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School composition "What is courage?"

The composition "What is courage?" Is a work that is assigned primarily to high school students. Children of 16-17 years have already formed awareness, understanding of many things, they are capable of deeper reasoning than students of middle and primary classes. So for them this task of special difficulties should not be presented. However, for many, writing an essay or writing is a real problem. Not everyone knows how best to start the work "What is courage?", How to develop the idea, issue a conclusion. Well, it's worth telling about this.


The essay on "What is courage?" Can begin in different ways. Someone in the introduction stands for the topic and puts the question before the reader, to which he then gives an answer. Someone starts with reasoning, thereby paying attention to the text. There are a lot of ways. A good introduction may be the following words: "Sometimes we can hear someone calling on another person to be more courageous. This happens quite often. Many people understand people as they are, that is, by default. Not everyone is trying to discern a profound meaning in any familiar expression. It seems that this is natural. On the other hand, each of us must know the true meaning of the words he uses in speech. The word "courage" also has its deep meaning. And it should be told about it. "

This kind of introduction is good because it immediately traces the theme of the essay, and it becomes clear what is planned to talk about further. Receiving reflection is one of the most popular in this regard and, I must say, effective.

The analysis of the term

Many people decide to approach the question literally. That is, do not philosophize, but give an initially precise definition of the word. Such a technique can also be found in a work such as "What is courage?" But it is also difficult to define. You can, of course, rewrite it from the dictionary, but we must remember that the essay is a work of art in its essence, designed for easy, sometimes entertaining reading. It should not strain the reader. So the term should be described not in the official style, but in the ordinary, conversational.

You can write the following: "Masculinity is a quality associated with men. And you can understand this truth only by looking at the root of the word. To be courageous is to act like real men do. And then everyone adds a term to himself. Some believe that a man must be strong, confident, purposeful. Others - that he must have certain manners, high morals, decency. Still others support both opinions. " This kind of description of the term is quite suitable for an artistic text. It is extremely clear, concise and, most importantly, given without superfluous complicated words.

Argumented reasoning

The composition "What is courage?" Should not only be interesting, but also justified. Everyone knows that the essay often contains elements of reasoning. Strictly speaking, this is the basis of any text. But it is important here that the reasoning be based on something. Facts, arguments, examples from life - all this fits. The main thing is for the author to convince his reader that his opinion is the right one.

As an example, you can give such an option: "Masculinity can have several manifestations. Firstly, this is the absence of cowardice. But we are not talking about sacrifice and the endless fearlessness. A courageous person goes to brave deeds only when everything is thought out, and any risks, as well as their likelihood, are preliminarily known, as are ways to deal with them. " In this small example, one can see that there is both a statement and reasoning based on thoughts and beliefs. This technique is quite suitable for the essay "Courage and Heroism".

The composition and its main idea

What you should write about is the business of every author. Some decide to do work on an essay called "Courage in war." Writing this kind of writing is not easy. The theme is exciting. But, nevertheless, "Courage in war" is an essay that can turn out to be very colorful, impressive and bright, as the basis is based on events that took place very recently, and many in the family have their own hero, able to tell about those fears, with Which had to face courageous fighters.

Others decide to devote an essay on "Courage" to girls and the destruction of stereotypes. Because in our society, which has become much more modern, there are still prejudices concerning that women are a weaker sex. But we can really see by examples that this is not so. The mother of many children, who single-handedly raised five beautiful children, iron business ladies who independently achieved a multi-million dollar fortune, fearless savior - can these girls be called weak? In general, the theme of courage can branch out in a variety of ways. And here everyone already chooses, that he cares about what should be told.

Author's opinion

Some students write an essay from an indefinite person, as if abstract. Others - from themselves, expressing personal opinion. In fact, both options are correct. Simply everyone chooses something that he likes more. But in the second case there is one nuance. If the author expresses in his work a personal opinion, then it must be appropriately formalized. In no case should you propagate it and inspire others. You need to arrange it as if the author simply shared it, unobtrusively, between the case. This is art, not everyone is allowed to restrain their emotions on writing. But everything comes with experience, so if you want to share your thoughts, it's worth it. The artistic texts are alive.


The students, who have written essays more than once, know what kind of structure it has. In fact, there is nothing complicated. "True courage is a little bit" - an essay that has three main parts. This introduction, the main idea and conclusion. The beginning denotes the theme and brings the reader to it. In the content it is most fully disclosed and supported by interesting information, facts, examples and thoughts. And the conclusion seems to lead the line and puts an end to the story. There is nothing difficult - according to this principle any artistic texts are built, be it an essay, an article or a book. Including an essay on "Courage".


Many school students are faced with the question of how the essay should end. The work "Courage and fortitude" can be completed in various ways. In the same way as in the case of the introduction. But the most popular way is considered the citation of completion. This is a couple of phrases from the author, who draw a line to all of the above and sometimes express his own opinion, supplemented with a beautiful quote. The aphorism must necessarily be on the topic. Fortunately, there are a lot of citations on the topic under discussion. An example of a logical conclusion can be something like this: "Courageous and brave people have always been in value. After all, as Aristotle said, courage is a virtue, by virtue of which people who are in danger do wonderful things. "

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