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What is the vainness? Meaning, synonyms and examples

Today we will talk about the lost. In the zone of special attention - the question of what is vain. Of course, now almost do not say so, but the history of the country is useful to know, and the history of the language, which is embodied in obsolete expressions, is even more useful.


There is no placer of meanings, everything is simple, but tasteful. The only meaning of the noun "vain" is a false accusation or slander. At this point, the word is out of date. It is rarely used also because, according to the dictionary, it is considered prostitutive.

True, sometimes the latter characteristic does not matter, since almost any obsolete word in modern speech sounds almost exquisite.

For example, compare three options:

  1. "Petrov, did you eat my apples?"
    "Sidorov, why do you insult me with your dirty hints?" Your apples were eaten by cat Mashka!
  2. "Petrov, did you take my sweets?"
    "Sidorov, why are you chasing me, I do not even know where they were lying."
  3. "Petrov, did you take my expensive pen?"
    - In vain, you, Sidorov, people do not believe, and on me vainly erect!

If you read the small dialogues out loud, then the statement that the third dialogue is obviously more noble than the second one does not require proof, and the modern ear does not feel and does not hear the verbality of the word. And what is "vain", we have already learned.


We always provide the reader with words or phrases that can replace the object of research, but when it comes to obsolete words and expressions, this is especially necessary. For example, someone did not understand the above, modern synonyms are useful. Consider the list:

  • slander;
  • False;
  • slander;
  • Insinuations;
  • gossip;
  • A conspiracy or a reservation;
  • Libel.

Here some explanations are needed. Gossip, of course, does not always discredit honor and dignity, but they, as a rule, climb into personal life. Evil tongues discuss details with special relish, of course, putting forth any gross and unreal theories about the object of conversation. Therefore, the definition of "gossip" in a certain context can serve as a synonym for the word "vain". We do not need to explain what is the context.

Of course, the first three definitions of inaccurate information are encountered much more often. Insinuations are a book version of the same. Sometimes, here and there, there are such turns, that someone has committed a slander, that is, took on the guilt of another person. The slander is less and less common for the same reason as the "vain", it is already outdated from the point of view of the modern state of the language.

IA Krylov and his heroes - Fox and Marmot

Let's remind the story so that the example does not hang in the air. At the very beginning, when the marmot meets the fox, he asks her where she is in such a hurry. She answers: "Oh, my darling-kumanek! I tolerate vain and expelled for bribes." The fox was the judge in the henhouse. And as you can see, the fable did not quite manage with its duties. Although Surku says that she did not sleep nights, did not eat, she was at work. In other words, I gave myself completely to work, without any rest. But we remember how the fable ended. Of course, the marmot did not catch her hand, but he saw that Fox's face was often in the fluff.

The fable teaches us not only what is "vain", but also for the fact that not every slander is groundless. Sometimes the charges are still based on evidence and no facts.

The rich and famous are always under attack

A long time ago, when Mexican TV series began to be imported into Russia, there was among them the film "The Rich also Cry". The plot is now remembered with difficulty, and it is unimportant in the context of the topic, but one crashed into memory forever: there everyone is roaring incessantly.

The poor, probably, get sadistic pleasure when they watch the sufferings of the rich. Well, we will also make our contribution to class enjoyment and say that the word "vain", first of all, is well known to the rich and famous. Think for yourself, who needs simple toilers of the sea, even if they make good money when there are millionaires? And all sorts of suitors, mostly female, are waging an endless war with them. So many stories about the fact that such an actor or football player is credited with the paternity of such a wonderful girl or boy. The yellow press does not tire of tearing up tons of paper, examining all the subtleties of this type of message, and the audience eagerly swallows all the details of what is happening.

Slander often checks people for strength

If the reader thinks that people surrender at the mercy of a disgusting winner, when they are slandered, then you are mistaken. How many films are taken of how a person defends his good name and eventually defeats the enemies. I remember, for example, "The Contender" (2000). A wonderful film, and most importantly - the intrigue is preserved until the very last frame.

A variety of legal detectives begin in the fact that the hero is asked to refute someone's guilt. That is, the person was vainly slandered (the meaning of the word does not need explanation), and a young or elderly lawyer rescues a poor fellow from prison or, in general, an electric chair. If the reader needs an example, the film "A few good guys" (1992) will be just right.

People should love each other, be close to their neighbors. But this happens infrequently. Of course, the main source of lies is envy. Therefore, after we understood the meaning of the word "vain", it is necessary first of all to throw all the forces into the struggle with this vice.

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