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Salad "The Pearl". How to prepare a salad "Red Pearl", "Black Pearl", "Sea Pearl"

Delicious, original and very beautiful externally salad "Pearl" will be the main decoration of your table. After all, its main ingredient is caviar - red or black, and it always looks favorably on the table and fits perfectly to any celebration. There are several recipes for this salad: "Red Pearl", "Pearl of the Sea" and a salad "Pearl Black". But before you learn these recipes, let's first find out how to properly choose the caviar for this dish.

Red caviar

Choosing caviar for a salad, carefully study the label and give preference to the one that is made from June to September. It is in these months that salmon caviar is prepared from the freshest raw materials, while at other times a frozen product is used, in which nothing useful has been preserved. If a jar of clear glass, consider caviar: yellow or pale orange indicates that the product is overripe. When the jars are tilted, the eggs should move, this indicates that it has not dried up. In a metal jar, the product can be assessed only by shaking it. If the sound is too "liquid", then leave the jar aside: either there are a lot of broken eggs, or food emulsions, manufacturers added more than necessary. Well, the basic rules for choosing canned food: do not take a swollen cans, pay attention to the smell, it should not be fishy. Intensive fish aroma possesses only quiche caviar, any other will so smell only when spoiled. Naturally, the "Pearl" salad requires the use of only a quality product.

Black caviar

If the sturgeon caviar is produced legally, the inscription "CITES" on the package will testify to this. The color of the product varies in different shades of black: from light to dark. The size can also be different. The large one indicates that the caviar was extracted from sturgeon of older age, it is more valuable, that is why it is less common and more expensive. Pay attention to the presence of liquid. Her presence at the bottom of the bank suggests that either the caviar was prepared from frozen raw materials, or simply poor quality. The opened product should not have a fishy and, especially, herb odor. Quality caviar almost does not smell, but, unfortunately, you can learn about this only by opening the package. Until then, you can select the product visually, through a glass jar. Remembering all these nuances when choosing the main ingredient for your dish, rest assured that the Sea Pearl salad will please you with its own taste. And now let's find out a few recipes for its preparation.

Recipe # 1

One of the most effective in appearance is the puffed salad "Pearl". The recipe with the photo already causes a desire to immediately try it! For its preparation we need grams of two hundred lightly salted salmon, half a cup of olives without pits, 60 grams of hard cheese, five hard boiled eggs, one orange, two tablespoons of red caviar, mayonnaise for layering, spices and a little green onion. Eggs divided into squirrels and yolks and grate separately on a coarse grater, and the cheese - into small, cut salmon slices, clean orange, remove septa and pulp cut into cubes, olives - ringlets. Now we form the salad in layers starting from the bottom: some of the proteins with mayonnaise, yolks, half of the salmon with mayonnaise, olives with the remaining salmon, cheese, oranges and the top are the remaining proteins. Some layers of salt and pepper. We crown the salad "Pearl" with half quail eggs and red caviar, decorate with olives and green onions. By the way, to prepare and serve this salad, you can mix all the ingredients and put them in halves of avocado.

Recipe # 2

This salad also looks great on the festive table, and a large number of vegetables in the composition makes it easy and useful. So, to prepare a salad "Pearl Black", you need to take a can of canned fish in oil or tuna in your own juice, fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, greens, green salad, hard cheese , olives, spices, French mustard for dressing and black caviar. Leaves of lettuce should be put on a plate, on top of them - cut a cucumber with small pieces. Tend fish preserves with a fork, add onion and French mustard, lay on top of cucumbers, on top - olives cut into slices. Next brusochki tomatoes, on top of them - a mesh of mayonnaise. The next layer is grated cheese rubbed on a large grater. We adorn the salad with herbs, tomatoes and black caviar. It looks very light, the same is to taste: cucumber freshness in combination with caviar gives the salad some piquancy.

Recipe # 3

Another way to prepare this dish, this time with squid. Since the recipe contains red caviar, and the name received this salad - "Red Pearl". Take the following ingredients: half a kilo of squid, 250 grams of shrimp, one hundred grams of red caviar, four chicken eggs and mayonnaise. Squid clean, immerse in boiling water for one minute, then leave them in boiling water for another couple of minutes, cool and cut into small straws. The egg whites are rubbed on a coarse grater, like cheese. Small shrimps can be left whole or cut in half, large cuts are best cut. Stir all the ingredients, season with mayonnaise and put in a salad bowl. Top sprinkle with yolk, rubbed on a fine grater, decorate the salad "Pearl" with red caviar.

Recipe No. 4

And the last, but not less delicious recipe.

This time let's look at the Sea Pearl salad. We take shrimps, boiled potatoes, fresh cucumber, tomatoes, cheese, eggs, spices, a little mayonnaise, caviar and two strong sheets of white cabbage. To give it can be very original: from two sheets we form a shell, in which our "pearl" will be kept. However, you can make more than one large sink, and a few small - portioned, and give each guest present at the table a guest. Potatoes and cheese three for a large grater, and eggs cut into cubes, as well as cucumbers with tomatoes. All products are combined and mixed with mayonnaise, salt-pepper to taste. We spread the salad in the "shell", decorate with shrimps and caviar. Now you can serve any favorite Salad "Pearl" to the table, the recipes for its preparation are quite simple.

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