Preparations for cerebral vessels. Drugs that dilate the vessels of the brain

People suffering from atherosclerosis often face such a problem as constriction of the vessels of the brain. The cause of the pathology is a decrease in their elasticity and the appearance on the walls of plaques, which gradually grow. This leads to the fact that the blood flow in the vessels worsens, as a result, less oxygen and other necessary substances enter the tissues and organs.

Importance of diagnosis

If it was found that you have atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels, drugs should be selected only by a specialist. Underestimate the damage that can be caused to the body due to deterioration of the patency of arteries due to the formation of plaques on their walls, it is impossible. After all, all this leads to a decrease in the elasticity of the vessels, cracks appear in them. And in places of damage, thrombi are often formed. Some clots can completely cut off the artery and cause the tissues in her bed to become dead.

The state of health is better to check if you notice periodic dizziness, decreased efficiency, malaise, sleeping problems.

Principles of treatment

Complex therapy includes the appointment of a number of medications. It is necessary to take not only drugs that expand the vessels of the brain, but also tools that improve blood circulation, dilute blood and reduce the likelihood of blood clots. An important role in the treatment process is given to nootropics, which are designed to restore nerve cells and improve microcirculation in tissues.

When therapy is important to strengthen the conduct of nerve impulses, strengthen the walls of blood vessels, accelerate the absorption of glucose, remove free radicals that can destroy the cell walls. It is also necessary to improve cerebral circulation. This is achieved with the help of drugs that relieve spasm and dilate the capillaries.

Tactics of treatment

If you notice that the body begins to malfunction, do not let things slide, consult a doctor and take the recommended tests. Having evaluated their results, the specialist will select you preparations for the vessels of the brain. These can be drugs that relieve spasm, improve blood circulation, dilate blood vessels or such drugs that contribute to improving the absorption of oxygen by soft tissues. The choice of a medication depends on the nature of the pathology and the degree of its severity.

Attempts to pick up drugs for the cerebral vessels independently, without the advice of a doctor, can only become a cause of deterioration. After all, an expert should evaluate blood tests, results of ultrasound, CT and MRI.

Spasmolytic drugs

In some cases, in order to improve the patient's condition, it is necessary to prevent contraction of smooth muscles. For these purposes, antispasmodics are used. They are designed to quickly expand the vessels.

As soon as possible, this can be achieved by using nitroglycerin. But it is worthwhile to know that this substance has a rather short-term effect, but it quickly removes the spasm of cerebral vessels. Drugs, among which the most famous are No-shpa, Papaverin, Euphyllinum, Dibazol, Caffeine, do not work so fast, but the effect remains for a long time. They help to relieve spasm of cerebral vessels. Drugs reduce the tone of all smooth muscles. Thanks to this, their action expands the arteries, they improve blood flow. Also, all antispasmodics have an antihypertensive effect, that is, they reduce the pressure.

Means for improving blood circulation

One of the main tasks is the normalization of the supply of all the necessary substances to the brain. Complex treatment of pathologies that have arisen because of malfunctions with blood vessels should be directed not only to improving blood circulation. It is also important to restore the activity of the brain. For these purposes, medicines such as Piracetam, Pikamelon, Nootropilum, Memotropil, Lucetsam, Cerebrolysin and others can be used. All of them relate to nootropic drugs, which can be used to clean brain vessels . The drugs contribute to the improvement of microcirculation in problem areas, the passage of the necessary metabolic processes. Also their action is directed to inhibition of platelet aggregation, as a result the latter are not so actively glued together.

The drugs have a protective effect on the brain with its damage caused by electric shock, intoxication, hypoxia. In addition, they contribute to improving its overall performance. Separately it is worth noting that this group of drugs does not have any psychostimulating or sedative effect.


In case of problems, it is important to visit the doctor on time. A comprehensive examination will reveal the onset of narrowing of the cerebral vessels. The drugs prescribed in these cases by specialists allow not only normalizing the condition of the arteries, increasing their elasticity and increasing the clearance in them, but also reducing the risk of developing thrombosis.

Cardiologists often recommend such drugs as "Lovastatin", "Mevacor", "Medostatin", "Choletar", "Rovacor". All of them belong to the group of statins. These medications are designed to reduce intracellular cholesterol. In addition, they restore the functions of the endothelium, positively affect the state of atheroma and vascular wall.

In addition, drugs that expand the vessels of the brain, which are referred to as fibrates, can be used. These are such medications as "Zokor", "Simvor", "Simgal", "Vazilip". The main active substance in them is simvastatin. These are lipid-lowering drugs, which are designed to reduce the level of total cholesterol, triglycerides, and low-density lipoproteins.


In the treatment of vessels that feed the main organs, including the brain, an important role is given to antiaggregant drugs. This group includes such medicines as "Cardiomagnolo", "Aspirin Cardio", "Trombo Ass", "Warfarin", "Detromb", "Clopidogrel", "Curantil", "Sinkumar", "Effective", "Ekstana".

All these preparations for cerebral vessels are designed to reduce the aggregation of platelets. The main active substance in them is acetylsalicylic acid, ximelagatran, prasugrel, clopidogrel, dipyridamole, warfarin and other anticoagulant drugs.

Select the most appropriate in each case, the medicine should only be a specialist. Depending on the patient's health condition, the peculiarities of the course of his illness, the doctor not only chooses the right active substance, but also prescribes the optimal dosage.


If there are problems with the arteries that feed the brain, it is important that complex therapy is prescribed. It is necessary not only to strengthen the vessels of the brain. Preparations should also stimulate metabolism in tissues, improve regeneration and trophic processes.

For these purposes, preparations such as Actovegin, Piritinol, Gliatilin, Tanakan, Vazobral and other similar medications are intended.

"Actovegin" helps to increase the level of ATP, amino acids, normalization of metabolism in cells. It also increases the utilization of glucose in cells and the level of oxygen consumption.

The drug "Vazobral" is designed to reduce the aggregation of red blood cells and platelets. It reduces the permeability of the walls of blood vessels, increases the number of functioning capillaries, improves the metabolic and circulatory processes that occur in the brain. It contains caffeine, which increases excitement in the cerebral cortex, which increases the working capacity, reduces fatigue.

Ginkgo extract of bilobate

Some drugs for the cerebral vessels can improve blood circulation, increase resistance to hypoxia, reduce the permeability of the walls of blood vessels. Ginkgo leaves of bilobate may be used for these purposes.

These can be as filter packets, which must be brewed like tea, and drink three times a day, and tablets. The most famous drugs are: Ginkgo Biloba, Ginos, Gingium, Vitrum Memori, Tanakan.

The main active substance in them is the extract of ginkgo leaves. This is an angioprotective plant remedy. Drugs on its basis affect the passage of metabolic processes in cells, normalize rheological properties of blood and vasomotor reactions of blood vessels. When they are applied, the processes of supplying the brain with oxygen and nutrients, including glucose, are improved. These drugs help to improve the tone of the arteries and veins, interfere with the aggregation of red blood cells and platelets.


At the initial stages of the disease it can be difficult to understand that the cerebral vessels are affected. Treatment (preparations, as already mentioned, should be selected only by a specialist) is often appointed untimely. In most cases, this is due to late treatment of patients to the hospital. To begin to worry it is necessary even at occurrence of the first signs - at fatigability, depression of working capacity, deterioration of memory. Any dizziness, coordination disorder, hearing problems, and noise in the ears should guard against.

It is important to know that the brain is extremely sensitive to any problems with the intake of nutrients to it. If the blood flow stops, then the death of nerve cells begins after 5 minutes. But even small glitches are enough to make memory, motor reactions worse. In some cases, this can lead to disability or cause death. Therefore, it is so important to pay attention to the first "bells" of the body and in time to consult a doctor. Also, do not give up the prescribed treatment and be afraid that some of the pills you have to drink until the end of life. This imposes certain restrictions (it is necessary to change the habitual way of life, to correct nutrition, etc.), but it reduces the risk of coronary heart disease, strokes and other cerebrovascular diseases.

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