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Efficient Ducane Diet: a weekly menu for each stage

The Ducant diet is a very effective weight loss system developed by the French nutritional physician Pierre Ducant especially for those who do not manage to lose weight, and then keep it in the norm.

The whole cycle of the diet is divided into four stages:

  1. Attack . During it there is a process of intensive removal of fatty deposits. This stage lasts up to 10 days, depending on the amount of weight that needs to be reset. The weight to be reset is 3-5 kg.
  2. " Cruise ". During this period, you must make every effort to achieve the desired weight. Duration can last from 5 to 10 weeks. It all depends on your weight and desire. Resettable weight - 1 kg per week.
  3. " Fastening ". This stage helps to keep the achieved results. Duration is individual, depends on the weight that you dropped. At the rate of 1 kg - 10 days of fixing.
  4. " Stabilization ." During this period, we actually return to the usual diet. At this stage, you need to stay as long as possible. Then the excess weight to you just will not come back.

Products for the Ducant diet, which are recommended at each stage, contain the maximum amount of protein. The meaning of the diet is that the digestion of the body protein takes a large amount of energy. Much more than is contained in the protein food itself.

Next for each stage is the weekly Ducane diet. By days you can make your own diet, because the diet does not impose strict restrictions on the order of protein and vegetables. The main thing is not to step back from directions, not to violate and not to eat prohibited foods.

Dukan's diet: a menu for the week for the "Attack" stage

During this stage, we use only protein foods. You can also add bran to food or use them separately.

  • Breakfast . In the morning, you can make a delicious and nutritious omelet from 3 eggs and low-fat milk. The second option: boiled eggs or boiled fish, liquid (coffee or tea).
  • Dinner . Boil the chicken or beef. You can bake. Just do not fry. Drink a glass of freshly squeezed juice.
  • Snack (you can exclude). Boil something from seafood: shrimp, squid or mussels. To the main dish you can add a piece of cheese (up to 40% fat content).
  • Dinner . It should be easy. As an option: boiled fish, yogurt or a glass of yogurt.

Dukan's diet: a menu for the week for the "Cruise" stage

At this stage, there is an alternation of vegetables and protein products. Prohibited pasta, bread, potatoes, corn, peas and vegetable oil. Bran bran daily.

  • Breakfast . Boil a piece of chicken or turkey and egg. You can add a low-fat yogurt to the menu. Tea or coffee.
  • Dinner . Put out the vegetables, boil the fish. Liquid.
  • Snack . Boiled chicken or lean ham.
  • Dinner . Baked beef shish kebab, vegetable soup. Coffee or tea.

Ducane Diet: a weekly menu for the "Fastening" stage

At this stage, you can again eat potatoes, bread, pasta, vegetable oil and corn. Daily add bran to the diet. And also arrange a weekly unloading day, during which only eat protein foods (as in the "Attack" stage).

  • Breakfast . Boiled chicken, low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese and boiled egg. Liquid.
  • Dinner . Boiled fish and stewed vegetables. Coffee or tea.
  • Dinner . Grilled meat or vegetable soup. Coffee Tea.

Dukan's diet: a menu for the week for the stage "Stabilization"

We increase the daily number of bran eaten.

  • Breakfast . Boil 1 egg or eat 200 g of ham. You can add yogurt, a slice of cheese, tea or coffee.
  • Dinner . Boil the chicken, turkey or fish. Eat low-fat cottage cheese or yogurt.
  • Dinner . You can use the breakfast menu.

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