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To a child of 6 months - a regimen of the day and a ration of a food

The first year of the baby's life is a series of various activities that the kid performs month after month. And the child is 6 months old, what should he eat and what skills and skills should he have? From six months it is quite possible to give the baby the first lure as a mash and juice. The most important thing is to buy such a baby food in the store, which is approved by the sanitary and epidemiological center, and also meets all quality standards. And it is best to make mashed potatoes and juices at home. When a child enters 6 months, his diet begins to eat adult food, the baby is actively developing and he needs an additional source of energy. With each months the mobility of the child increases, which means that the food should be appropriate.

When a child is 6 months old, it can not be weaned from mother's milk or a mixture, he will also continue to eat daily meals, but in addition, gradually, switch to adult food. Before the first lure parents should be very careful, giving the kid something new. The lure should be introduced gradually and in small quantities. To start, for a few weeks, give the baby quite a bit new - one teaspoon per day of juice, porridge or mashed potatoes. Then, after a couple of weeks, you can increase the dose, and so, with each week the baby will be happy to eat a jar of delicious puree, drink juice and eat porridge. Even if the baby does not have allergies to the new lure, and also does not have a sore tummy, the stool is normal, and the baby feels great, still one should not give at once a lot of the first delicacy. Addiction should be calculated not for several weeks, but even months.

When the child is 6 months old, the grasping reflex is fully formed during this time, he can already hold the spoon in his pen to gradually learn to eat independently. To do this, you need a special children's cutlery with silicone or plastic handles, which are very conveniently placed in the child's hand. Many babies actively eat lures from such dishes, because they are associated with their adult life, like mom and dad. It is such a diet of a child in 6 months and should be - gradually, but surely, without overloading the stomach and the baby.

As for the baby's regime, when the child is 6 months old, he begins to show more activity, sleeps less, and moves more. At this age, the kid is interested in everything that is in his environment, he quickly reaches for toys, playing with his legs and handles. The baby is attracted to various sounds, he is sincerely happy about new achievements. Perhaps, already at this time, the baby will begin to crawl, parents can see how their child pushes from the sofa legs, leaning on the stomach and hands. These are the first signs that the baby is ready to crawl.

At a time when the baby is 6 months old, his sleep becomes shorter and the duration is shorter. During the day, the baby can sleep two to three times, but for many parents it's no secret that the child is enough for one long time. Thus, the regime of a child in 6 months directly depends on its activity and nature. For a child at this age is particularly important caress and care, the best entertainment will be - reading a book, looking at the baby and mom in the mirror, water procedures, and you can listen to the voices of animals that come from toys.

As for bathing, in 6 month the baby does not behave like a newborn. For him, swimming is not just a hygienic procedure, but a fun game. At this age, you need to buy toys for swimming, the main criteria for selection should be: quality, environmental friendliness and attractiveness. Toys for swimming should not sink, because they have to show the baby - how to swim on the water, emerge from it and dive into the water. For a six-month-old baby, you should not choose complex games, toys and entertainment, at this age he only begins to get acquainted with the world, so the weight should be simple and understandable.

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