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Extension djvu. How to open on the android and computer?

Most e-books, especially academic topics, have the extension .djvu. Let's find out what kind of format it is, and with what programs it can be created. Also we find out with which programs you can view djvu, than open such files on android and computer.

What is this extension

A file with the extension .djvu is one of the most common file formats. It was designed to create compressed documents from scanned images. The main value is that with its help you can create not just text documents, but full-fledged electronic books with tables, diagrams, illustrations. This type of files is most popular among students.

To create documents with this extension, special programs are used, such as DjVuLibre and DjVu Small. Reading djvu on android is no different from viewing files of this format on a computer with Windows or Linux systems.

Documents with this extension can contain not only textual information, but also tables of contents, links. All this allows you to create convenient navigation on the document, highlight chapters in it, create a convenient search in the text.

The format is fairly simple and easy to use. Many print publications make electronic copies of their products in this format.

Read djvu on your computer

So, we sorted out the djvu format. Than to open on android this type of files, we learn right after we understand with what programs you can open it on your computer.

The most common program for reading documents in this format is WinDjView. It works on almost all versions of Windows. With it, you can open a book in a new tab or new window, browse pages in continuous mode, make bookmarks, search for a phrase in a document, copy and select text or a picture and perform many more useful actions with files. True, some features are only available when the document has a built-in text layer.

DjVu Reader is also popular. It allows not only to view the document, but also to search in it for necessary words or phrases, copy text or image. In addition, the program has convenient navigation.

There are other less well-known programs, but they differ little from the two mentioned above, except that they have less functionality and do not allow searching through the document and editing it.

How to open on android

On the Internet, you can find many programs that will help you open the djvu file. On the android, you need to install one of the following applications:

1. VuDroid - Free program, but with English interface.

2. DJVUDroid is also a free program for reading files in this format. Allows not only to view them, but also to open recently viewed, to search documents by folders.

3. EBookDroid - a free program that allows you to view not only files with the extension .djvu, but also .pdf

There are a lot of free programs that do a great job with reading djvu. It is worth noting that these applications do not allow you to edit files with this extension. Many people can not search by content, highlight and copy text and pictures. The set of functions in these programs is limited.

Where to download djvu-readers for android

So, we found out what djvu is. What to open on android this type of files, we also figured out. Now let's talk about where to find these programs. It's best to use Google Play and go to the official Google Play website. There you can find all possible applications for reading data files of formats. You can choose either a free program or a paid version, which will have advanced functionality. All programs are tested and do not contain viruses, which means that you will not expose your device to danger.

Now you know what djvu is, than to open files on your android and computer with this extension, and also where you can download the programs you need.

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