part of the computer game.

Tips for passing

All the basic information that can help you in the passage, you have already received, but a few small tips will never interfere. For example, watch for the level of wear of tires when performing complex tricks and do not forget to visit the pitstop in time to avoid unpleasant consequences. In the project "Cars 2" the passage of the game becomes more diverse, but the first part can bring you a lot of positive emotions.

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