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Manufacture of cardboard packaging

Progressive packaging is required to meet several requirements. For starters, this is to ensure product safety. In addition, it must be easy to operate. Small self-weight and low cost are considered characteristic features. The leading among the practical solutions now are cardboard boxes. They have long established their convenience and consumer properties. Stability, wide possibilities for registration and universality have made them an indispensable element of business.

This species is widely used in the form of packaging for food products, electrical appliances, pharmaceutical products. This list can include dishes, stationery, printing and other. The simplicity of production is reflected in the packaging prices that have been used. This is an important quality, especially for inexpensive products. With the use of such packaging, storage, and even the saving and delivery of products, are simplified. This is considered the main advantage for the manufacturer, the trader, the final buyer.

Cardboard and micro corrugated cartons have wide powers. Operational properties of the material are evidence to create packaging for any type of products. Thanks to its plasticity, cardboard easily perceives the desired shape and volume, is unmatched for printing. This will allow you to distinguish your product among others and give it uniqueness.

Packaging of cardboard for industrial products - computer and home appliances, utensils and other product names. Taking into account the dimensions and weight of the products, the creation of the corrugated box is executed with the introduction of different types of materials: it can be a two-layer corrugated board, but also a five-layer corrugated board. For the design we use cardboard printing, also laminating, which allows us to provide an impeccable exterior that does not depend on the thickness of the package and the parameters of the cardboard, be it shoe or refrigerator packaging. It is likely the creation of corrugated packaging of any kind, shape and configuration.
Boxes of corrugated cardboard for food - for pizza, wine and others. The production of cardboard packages of this kind (corrugated containers) is in full accordance with sanitary and hygienic claims using environmentally friendly ones that have been used, harmless for the well-being of the inhabitant of our planet. Based on the type of product, it can be a package of corrugated cardboard (for example, boxes for pizza) or from micro corrugated cardboard (packaging for coffee).

Packaging, box of four-layer micro corrugated cardboard. Over the past month, cardboard packaging of this kind is becoming more and more famous among our visitors. Corrugated packaging from a four-layer micro-corrugated cardboard with an open wave has a unique exterior and an increased strength, which greatly expands the scope of its use. If desired, the box is embossed - this method can be applied to it, for example, the logo or the name of the company.
Gift and Christmas corrugated packaging - we accept applications for the production of cardboard packaging from micro corrugated cardboard and cardboard "chrome-ersatz." Solemn packing of all kinds of shapes, with the application of all images (including corporate symbols) will be a successful addition to any gift.

That is why the company ExtraPak-M offers you its services in the field of creation and production of cardboard packaging. After all, almost any product on the market requires packaging. And cardboard packaging is very suitable for many purposes. It will be appropriate for food and household appliances, in addition, it is also environmentally friendly.

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