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How to make an educational plan for the senior classes

The effectiveness of educational work in many respects depends on the correct planning of it at the beginning of the academic year. If the documentation is correct, then later the teachers are able to avoid many mistakes. The educational plan will not only outline the overall prospects for the solution of the tasks set, but also analyze the work done.

What is a sin to hide, in practice, teachers often refer to this document as a formality. By writing a plan for the administration, they rarely follow it, which is a common mistake, and a waste of time. The purpose of this plan is to clarify the activities of the teacher, ensure that such requirements are met in the educational process, as systematic and systematic. Educational plan should indicate the content, volume, time of work in this direction.

With a competent organization, this document can be not just a formality, but a good help in the work, especially for a beginner teacher. Speaking about how to draw up a plan for educational work in the 10th grade, a number of requirements and recommendations should be taken into account. The activities should be focused on the development of children, the realization of their interests. The documentation should reflect the events occurring in the classroom. It is very important to connect the educational process with the surrounding life. And this means that it is necessary to create conditions for students to realize their knowledge and skills in practice. Here you can include the moments to protect and transform the environment.

Conventionally, this document distinguishes several functions. First, the guideline, that is, defining specific activities. Secondly, the predictive function, which allows you to provide approximate results of work. In addition, the educational plan organizes activities, contributes to better control over the implementation of the goals.

The plan for educational work in the 11th grade should include activities for career counseling. This age is characterized by the search for oneself and future professional activity. In addition to round tables and other similar events, you can conduct an excursion to the Employment Center, introduce children to specialties that are in demand on the labor market. It is very important to include students in various activities.

An educational plan is a document that initially prescribes all the activities planned for the year. He should begin with an analysis of work for the previous year. Then new goals and tasks are set. When drafting a document, one should rely on a school-wide work plan. But the teacher is advised to choose and something of his own, suitable for the tasks assigned to them. Do not think that the plan - it's something static, which you must follow. In the course of work, it is quite possible to supplement, change, choosing the optimal forms and methods of work. At the same time it is recommended to take into account the interests of children, their features, creative abilities.

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