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Director Igor Voloshin: biography, filmography, photo

Igor Voloshin is a director who likes to explore the dark side of human nature. The characters of his paintings are often people standing on the edge of the abyss, victims of various vices. Films maestro many critics compare with a gust of wind, they attribute to them the rendering of an invigorating effect on the domestic cinema. What is known about this representative of the "new wave", which of his paintings are considered the best?

Igor Voloshin: a biography of a celebrity

It is better to understand the hidden meaning hidden in the tapes of the master, the idea of the path he has traversed will help. Igor Voloshin was born in the city of Sevastopol, it happened in July 1974. His mother and father were ordinary people, not related to the cinema. Igor is the only child in the family.

Even in his early childhood, the boy became interested in sports, achieved good results in the field of judo. Igor Voloshin was not indifferent to music either, his friends admired his ability to play the guitar. Directed guy initially did not plan, rather, he was interested in medicine. However, he could not become a doctor, because he did not have enough points when entering a medical college.

An unsuccessful student was forced to look for a job, he became a cashier in one of the local theaters. Two years later, Igor Voloshin was already a full member of the troupe, combining performances with studies at the theatrical institute. He did not forget about music at that time, being the leader of the group "Delicacies". Surrounding people were surprised when the guy, leaving everything, became a student of the directing department of VGIK. However, another impulsive decision did not become a mistake.

Director's debut

First Voloshin presented his film projects to the audience, already having the diploma of VGIK. The film "The Bitch" was dedicated to the war, narrated about the infinite, invincible evil that it engenders. The short film was released in 2002, immediately able to draw the attention of the public to the works of the beginning director, was awarded a number of honorable awards. A similar situation arose with the picture "Hunting for the hares", shot by Igor a year later. The main theme of the second short film was the attitude of children towards death.

However, Igor Voloshin was not a real star at that time. Fortunately for him, one of the above films was accidentally noticed by the famous Alexei Balabanov. The maestro, revered among the iconic figures of independent cinema, was impressed by the talent of his young colleague. With his help, Igor acquired useful connections, including acquainted with the producer Selyanov.

The film is a breakthrough

The answer to the question of how the real glory looks, Voloshin managed to get only in 2008. It was then that his stellar film "Nirvana" was demonstrated, thanks to which the whole country began talking about the 34-year-old director. The picture will impress the audience who are interested in punk culture, as well as the problem of finding the meaning of life.

Igor Voloshin, when asked what he wanted to say with the help of his famous work, only shrugs his shoulders. He is convinced that every spectator can see something in Nirvana.

The most famous film projects

Of course, the first successful tape is far from the only achievement that Igor Voloshin can be proud of. The filmography of the master includes such a sensational picture as "Olympius Inferno", released in 2009. The focus is on military operations in South Ossetia. It is curious that the shooting of the film, after which Voloshin was accused of "political engagement", took only 18 days.

Another famous creation of Igor is the film "I", which must certainly be seen by all the admirers of the master. Voloshin claims that he actually borrowed the script from his own life, telling the audience about the "lost generation" throwings.

The "Bedouin" drama, created in 2011, could also blow up the universe of independent cinema. The main character of the tape is a loving mother who is looking for a way to cure her child, slowly fading from cancer. In the process of seeking money, she even agrees to become a surrogate mother.

Personal life

Spouse director for several years now is his colleague Olga Simonova. Journalists dubbed the girl an actress, whom only husband Igor Voloshin removes. Photo of the famous creator of "Nirvana" and other great films can be seen in this article.

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