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Zinaida Sharko: personal life, biography, filmography. Photo by Sharko Zinaida Maksimovna

Zinaida Sharko is not as popular as other Soviet actresses. But still in her asset will be a number of bright roles that distinguish the actress among other famous personalities of Soviet cinema. In this article, we will describe the biography of this wise and strong woman.


Sharko Zinaida Maksimovna, whose personal life will be presented below, was born in Rostov-on-Don in 1929. The girl's parents were very far from art. Mom had the status of a housewife, and his father worked as a firefighter. For all his life he read only two books - "Memories of Zhukov" and "Virgin Soil Upturned". But this did not stop him from being an extremely intelligent person.

Close people call Zinaida Maksimovna a southern flower, as her childhood passed in Novorossiysk, Tuapse and Rostov-on-Don. For the first time the girl "met" the scene at the age of five. On his father's work was amateur performance, and little Zinaida Sharko recited the work "Ezhovye mittens". The author devoted this poem to the People's Commissar of Internal Affairs Yezhov.

Young actress

Before the war, the family Sharko had to move to Cheboksary. There Zina continued to perform on stage. In the second grade the girl played Cinderella. In the third grade she was the Swan Princess, and in the fourth class she embodied the image of Goat in the opera The Wolf and the 7 Kids.

In wartime, the Pioneers' House organized a dance and song ensemble. The children went to various hospitals and performed for the wounded fighters. In total, Zinaida Sharko took part in almost 90 similar concerts. For this young actress was awarded the award "For Valiant Labor."

Of course, the girl wanted to go to the front, like all the children of those years. She even wrote a letter to the People's Commissar of Education. Zina asked me to send her to study at the torpedo school. Teachers at the school were very concerned about this and called the father of the girl. He said that if a daughter wants to protect her homeland, she will not be in her way. Fortunately, the People's Commissar was an intelligent man and left the letter of the young actress unanswered.


At the age of 18 Zinaida Sharko, whose personal life will be described below, graduated from school with a gold medal. The girl firmly decided to enter the theater. Parents were not happy with her decision. After several scandals, she left for Moscow.

The idol of the girl was Alla Tarasova, who played in the Moscow Art Theater. Therefore, after the arrival of Zinaida immediately went there. She was shaking with excitement, because along the corridors of this school her favorite walked. But entering the waiting room, the girl was shocked. Secretary gnawed salted cucumber. And this is in the temple of art! Insulted in her feelings, Charcot turned around and left.

To distract herself from the experience, the tear-stained girl walked along the street and read Margarita Aguiler's verse about Leningrad about herself. And then Zinaida dawned - we must go to the northern capital. But if in Moscow Charcot lived with her mother's acquaintance, then in Leningrad she had no one to shelter. I got help from a manicurist who gave her the address. On it the future actress also has stated at six in the morning. The old woman opened the door and asked: "Who are you?" The girl answered: "I want to be an artist!" Zinaida Sharko quickly became friends with her grandmother.

Happy years

In appearance, the girl was absolutely different from the future actress. The dress sewn by mother clung to her full figure with thick legs. In addition to amateur performance, Zina's school did not have any training. Nevertheless, the girl was not afraid of exams at all. She really wanted to become an actress, and this desire added confidence to her.

And a miracle happened - Charcot entered LGITMiK. At the entrance exams, one of the members of the admission committee noticed that if the girl was to recover even half a kilogram, she would become unprofitable.

The study fell on the post-war years, when people had to starve. For the whole day, Zina ate only one pie and washed it down with a glass of curdled milk. Such a diet brought her to a famine in the Philharmonic Society. Clothing, as well as food, was also in short supply. One day a friend invited the future actress to the theater, and she had to hide her hands all the time because of glove holes.

But despite the hardships of life, Zinaida Sharko, whose biography is presented in this article, was happy. The girl learned the basics of her favorite profession. In the third year Zinaida was invited to play in the regional theater. Charcot's play was so good that it was nominated for casting young actors.

The Institute graduated in 1951. At the release, she met a professor who took her at the entrance exams. He did not recognize in Charcot that "pyshka". Looking over the thin graduate from head to foot, the professor praised her, but noted that if she throws off another half a kilo, she will become unprofitable.

Carier start

Immediately after the completion of the studies Zinaida invited Lidia Artmanke to her team. In structure, it was very similar to the Raikin miniature theater. Charcot played eight roles and traveled with the whole team. One of the performances for them put Tovstonogov GA. He noticed a talented actress and invited her to work in the theater "BDT". At once Sharqo could not leave her team and went on tour. When the actress returned, it turned out that in her place had already taken another. Therefore Zinaida got a job at the Leningrad City Council. So the actress worked until 1956 and then still went to Tovstonogov.

In the acting environment, everyone knew that BDT, in fact, is a "cemetery" for actresses. Georgy Alexandrovich always selected the most talented artists, but the role for them was not always. With Zinaida Sharco everything was different. She liked Tovstonogov from the very first rehearsals. Actress Zinaida Sharko, whose personal life was already arranged, received two roles at once: Vary (Donbass) and Beatrice ("Much Ado About Nothing"). And in the future it was always loaded with work. But the real glory of the actress was the role of Tamara in "Five Evenings." BDT made Charcot famous throughout the country.


But with the cinema at Zinaida Sharko, at first everything was not so good. The actress made her debut in 1954, having played in the episode of the film "We met somewhere". Then there were a few more small roles, but soon it was stopped altogether. The directors considered Zinaida non-photogenic.

First decided to risk Kira Muratov. She offered Charcot a major role in his film "Long Seeing." In this dramatic story, the relationship of a lonely and defenseless woman, Eugenia Vasilievna, with her son Alexander, who tried to become independent, was revealed. Zinaida Sharko, whose filmography is known to all her fans, played at the level of world standards, realistically realizing its role on the screen. But "at the top" this film was considered dangerous and froze the project for many years. But this greatly helped Zinaida Maksimovna "advance" in the cinema. The directors began vying to offer her different roles.

After Tovstonogov

With Tovstonogov, actress Sharko Zinaida worked for thirty-three years. As the actress admitted herself, it was a very happy time, flying like one minute. And then Georgy Alexandrovich passed away. This greatly influenced Zinaida Maksimovna. She stopped playing at the theater. Over the next 15 years, the artist only appeared on stage in the play "Antigonus", having embodied the image of the nurse.

Since the late 90's Charcot participated in various theater projects. The most famous works of the artist at that time include: "The old maid," "Doves," "She challenges" and "3 tall women."

Film works of the 21st century

Honored actress did not pass by and cinema. At the beginning of the century, she played a number of vivid roles: Babu Dusya (Banditsky Petersburg), Pluganovsky's mother (Mechanical Suite), Nastasya Ivanovna (Theatrical Novel) and Vera Andreyevna ("The Garden was Full of the Moon"). For the last role, Zinaida Maksimovna was awarded the "Nika" prize.

In 2004, the actress received an offer from the director Andrei Malyukov. He invited Zinaida Maksimovna to take part in the project "Bad Glory." After reading the script, the actress stated that she will be filmed only with Ada Rogovtseva. Malyukov agreed and then thanked Charcot more than once for this advice. The duet of actresses was simply gorgeous.

Personal life

Actress Zinaida Sharko, whose biography is described above, was married twice. The first actress husband was the director Igor Vladimirov. In 1956, the son of Zinaida Sharko and Igor Vladimirov Ivan appeared. A happy family life lasted for seven years. And then the actress's husband went to Alice Freundlich. For Zinaida, this was tantamount to the end of the world. After all, the artist had never had such an experience before. Nevertheless, Charcot was able to survive this blow of fate.

The second time Zinaida married a famous actor Sergei Jurassic. But after a while this union disintegrated. During the years of life in two marriages there was not something that Zinaida Sharko would regret. The actress's husbands kept good relations with her. Now Zinaida Maksimovna lives alone. The artist has two grandchildren and one great-grandson.

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