Where to go to Astrakhan and what to see?

Astrakhan is an ancient town of Russia. It is located in the upper part of the delta of the great Russian river Volga, on the Caspian lowland. The history of the city began from the time of the Golden Horde. In the future, Astrakhan grew and developed. Throughout the centuries, the city has witnessed many historical events. Nowadays it is a modern village with a lot of different sights.

Guests who first arrived in the city, for sure, are wondering about where you can go to Astrakhan. There are many interesting places here, some of them will be discussed in this article.

The Kremlin is the main attraction

The main historical landmark of the city is the Kremlin, which is a unique example of Russian fortification architecture. He was an outpost, defending the southern borders of the country from numerous enemies (troops of the Crimean Khan, Turks-Ottomans). The Kremlin was built in the second half of the 16th century. It is located on the island, at the confluence of the Volga and several small rivers.

In its history, the Kremlin has constantly improved and rebuilt. At present it is a whole museum-ethnographic complex. You can get to it from the railway station by bus or by taxi.

Many people visit Astrakhan as part of a business trip or a weekend tour. Such tourists are interested in the question of where to go to Astrakhan today, since time can be limited, and I would like to see something interesting.

Astrakhan Kremlin as a museum and exhibition complex

The museum on the territory of the Kremlin was opened in 1974. In the 70s of the XX century, the tower structures and the Kremlin itself were repaired. Since that time it has the status of a reserve. On its territory (in the Artillery Tower and the "Red Gate", as well as the administration of the chief of the fortress) there is an ethnographic museum. Also there are many exhibitions devoted to military history.

Climbing the observation tower of the "Red Gate", you can admire the panorama of the city and the Volga expanses.

Where else can I go to Astrakhan? What can you see in the heart of this wonderful city?

Fraternal garden

It is located near the central square of the city. Until 1802, it was called the Trade, or the Parade Ground. After it was the residence of the governor, the square was called the Governor's. In 1884, it was again renamed and named in honor of Emperor Alexander II. Here was his monument, created by the architect AM Opekushin. It was at this time in the area of the park was formed, which became a favorite place for walks of citizens. In the evenings and holidays, the orchestra played in the park for the residents of the city.

In 1918, 180 workers were killed in the park, in a mass grave, who died during the struggle to establish Soviet power in the city. On the pedestal demolished by this time the monument to the emperor was erected a monument in honor of the dead. From this time the garden is called Bratsky.

In 1977, the monument to the workers was replaced by a new, created by sculptor GA Potapov. At the same time in the western part of the garden was erected a monument in honor of the soldiers who died during the Great Patriotic War, and the eternal flame is lit.

Astrakhan region is famous for its variety of natural resources. But immediately appreciate it is simply impossible. Where to go to Astrakhan to touch the natural heritage of these amazing places?

Local History Museum

The museum has fourteen branches - both in the city and outside it. There are more than three hundred thousand exhibits. Museum collections include archaeological finds, household items, samples of local animals and flora, numismatic collections.

The museum is a large regional scientific center in the field of restoration of historical exhibits. In addition to the exhibition halls, there are workshops in which restoration work is carried out. There are also laboratory facilities.

History of development

The museum of local lore was established in 1837 by the decision of the governor. The basis of the museum exposition was a private collection of ancient finds. However, due to insufficient funding, the museum was soon closed, and the exhibits were lost.

For the second time the museum was re-opened in forty years. It was located then in the building of the port shop. At that time, objects related to the creation of a fleet on the Caspian Sea were collected here. These exhibits also did not survive.

For the third time the museum was opened in 1897 and exists until the present time.

For those who have come to the city with their children and are wondering where to go to Astrakhan with children, the Local Lore Museum is the best option. It will be interesting and informative not only for adults.

Exhibitions in the museum

During the Soviet era, the exposition was supplemented with exhibits related to the revolutionary events in Astrakhan. In 1980, through the merger with the Kremlin funds, the Astrakhan Museum-Reserve was created . It is in this form that it exists at the present time.

Among the many unique objects, the exhibition "Gold of the Nomads" deserves special attention of visitors, in the exposition of which there are gold and silver items dating back to the era when the territory of the Prikamye was inhabited by the Sauromat-Sarmatian tribes who led a nomadic life. The quality of ancient jewelry made by ancient nomads using primitive tools amazes imagination.

Visiting the exhibition "The Living Past of the Earth", you can see the skeletons of ancient animals (mammoths, cave lions). Interest of tourists will also cause a stuffed 6-meter beluga, caught in the Volga.

Almost every corner of Russia grows a huge number of unique plants. Where to go to Astrakhan to get to know the flora of this region?

Interactive exhibition "Healer's shop" will be interesting in terms of getting acquainted with the medicinal plants growing in the Astrakhan region. The exhibition is organized using modern technologies. Visitors to the tour are given an audio guide who will tell you about the medicinal properties of plants.

On the territory of the museum there are souvenir shops, where the guests of the city can buy all kinds of magnets, other souvenirs and ceramics.

You can get to the museum either on foot or by using public transport.

"Baba Frosya" - a zoo in Astrakhan

Where can you go to Astrakhan with the children and get yourself a great pleasure from the hike? Another city attraction is the zoo with an unusual original name - "Baba Frosya". It lies on a vast territory. On the area of two hectares are located numerous aviaries. In the zoo visitors can see all sorts of exotic animals. In total, they live here fifty species. Guides are always ready to tell about each of the inhabitants of the zoo. You can also watch their habits, the process of feeding.

At the request of visitors, you can take pictures with your pets for an additional fee. During the excursion you can learn a lot of interesting things about the animal world and experience a lot of vivid emotions.

Inhabitants of the zoo

The greatest interest in visitors will be caused by ostriches. As a gift, you can get an ostrich feather or a piece of egg shell. You can also watch predatory animals - Siberian trot, leopard. Graceful deer, funny raccoons, massive yaks, buffaloes, bears - this is not the whole list of zoo dwellers. In special bird cages there are bright peacocks, pheasants, owls and many more birds. In the cafe, working on the territory of the zoo, there are rare reptiles in the terrariums. The Zoo is the ideal place to go to Astrakhan in July. At this time, it is especially beautiful here.

According to tourists' reviews, the above listed attractions are of the greatest interest to the guests of the city and can be recommended for visiting. Where to go to Astrakhan first? You decide.

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