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Composition on the film "Seeing the Militia" Yu. Rakshi

Composition on the film "Seeing the militia" teachers offer to write to students in Russian language and literature lessons. In this article we will give the advice and recommendations necessary to perform this work at a qualitative level.

A few words about the artist

The composition of the film "Sending off the militia" will contain a lot of historical facts. But let us turn to the personality of the artist. Yuri Raksha was born on December 2, 1937. And he passed away on the first autumn day of 1980. Raksha was not only a talented painter and graphic artist, but also an artist-director of films.

He worked hard and loved traveling, so he visited the Far Eastern taiga, watched how oil workers work on the sites, went on expeditions along with geologists. We saw it at the construction site of the Baikal-Amur Mainline. The artist made sketches and sketches in his travels, and upon his return to Moscow he considered the scenes he saw, and then created masterpieces on them.

Nature for Rahkshi was always in the first place. He compared it to a temple or workshop, where he was a parishioner. Yuri Raksha painted landscapes classical, as well as urban, portraits and works of domestic and historical genre. He also created posters for films.

But before writing an essay on the film "Sending off the militia", you need to know important information about the canvas and the history of creation.

How the triptych was created

Perhaps, you will be surprised and even ask: "And where is the triptych?" While the canvas "Sending off the militia" is a fragment of a triptych called "Kulikovo Field". The fragment we are interested in is the right part of the masterpiece.

Raksha began to create the "Field" a year before his death. From "Mosfilm" brought Russian folk costumes. The artist began to work with inspiration.

His wife remembers that one evening, suddenly in the apartment, a phone call from the hospital came. Irina Raksha immediately went there. During the conversation, the doctor showed her the blood tests and reported that Yuri was sick with a squirrel. At that time, it was already an acute form of leukemia. The spouse asked, what does this mean? The doctor replied that the artist had no more than a month left to live.

Fighting death

Irina has made many attempts to prolong the life of her beloved husband. And it should be noted that another year the artist was granted. Perhaps the forces from above extended Yuri's life so that he could complete the triptych "Kulikovo Field". The artist struggled with death, he courageously concealed the pain and pain. His wife saw how he worked to exhaustion, he was in a hurry to finish his work.

In August 1980, Yuri Raksha finished "Seeing the Militia", and the Lord completed his life. On the first of September the artist did not become. Yuri's wife noticed that even the colors did not dry. She believes that the "Kulikovo Field" kept him on sinful ground. And we with you begin to write the composition "Seeing the militia" in the picture of Yu. Raksha.

Preparatory stage

Before the student begins to write an essay, it is necessary to draw up a plan. Without it, written work will not have logic and a harmonious composition. The content of the plan can be different. The most important thing is that the presentation should be consistent.

Composition on the film "Sending off the militia" should contain a description of the plot of the canvas, as well as the images present on it. In conclusion, you should describe the conclusions and emotions that caused the picture when viewing.

The plot of the canvas

So, the author of the canvas is a talented artist Yuri Raksha. "Sending off the militia" (an essay on this picture students write is very useful) - his dying work, in which he invested part of his soul.

The right fragment of the triptych in question combines the features of several genres, namely the classical and urban landscape, as well as the portrait. To continue to write an essay on the film "Seeing the militia", we must disassemble the plot.

On a sunny day, women and children escort husbands, brothers and sons to war. The Russian army is surrounded by fog. Bloody battles await him. Many warriors will not return from the battlefield. They will give their own lives for their Motherland, protecting their loved ones. Behind them are the white-stone walls of the Moscow Kremlin, from which the Russian army stands. We now turn to the description of the central plan.

Composition (Yu. Raksha "Seeing the militia"): images of mourners

In the center of the picture are women and children. We immediately notice the image of a beautiful and young woman. She holds her hand on her stomach because she is expecting a baby. Her face is sad, but with it it's fine. On the woman we see a beautiful dress, her head is adorned with a crown with precious stones. Rich apparel distinguishes it from the others, because before us Princess Yevdokiya is the wife of Prince Donskoy.

To her left is a son. The boy lowered his head, because his heart was filled with heavy forebodings. Nearby, the sitting girl looks attentively at the departing fathers. He tries to remember their faces in order to save the images in their memory.

According to various historical documents, we know that Prince Dmitry Donskoi and his wife Evdokia loved each other passionately. One can guess what the princess feels at the moment of farewell.

To her right, in a red sarafan, from helplessness clutching her head, a young girl sighs. This pose expresses her immense grief. A girl in a white-and-gold scarf prays, putting a cross on herself. Behind the crowd there is an old man with a staff. He blesses the army. Next to him is a young mother, she presses her little son to her breast.

Composition "Seeing the Militia" on the picture of Yu Rakshi does not end there. The conclusions and emotions of the viewer are important. Before us are simple and noble people who rallied before a common grief. All of them are Russian people. This picture encourages us to learn to love our Motherland, to appreciate and respect the people who lived and live now, and also to admire the history and achievements of our people and the state as a whole!

Appreciate and study the history of the country in order not to make mistakes of the past in the future.

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