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Can tests for ovulation show pregnancy? Does the ovulation test show pregnancy?

The hormonal background of a woman changes within a month, it is influenced by a huge number of factors, including the day of the cycle, contraceptives, stresses and much more. Therefore, it is difficult without special tests to determine whether your hormonal background is in order. For rapid diagnosis, home tests have been developed that can determine ovulation and the onset of pregnancy. It seems that everything is simple, but women began to be interested in the question of whether tests for ovulation can show pregnancy, or how it will behave if the ovum is already fertilized.

What is ovulation?

This is a natural, monthly process, thanks to which a woman becomes capable of procreation. That is, it is directly the process of release of the egg. It is there that conception should occur, if a sperm meets on its way. Women who are at odds with their body, are able to feel the approach of ovulation. During this period, sexual attraction increases, nature knows when it is necessary to look for a partner, perhaps a slight sensation of pain in the ovaries. All this indicates that the right moment is approaching. To track this favorable period, you can use special tests. But the question is, can tests for ovulation show pregnancy? Let's understand together.

How does the ovulation test work?

It is very important to determine the most favorable moment for conception. Many women who can not get pregnant for a long time get a lot of these tests, every day monitoring the approaching output of the egg. The principle of this test is quite simple. The test strip determines the level of luteinizing hormone (LH) in the urine. Shortly before the rupture of the follicle, the level of this hormone reaches its maximum level. Once you saw 2 strips on the test, it means that ovulation will occur in about 12-48 hours. However, do not forget that any test can fail. Make sure that the test strip does not differ in brightness from the control strip, otherwise the result can be considered unreliable. However, if a woman plans to conceive, she always wondered if tests for ovulation can show pregnancy. Numerous examples say that this is possible. Let's talk about this in more detail.

If an ovulation test is used by a pregnant woman

First of all, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that home tests are much less reliable than laboratory tests conducted by doctors in a hospital. That is why quite often litmus paper can produce one for another, pregnancy for ovulation, and vice versa.

Both ovulation and pregnancy are determined by the level of the hormone in the urine. Despite the fact that hormones are different, so simple tests can easily mistakenly take one for another. The splash of the hormone during ovulation and during conception looks almost the same for them. That is why it is possible to affirmatively answer the question of whether tests for ovulation can show pregnancy, but the reliability of such a method will always be in question.

Different tests: what we will measure

Theoretically, the test for ovulation should only determine the maturation and release of another egg. It is clear that if you are pregnant, it is impossible, but there is a huge amount of evidence that the test for ovulation shows pregnancy much sooner than a specialized litmus test.

Sometimes women confuse these two types of tests, sometimes they are mistakenly sold in the pharmacy not what they ask. As a result, you can ask: can the test for ovulation show pregnancy, and get an affirmative answer. Being pregnant, many girls received a positive test for ovulation. Others for the sake of interest, already reliably knowing about their pregnancy, checked the result of the test for ovulation, and he too often appears to be positive.

False indicators

Before you say whether the test for ovulation can show pregnancy, you should warn that this is in any case the result of the imperfection of the diagnostic system, and therefore you can not trust such indicators. If you are pregnant, then the result of the test, once becoming positive, will no longer turn into a negative one. If this happens, you should immediately tell your doctor about it.

In this case, the test for ovulation can show pregnancy, but only because the chorionic gonadotropin and luteinizing hormone have similar formulas, and the test has not only high sensitivity, but also a large enough error.

It turns out that these tests are interchangeable?

Not certainly in that way. If we talk about whether the pregnancy test shows after the ovulation the two strips desired, then any doctor will say that it is unlikely, because it has much less sensitivity. For a reliable result, you must wait for the first day of the delay. It is for this reason that the pregnancy test is not used to determine the onset of ovulation, its sensitivity is clearly not enough. They will not be able to fix a slight increase in lutein.

One instead of the other

However, otherwise the situation is with the second test strip. Whether the test for ovulation shows pregnancy, many years in a row are discussed in all forums. Yes, indeed, it shows. Therefore, it is possible to use it to diagnose conception, although it is inexpedient from the economic point of view. The cost of such a test is several times higher than the price of the most expensive pregnancy test.

However, it is the sensitivity of this strip that determines its popularity in women. We have already said that his sensitivity is much higher, therefore, when answering the question about whether the pregnancy test shows pregnancy, it should be noted that he can show the result long before the first day of delay, which can be so difficult to wait because of Constant experience.

Hormone hormone different

After we determined that it is possible to obtain an answer about one's interesting situation with the help of an ovulation test, the question arises as to the accuracy of this method. That is, it is logical to ask, does the ovulation test always show pregnancy? No, this method does not give 100% accuracy, because initially this litmus strip has other problems. In order for you to determine the onset of ovulation, a test is used, which is saturated with reagents, to identify the hormone LH in the urine. Its maximum concentration occurs in the urine precisely during the release of the egg. If you get a clear two strips, then ovulation has already occurred and the optimal time for conception has come.

To determine an interesting situation, it is necessary to use another test, impregnated with reagents, which react to the hormone HCG. From the first day of the delay, you can get a clear two strips, which means that you are really pregnant. Thus, it is clear that these two tests react to different hormones, and therefore one will not replace the other. Ask any physiologist or doctor about whether ovulation occurs during pregnancy, and be prepared for the fact that he will be very surprised. Of course not, the tasks of this mechanism have already been fulfilled. The egg entered the fallopian tube, was fertilized and implanted into the uterus. Until the birth of a new egg will not be formed.

What results can you get?

Do not use an ovulation test during pregnancy. The accuracy of this method is zero. The bright two strips that a pregnant woman receives in the early stages are nothing more than a mistake. Such diagnostics does not bear any value, and for a period of 4 weeks this method ceases to work, that is, the test ceases to show the result.

However, the reliability of such studies in general should be questioned. If your body functions like a clock, then you yourself will perfectly understand when you have ovulation, and also feel the first signs of pregnancy. If there are various failures and disturbances, then you should not trust such test strips, you need to see a doctor.

Let's sum up the results

The test for ovulation is not intended to determine pregnancy, no matter how you are convinced of the opposite. What many women managed to mention is nothing more than an accident, a mistake, a failure in diagnosis, which most often happens in the early stages of pregnancy. To be completely confident in the results, you need to wait for the first day of delay and make a pregnancy test. Another way to reliably determine an interesting situation is to take tests in a polyclinic. Therefore, if you are asked if the test for ovulation shows pregnancy, feel free to answer that no.

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