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Travel agency "Eclectic". Contribution to the culture and development of the city of St. Petersburg

Travel agency "Eclectic" more than twenty years successfully functions in the market of the tourist industry. Created in the early nineties of the last century, in such a turbulent time for the country, the company managed to conquer its segment of the tourism services market. Such impressive experience speaks about professionalism of employees and uniqueness of rendered services. The travel agency "Eklektika" is located in the city of St. Petersburg and deals, mainly, with the organization of author's bus excursions in St. Petersburg, the cities of Russia and Europe. The demand for its services is extremely large.

Author's routes

"Eclectic" is a travel agency, tours of which are deservedly popular among St. Petersburg residents and guests of the city. Experienced professional guides provide a lot of useful and interesting information to the group of tourists, acquaint them with historical facts. In addition, it should be noted the availability on the basis of the company of comfortable buses and professional drivers. It is best to get acquainted with the sights of St. Petersburg, referring to the guides from the "Eclectic". All the multifaceted work begins with the selection of the tour and the organization of the trip, the formation of the group and the selection of the author's excursion program. All these issues are put in the company to a high professional level.


"Eclectic" - travel agency is not quite ordinary. In a wide range of its activities includes the publication on its own funds of a children's historical magazine called "Bus." This unique printed publication publishes materials on culture, music, history, architecture, interesting and informative facts, interviews with outstanding cultural figures of our time. This expresses concern for the younger generation, its cultural and moral upbringing. In addition, the travel agency "Eclectic" publishes a series of books about St. Petersburg, guidebooks for the cultural capital, photo albums. Among other things, the company finances literary contests.

Learning Beginners

Travel agency "Eklektika" successfully conducts courses of guides. The best graduates are invited to work in the "Eclectic", and subsequently become the authors of unique excursion programs on the famous architectural and historical monuments.


The travel agency was entrusted with conducting excursions in the framework of significant cultural events of St. Petersburg. Also in the record of "Eclectic" is the organization of excursions in St. Petersburg for high-ranking and famous guests of the city.

The head of the company for a long time is Igor Voevodsky. He is known as a cultural figure in St. Petersburg. Leads his blog, speaks in the media, conducts scientific research.

Thus, the travel agency "Eclectica" is unique in its kind, because, in addition to its main activities, it makes a huge contribution to the cultural life of St. Petersburg. This is expressed in close cooperation with museums, as well as in charitable and educational activities. So let us wish Eclectic to further success, luck and prosperity!

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