Sporobacterin: instructions for use. Reviews, price, analogues

Preparations, normalizing the work of the intestines and stomach, in recent years are becoming particularly popular. Also these medicines help to increase the protective functions of the body. One of their similar medicines is Sporobacterin. Instruction, the price of the medication, as well as its analogs and reviews will be described in this article. You will learn about the features of the drug. It is worth mentioning what contraindications and side effects this medicine has from the stomach.

In what form is the medicine produced?

Described medicine for the stomach - "Sporobacterin" is a suspension. Each bottle contains 10 milliliters of solution. After a long settling, a precipitate forms on the bottom of the vessel. This is the norm and does not require the withdrawal of treatment.

One milliliter of the suspension contains at least one billion useful bacteria. Also there are additional components.

Indications for taking the drug

In what cases does the patient need Sporobacterin medication? Instruction for use informs that the medication can be used both internally and externally. The following indications for treatment are indicated in the annotation:

  • Intestinal infections caused by viruses or bacterial multiplication;
  • Acute diarrhea or chronic diarrhea;
  • Restoration of the intestine after prolonged treatment with antibiotics;
  • To correct the condition after operations on soft tissues;
  • In gynecological practice.

The application instruction attached to the drug "Sporobacterin" says that the medication is not used for prevention. While many analogues of the drug are allowed for this use.

Does the medicine have contraindications?

What does the instruction on the use of the drug Sporobacterin prohibit? The abstract informs that the composition is not assigned with increased sensitivity to the elements included in this additive. Also it is not recommended to use the medicine if there is a high probability of allergy development.

Medication with improperly chosen dosage and uncontrolled use can cause chills and hives. It is enough to cancel the correction so that these symptoms disappear. Additional therapy is not required. However, if you have symptoms, you need to see a doctor.

Sporobacterin: instructions for use

As you already know, the drug is used orally and for topical application. To prepare the composition, you need to dilute one part of the drug in 10 parts of cold boiled water. The course of taking the drug lasts from one week to a month and depends on the nature of the pathology.

Adults and children aged 3 years or older receive one milliliter of medicine per day. To children from one year to three, the drug is prescribed in a dose of half as small, with the same multiplicity of administration.

After surgical interventions in the soft tissue area, the medication is used as a compress. So, for the night in the area of the affected area is placed a sterile bandage, impregnated with a dose of 5 milliliters.

In gynecology, tampons with this remedy are often used. The dose of the medication and the duration of treatment are determined by the doctor, taking into account the nature of the pathology.

Action of the drug and reviews about it

The drug "Sporobacterin" reviews has only positive. Consumers report that the medicine has a salty taste. It is because of this that the kids refuse to take the medicine. However, the annotation permits preliminary dilution of the composition in water.

Doctors report that the drug has a depressing effect on pathological microorganisms. As a result of the treatment, bacteria die, because of which the patient develops a malaise.

"Sporobacterin" reviews are good also because, in addition to eliminating pathogenic microflora, the drug promotes the growth of beneficial microorganisms. The result is the normalization of digestion, the establishment of a regular stool, the disappearance of increased gas formation. Also increases immunity.

Doctors remind that this medication is not recommended to be used simultaneously with antibiotics. Otherwise, the effect of treatment may not be as expected. The medicine should be stored in the refrigerator, and the prepared composition should be used immediately. Doctors recommend to drink the drug half an hour before a meal.

How much does "Sporobacterin" cost: the price of medicament

The cost of the drug depends on where you buy it. The medicine can be presented in some pharmacy chains at a discount. This is quite acceptable to the manufacturer. However, you are unlikely to find the drug "Sporobacterin", the price of which is less than three hundred rubles. The highest point of the value plate is the amount of 500 rubles.

For the described cost, you can buy 10 milliliters of medication.

What can replace the composition?

Have a drug "Sporobacterin" analogs. They all have a similar effect on the human body, but they are characterized by different composition. Doctors do not recommend themselves to choose another drug for treatment. Before making such a decision, it is worthwhile to turn to the professionals.

Since the original drug has an antibacterial effect, it is possible to classify its analogues as "Enterofuril". The medication is available as a suspension and tablets. Another substitute for the composition is called "Enterol". This drug is similarly not used in children under one year old and has an antibacterial effect on the body. In addition, "Enterol" also contains a set of useful microorganisms. They are delivered to the intestines and create an unfavorable environment for the propagation of pathogenic microbes.

Analogues of the original product include the following compounds: Acipol, Bifidumbacterin, Linex, Bactisubtil and many others. All of them contain in their composition useful microorganisms, which normally should be present in the human intestine. However, these drugs do not have antibacterial effects on the pathogenic microflora.

Conclusion of the article, or Brief summary of the results

You have learned a lot about the composition of "Sporobacterin". The instruction, the price of the drug and the feedback that the users leave are presented in the article. It must be remembered that the medication is not assigned to children under the age of one year. Also, the manufacturer can not provide reliable information about the use of this tool in expectant mothers. It is forbidden to use the drug on your own during lactation. Before you start a similar course, it is worth to visit a doctor and ask all the questions that interest you. Strong to you health!

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