Magical Peipsi Lake

Among the many miracles of Russia, one can not lose sight of Lake Peipsi. The northern and western shores of this natural resource are allotted to Estonia, and the eastern one belongs to our power. In this place, it is worth noting, there is a unique combination of flora and fauna - more than fifty different species of birds and the same number of species of mammals of the planet. The vegetation world amazes with its violence, despite the northern latitudes and very low temperature indicators even in the summer. In addition, Lake Peipsi itself is an incredible purity of water, under which there is a sandy bottom.

You can get to this wonderful place most quickly by car from St. Petersburg or from Pskov. In the first case, you have to cover a distance of 250 km, which will take about 3 hours. If you go by car from Pskov, you will reach the required place in about half an hour, and the rest of the way depends on the recreation center on Lake Peipsi, which you have chosen in advance. Among them, we can note a wonderful place called "Chudskoye Podvorye", as well as a cottage village "The Three-Hundred Kingdom". You can come to the court without preliminary registration of the number, if you just want to admire the local nature and take a walk in the neighborhood. On holidays and weekends, many people from nearby villages come here for picnics and walks.

This region is characterized by a cold and humid climate. Often in the winter, the temperature drops below -30 degrees. Approximately in November Lake Peipsi completely freezes, after which snow falls, which keeps on the surface until April. In summer it is always cool here - the temperature ranges from +20 to +26 degrees. It is also worth noting that the sun is very rare in this region. Most often, Gray clouds swirl over the Chud.

On the coast of this northern pond there are many health-improving boarding houses, children's camps, and entertainment complexes. Of course, they are not as gigantic as in big cities, but you do not have to miss these institutions for sure. Cozy cafes surround Lake Peipsi both from Russia and on opposite coasts. Therefore, on cold days you can always get warm in a local restaurant and drink hot tea, and if the weather pleases with its warmth, then you have at your disposal the cleanest sandy beach and the waters of this unique lake.

The city of Gdov is the main center in which almost everyone who gathers to rest on Lake Peipsi gather. On the map of this village, first of all you will be able to find the main sights, which have their roots deep into the centuries. First and foremost, it is worth mentioning the Gdov Kremlin, which dates back to the 14th century. Here is located the Cathedral of the Sovereign Mother of God as a monument of ancient architecture, as well as "Voronyi Stone", which famous famous commander and Tsar Alexander Nevsky glorified.

As the neighborhood of this pond is rich in flora and fauna, Lake Chudskoye itself is rich in fish. Here, local and visiting fishermen catch pike, zander, roach, capelin, bream, ruff and many other representatives of the underwater kingdom. If you are a fan of this activity, then go to the Peipsi shores, and you can get a lot of pleasure from fishing and the uniqueness of nature that will surround you.

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