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Model Kristina Semenovskaya: biography, career

Kristina Semenovskaya is not without reason listed among the best Russian top models of the 90s. The career of the girl started swiftly, even unexpectedly. In a short time she became the face of the legendary company Levis, her smile lit up the glossy tabloid ELLE. The Russian beauty was collaborated with the greatest fashion designers Jean Paul Gaultier, John Galliano, fashion houses "Nina Ricci", "Christian Dior" and many others.

Biography of model

Kristina Semenovskaya was born in 1979 (November 17). Parents were from an intelligent Jewish family. Father drew illustrations and pictures. And her mother was a linguist, she worked as an interpreter. Up to sixteen years the girl lived in the capital together with her parents and brother.

Steep changes in life occurred after the fate of fate, she was in sight of the representative of the French model agency. He made several photos of an attractive young lady. These specialists considered these pictures a work of art. It was on their basis that Christina Semenovskaya received a proposal for a contract with the agency Karin Models.

Although the age of the young model contradicted the laws of France (regarding employment), the girl decided to take a chance. She went to Paris. There the Russian woman actively cooperated with the experts of the fashion world, while continuing her education at the school.


Upon reaching adulthood, Christina Semenovskaya began to enjoy increased demand among the wizards of the world of beauty. By that time, she had already learned foreign languages, and also understood the principles of work in the modeling business. Beautiful girl favorably distinguished by her classical appearance, from which each master could sculpt his Galatea.

The loud debut of the young model began with cooperation with the company Levis. Then followed the project for the house Jean-Paul Gaultier. In every photo session and at every show, Kristina managed to be so different and plastic that the number of potential employers began to increase. And soon the photo of Christina Semenovskaya decorated the cover of the popular ELLE magazine. Her unforgettable smile captivated the readers.

At the height of glory

After that, the model received an offer to become the face of the perfumed line for the house of Christian Dior. And again the beautiful woman was able to demonstrate amazing plasticity and working capacity. During the 90s, almost no planetary event in the fashion world took place without the participation of a Russian woman. Soon famous couturiers (Nina Ricci, Christian Dior and others) began to offer her cooperation. In the professional luggage of Kristina Semenovskaya there is an experience of working with different Fashion houses.

Every image she lived and made unique. Therefore, the fashion designer Kenzo Takado is Christine entrusted the demonstration of her latest collection before leaving the industry. And Christian Lacroix in 2002, after awarding the Order of the Legion of Honor, chose Semenovskaya as a model for his unique collection. Realizing how important a positive reputation is, Christine never allowed herself to be loud scandals or manifestations of star fever.

Personal life

Most of the time, the industrious girl belonged to the fashion world, and her only novel ended in parting. Back in 1990, the model Christina Semenovskaya met the beginning producer Peter Listerman. The romantic story ended with a wedding. Soon the couple had a daughter, Alexander.

For a long time, Listerman and Semenovskaya seemed to be an ideal example for all. Together they attended social events, willingly giving out interviews. But after five years the relationship came to naught. The family collapsed. Christina herself for a long time avoided commenting on the divorce from Peter. And only after his scandalous statement she gave an interview to reporters. Judging by her words, the former beloved could not remain friends. It turned out that enterprising P. Listerman used his wife for mercenary purposes.

Symbol of the era

In 2004, Semenovskaya appeared on the cover of the popular European magazine Madame Figaro. This time, she was able to translate the image of Uma Thurman, created in the movie "Kill Bill". This was the last bright and noticeable work of a noble beauty. After that, she began to devote more time to the education of her only daughter, avoiding public attention.

The main reason for this was the change of epochs, canons of beauty and great competition. Keeping for the decade the title of the most charismatic representative of the world of beauty and style in the post-Soviet space, Christina had to give way to new faces. But a beautiful woman does not consider herself abandoned or forgotten. It will be difficult for novice models to repeat the success of a simple girl who could become a symbol of the epoch of femininity, uniqueness and beauty in the fashion world.

So, we considered the biography, career and personal life of the Russian top model.

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